/ / coffee increases or lowers the pressure

Coffee raises or lowers the pressure

Many of us love coffee and use italmost always. They drink it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes a person drinks several cups at a time, justifying it with either a sad mood or some other reason.

One of the main dilemmas regarding coffeedrink is the question - does coffee raise or lower the pressure? Currently, the version that coffee contributes to increased blood pressure is almost not true.

Nevertheless, it is proved that its use ina certain amount is, in its own way, the prevention of liver cancer, or rather reduces the risk of its appearance. Coffee drink is useful for other organs, but in a limited amount not exceeding two cups a day.

And still call this drink harmlessit is impossible. Since it is not known for certain, coffee raises or lowers pressure, it is not recommended to drink to people with coronary heart disease, kidney disease. It is also not advisable to use people with insomnia, hyperactivity and hypertension.

But, considering the main question about whether coffeeraises or lowers the pressure, we can say that it uniquely contributes to raising blood pressure. However, only for a certain time, until the body does not come to active action. Therefore, when hypertension is not advised to use, and when hypotension is even recommended.

Hypotension (low blood pressure) hasa significant impact on normal life. Frequent symptoms that occur with low blood pressure, such as dizziness, aching headaches, fatigue, increased irritability, can disrupt the habitual way of life.

The main causes of hypotension are a violationdiet, stress, general neurosis, viral diseases. Coffee helps to increase the pressure, if you drank the whole cup of an invigorating drink. In the opposite case, coffee lowers the pressure - there is general weakness and drowsiness.

People who suffer from hypertension, to himIt is necessary to be treated with extreme caution, since coffee raises the pressure. It is proved that frequent increase of arterial pressure is observed more often among people who abuse coffee than those who do not drink this drink.

In the presence of bad habits, such, for example,as smoking, there is a decrease in the risk of developing blood cancer. It is proved that the coffee drink reduces the likelihood of asthma, myocardial infarction, migraine, atherosclerosis. It is especially useful for men to improve reproductive function, that is, to increase the motility of spermatozoa.

Negative effect of coffee:

-can wash out calcium, which is necessary for bones;

- dehydration of the body as a result of a strong diuretic effect;

- caffeine contained in it, refers to drugs;

- The drink is not safe for the heart, as it raises blood pressure.

The positive effect of coffee:

improves mood;

- reduces the possibility of cancer;

-use of liver disease;

-increases the working capacity of the digestive tract.

With regular coffee consumption in moderatethe amount of digestion and well-being is improved, swelling and constipation decrease. With proper use of the drink, blood pressure remains within normal limits. It is worth recalling that with increased pressure, it is desirable to remove coffee from the daily diet.

Extraordinary drink when ingestedthe person gives him all his useful properties. The truth that coffee raises or lowers blood pressure is not known reliably. It is useful or not for your body, it's up to you. Scientists to this day did not come to a consensus on this drink. Any substances, including coffee, can be both a poison and a medicine. The main thing is the quantity.