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Mysterious fennel: what is it?

Everyone, perhaps, heard that there is such a useful plant - fennel. What it is? Not everyone can answer this question without difficulty. But it has been used for food for thousands of years.

fennel what is it
First of all, this plant, externallyresembling dill, is appreciated for its delicate aroma, which is a bit like the smell of aniseed liqueur. And the sweetish bulb fruits perfectly stimulate digestion. Seeds in the bunches after the withering of the yellow flower harden. They are used as a spice, eating whole or already ground.

Use of the plant

In many dishes of Mediterranean cuisinethere is fennel. What it is? About this can tell only a man who managed to try this peculiar spice. Before consumption, the seeds can be fried, so that the taste is felt fuller, or you can grind the grains in a mortar. This ingredient is used in many spice mixtures: in curry, provencal and Chinese seasonings. This spice well underlines the taste of fish, sausages, baked goods and liqueurs.

Preparation for use

cooking fennel

Preparation of fennel passes several stages:

  1. Young petioles can be served as a dish of fresh vegetables. Leaves are used in salads or as a filling for fish.
  2. The bulb should be rinsed with water and cut off the roots.
  3. Prepared fennel cut in half or 4 pieces, if you want, you can remove the middle.

Modern housewives will confirm that in many recipes fennel is found. What it is, it is necessary to learn before purchase, so that the young mistress was fully armed before the beginning of culinary experiments.

Beneficial features

Many have heard about the benefit of such a product asfennel. What is it, it is better to ask people who eat its fruits, especially in the autumn-winter period. It is believed that this plant is able to protect immunity in the cold season. Also, the broth of fennel is widely used instead of "dill water" for infants, experiencing digestive problems in the first days of life.


Fruits and seeds should not be eaten inperiod of pregnancy and lactation, as well as children under six years old. In this case, grains, leaves and root are absolutely harmless, and the oil that is released from the seeds is very toxic. It categorically can not be taken for food to people suffering from hypertension or epileptic seizures.

Interesting Facts

tea with fennel reviews
The sweet fennel, what else is called this herb, wasis popular in antiquity, with it is associated many legends. The Greeks considered the plant of victory to be he. In the Middle Ages it was believed that this is a magical plant, the seeds of which will protect from spirits. Puritans used to eat his grains to eliminate dry mouth during long prayers.

Tea based on fennel

Young mothers are especially interested in howto prepare for the kid tea with fennel. The reviews make it clear that everything is in vogue, and few are ready to use ready-made infusions in the pharmacy. To make tea yourself, you need to pour a teaspoon of ground fennel seeds with boiling water and insist for about half an hour. Prepared drink should be filtered and cooled. This tea can be added to milk or baby food.

Be careful: the baby may have an allergic reaction to an unfamiliar product. Therefore, do not give fennel babies without first consulting a doctor.