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Making cider at home. Secrets of connoisseurs

Cider is considered to be a non-yeast apple wine. This piquant low-alcohol drink is very popular with the French. Before use, they do not even filter it and drink non-carbonated.

Making cider at home

It should be noted that he was loved in Russia. Making cider at home is of interest to many. The formula for obtaining apple wine is simple enough, and everyone can try to make it if they want.

For this low-alcohol beverage is betterchoose sour-sweet apples of winter, autumn and summer varieties, low in sugar. If you have sweet fruits, you must first soak them in water. Select juicy and whole fruits, without rot and damage. When grinding, remove the remains of sepals and stems.

Making cider at home beginsfrom obtaining apple juice. To do this, you need a juicer or a meat grinder. The juice should be placed in a bulk glass container, and then add sugar to it in a ratio of 200 grams per liter of cider. In order for the sugar to dissolve qualitatively, first dilute it in a small amount of juice, which is then added to the total volume.

Making cider

The production of cider at home requires,so that in the next stage the juice was in a glass bottle or a jar equipped with a water seal. It is made simply: you need to get a flexible tube (the one that is available in the set of medical dropper). In the plug or lid, a hole is made in the center, into which the upper part of the tube is inserted, the gaps are then covered with plasticine. The lower part of the tube, which remained outside, is lowered into a jar of water. The container with the future wine is placed in a darkened place, where it should wander.

It should be noted that the production of cider inat home, although a simple procedure, but time-consuming, since the fermentation process can not proceed quickly. If the top layer of the liquid began to form foam, then the fermentation process began. In this case, bubbles of gas will burst from the tube into the water of the shutter from time to time with bubbling.

Making apple cider

After 50-60 days, the juice will become cloudy, and on the bottoma glass jar or a bottle. So, it's time to strain the drink. To do this, it will need to be poured into another jar through two or three layers of gauze and re-install the hydraulic seal.

After that it makes sense to take a sample to find out the degree of readiness of the future cider and, if necessary, add sugar. The production of cider does not end there.

Now apple wine will wander not so muchintensively. The final completion of the fermentation process occurs, as a rule, six months after the start of fermentation. In this case, the foam from the surface of the drink disappears, and the cider itself becomes an amber color. After that, it remains only to remove the water seal and pour the resulting apple wine on glass bottles. In this case, the particles of the sediment should not enter there. The glass containers are sealed and placed in a dark place. The production of apple cider is completed.

Apple wine, cooked at home, add spicy spices such as cinnamon and cloves.