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Cabbage stew: technological map and recipe

The dish, which can absolutely be liked all, is a stewed cabbage. The technological map for preparing this food is not easy. Before you start cooking cabbage by means of extinguishing, you need to carefully examine all the ingredients and proportions of food. And only then start to prepare a delicious and very useful food.

cabbage stewed technological map

Cabbage stewed: a technological map

Do you want to cook stewed cabbage correctly? First, read the ingredients of the dish and their weight. The following table has the exact values, how much you need to add to the cabbage, so that it turns out to be as fragrant and tasty as possible.

Fresh cabbage120 g
Cabbage white sour118 grams
Bulb onions5-5.5 g
Carrot2-3 grams
Tomato paste or sauce2.5 grams
Refined4 grams
White flour1 g
Butter)3.5 grams
Lemon Essence (Acid)0.1 g

Phased cooking

Cabbage stewed, the technological map of which is shown in small details, will become your favorite dish. Only by observing all the necessary proportions, one can get an excellent taste as a result.

cabbage stewed technological map 2

First of all you need to take a freshwhite cabbage and finely chop it in the form of thin straws. Take a little less than 30% of the volume of cabbage broth or warm water and pour the pulp. Gently mix the spatula contents in a frying pan. Next it is necessary to pour a few tablespoons of boiled water into the lemon essence and add it to the prepared dish. Vegetable and butter are added during the cabbage extinguishing. A little later you can pour frozen vegetables. Then you need to fill the dish with a mixture of flour, sugar, salt. After that, bring the cabbage to a boil and slowly puff for half an hour.

Sauerkraut is cooked in the same way, butexclude from all components lemon essence. This component can be replaced with a slice of a refined sugar and a spoonful of water. Thus, the cabbage will turn out to be sweet, and the sour taste will not be felt at all.

Technological map: cabbage stewed with meat

Your attention is offered one more waycooking dishes. Perfectly combine meat and cabbage stew, technological dish is the same as in the above recipe. Only with the addition of meat. In this case, the most profitable thing in the dish will be "play" beef. We take 120 grams of the hip part or 90 grams of boneless meat.

technological map of cabbage stew with meat

The dish begins to prepare with meat. It must be boiled in boiling water until half cooked. We check the readiness of the product with a wooden stick. Cook long beef is not worth it, otherwise it will lose its flavor. We take out the meat, let it cool down, and then cut it into small pieces. We shift the ready beef to a frying pan and lightly fry it on vegetable oil. After that, add all the ingredients described above, and stew our aromatic cabbage with meat.