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Pastilla from currants at home: cooking recipes

Not everyone knows that pastilles are primordialRussian dessert, which was first prepared in the XV century. The benefits of this delicacy are explained by the chemical composition of berry or fruit puree, which is the basis of sweetness. Since the berries are practically not subject to heat treatment, vitamins and minerals are stored in the dessert in full. That is why we can affirmatively say that pastilles are not only delicious, but also very useful. Moreover, it is not difficult to prepare a delicacy.

In this article we will talk about how to make a pasta from currant in the home. For this we offer different options for its preparation: in the air, in the oven and electric dryer.

A traditional recipe for a delicious pasta

To prepare this delicacy is not necessaryto acquire special adaptations, and sugar can not be added to dessert, so that it becomes even more useful. The only thing you need to stock up is patience. At home, the preparation of sweets will take almost a week.

pasty from the currant

The recipe for homemade pasta from the currant is the following:

  1. The berries are thoroughly washed and cleaned from the tails and leaves.
  2. The currant is transferred to a colander and falls into a pan with hot water for 5 minutes. This must be done in order to make berries softer.
  3. After the water runs off, the cooled currant is brought to the state of mashed potatoes with a blender.
  4. A pan with berry puree is placed on the stove andcook on low heat until its contents by volume are reduced by half. In warm mashed potatoes, 100 g of sugar is added (based on 1 kg of currant).
  5. In the meantime, you should prepare a pan for the pastille. To do this, it is carefully covered with food film.
  6. A slightly cooled mashed potatoes are laid out on a baking sheet, which immediately goes to the sun.
  7. Drying pasta 4 days on one side, after which it must be turned over and continue drying for 2 more days.
  8. Pastila can be considered ready when it stops sticking to the hands.

How to prepare a pastille in the oven?

No less tasty dessert of berry puree can becook according to the following recipe. To start the currant (1 kg) in a pan, pour 100 ml of water and cook for 10 minutes. Then soft berries are crushed in a blender or passed through a meat grinder. After this, the resulting mass is rubbed through a sieve. The result should be a homogeneous mashed potatoes. Now add 300 g of sugar and beaten egg white protein. To stir thoroughly.

pasty from the currant in the home

The oven heats up to 100 °. The pan is covered with parchment, and berry puree is laid on it. In the oven, pastured currant baked for 2 hours, after which it should be pulled out for 1 hour and left at room temperature. Repeat the same action 3 more times. The last time the pastille is left on the table in the room until it dries completely, then turn over to the other side and dry it for another hour.

Black Currant Pastry in Electric Drying Machine

Appetizing rolls of sweet delicacy, abundantly sprinkled with powdered sugar, can be prepared according to the following recipe. PAstylla from blackcurrant is prepared from ripe and soft berries, almost without the addition of sugar (2 tablespoons). If desired, this ingredient can be excluded altogether.

black currant herb

First of all, berry puree is prepared. To do this, the currant is thoroughly washed and ground with a blender to the desired consistency. The resulting mass should be boiled for 5 minutes and, if necessary, add sugar at this stage. Now the mashed potatoes are laid out on the parchment, which is immediately transferred to the dryer tray. Pastilla from the currant is about 5 hours. It should become stiff and stop sticking to your hands.

Pastilla from red currant

A useful treat with remarkable sweet and sourtaste is obtained by the following recipe. To start the berries (1 kg) are cleared from twigs and leaves, transferred to a pan and cooked with a small amount of water (100 ml) for about 20 minutes. The hot currant is rubbed through a sieve, combined with sugar (600 g) and boiled to a thick state. After this, the mass should be cooled and thoroughly blended with a blender.

pasty with red currant

Pastilla made from red currants is dried in an electric dryer for at least 12 hours. If necessary, you can hold it for a while in the air, and then dry it.

The most useful pastille

At home, shepherd of currant on thisThe recipe is prepared in a cold way, that is, without heat treatment of berries. This allows you to save all the useful vitamins that are contained in the currant, in full.

recipe for homemade pasta from currants

To prepare the pastille berries are crushedblender or passed through a meat grinder. Then in the resulting puree you can add a couple of tablespoons of sugar to taste. The mass is thick enough, so you can not boil it. The baking tray is covered with baking paper, topped with currant puree. The dried must be dried in the sun, and insects and dust do not sit on it, it is recommended to cover the pan with gauze. After 1-2 days, the dried sheet is turned over to the other side. Ready-made pastille rolls into a roll and wrapped in parchment.

Secrets of cooking

Make the delicious blackcurrant pastilles will help the following recommendations:

  1. To paste dried as quickly as possible, spread berry puree on parchment should be as thin as possible.
  2. If you prefer to dry the delicacy in the oven, do not forget to periodically take out the baking sheet and leave it on air for at least 1 hour.
  3. Ready-made pastille can be stored for the whole winter. To do this, it rolls into rolls and wrapped in parchment, or already finished layers are sandwiched with the same baking paper.