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Groats Bulgur: recipe

Bulgur is wheat steamed cereal, more preciselycrushed wheat kernels. Dishes cooked from it are tasty and healthy, rich in fiber, potassium and iron. If you read the article through to the end, you will learn how to prepare bulgur. The recipe exists not one, choose for your taste. After all, the croup is mixed with meat, vegetables, chicken, fish. Often bulgur is replaced with rice in soup or pilaf. So, let's start cooking.

Bulgur: recipes in the multivark

Porridge from cereals

Main Ingredients:

- Bulgur (200 g);

- butter;

- small carrots;

- salt;

water (400 g).

bulgur recipe

Technology of preparation

We need a multivarker. Grate the carrots. At the bottom of the bowl, pour oil. Put the carrots and fall asleep balugur. The recipe for preparation of special efforts does not require. Pour water and set the "Groats" mode. As the signal sounded, you can get the porridge, put it in a bowl and season with butter. Next, we will cook pilaf, where one of the ingredients will be bulgur. The recipe is borrowed from the Turkish cuisine.

Pilot from Bulgur

Main Ingredients:

 bulgur recipes in a multivariate

- Bulgur (200 g);

- raisins;

water (650 ml);

- pumpkin (250 g);

- rosemary;

- mint;

- chicken fillet (200 g);

- Spices for pilaf.

- vegetable oil;

- bow;

- salt.

Technology of preparation

Cut the onion and meat into slices. Pour oil into the multivark capacity. Lay the chicken with onions. Cut the pumpkin, mix with the meat. To fall asleep with groats. Add spices, raisins, rosemary, salt and mint. Pour water all over. Close the multivark and put the "Pilaf" mode.

Bulgur: cooking recipes on the stove

Bulgur with vegetables

bulgur recipes cooking

Main Ingredients:

- tomatoes, better cherry (6 pcs.);

- bulgur (1 cup);

- green pea;

- salt;

- water (2 cups);

- garlic;

- ground pepper;

- butter;

- zucchini (1 piece);

- greenery;

- Bulgarian pepper;

- corn;

- cheese.

Technology of preparation

First we prepare bulgur. Take the pan, pour the croup and pour in the water. Then put on the fire. How to boil the dish, add a pinch of salt. Stir thoroughly, reduce the heat and cook further with the lid closed. Our bulgur is ready in 15 minutes. Let's start with vegetables. Cut the zucchini into mugs, pepper slices and cherry in half. Fry everything in oil on high heat for 7 minutes. Add spices, garlic and salt. Fry for another 7 minutes. Previously cooked bulgur we add to vegetables and we will not forget about peas and corn. To cover with a lid. Let it stay 5 minutes. As a dish was insisted, sprinkle it with herbs and grated cheese. You can also serve with bulgur meat. The recipe, as you can see, is surprisingly simple.

Meatballs with bulgur

Main Ingredients:

bulgur recipe

- forcemeat (250 g);

- an egg;

- pepper;

- bulgur (100 g);

- bulb;

- salt;

- greenery

For sauce:

- vegetable oil (2 tablespoons);

- paprika;

- water (liter);

- tomato paste (4 tablespoons);

- salt.

Technology of preparation

Bulb grate, mix with minced meat, egg andbulgur. Add spices and mix. Next, we make balls out of minced meat. For the sauce, fry the tomato paste in a saucepan, before which you need to heat the oil. Add hot water. To taste, add salt, paprika and pour into a boil. Then we throw the meatballs into a boiling sauce, reduce the heat and cook for 30 minutes. Serve the meatballs with sauce and sprinkle with greens and cheese.

It's so easy and quite simple to cook different dishes with bulgur. Choose any recipe and please your loved ones. Bon Appetit!