/ / Restaurant "Khachapuri" (Nizhny Novgorod): indescribable taste of Georgian dishes and wines

Restaurant Khachapuri (Nizhny Novgorod): an indescribable taste of Georgian dishes and wines

Great popularity among residents and guestsNizhny Novgorod enjoys the restaurant "Khachapuri." In fact, the owners modestly designate it on the sign as a cafe of Georgian cuisine. Clients here are highly respected and arrange them themed evenings and holidays. For example, April 15 was proclaimed the Day of all lovers in Georgian.

Do you like khachapuri? That way!

Restaurant Khachapuri in Nizhny Novgorod onChristmas 39 impresses with its unusual interior: the halls resemble the Georgian cuisine, in which there are baskets with walnuts, garlic, laurel leaves, hangings with onions. Banks with home-made pickles, clay pots and jugs are scattered all over the place. A special color is given to the room by arches, columns and numerous racks.

restaurant Khachapuri Nizhny Novgorod

Visitors to the restaurant expect an interestingentertainment program: contests, lottery draws, live music is constantly playing, and the master vocals of the Georgian song performers penetrate the soul. In addition, you can enjoy wonderful incendiary folk dances, and if you want - to pass a master class with the dancers. As an additional service, hookah is offered, free access to Wi-Fi.

Menu of the restaurant "Khachapuri" in Nizhny Novgorod

Dishes that are cooked in a restaurant attractattention of all fans of Georgian cuisine. If you are in Khachapuri for the first time and do not know what to order, study carefully the menu. In a colorfully designed map, not only the names of dishes are indicated, but also large illustrations giving an idea of ​​them are given.

The main dish of the restaurant, of course, iskhachapuri. Here you can order several of its types, for example, in Adjarian, when cooking only the best sorts of cheese are used. The image of this crown dish is shown on the photo, which, unfortunately, does not convey its flavor and taste.

Khachapuri restaurant Nizhny Novgorod menu

In the restaurant you can always order khinkali -Georgian variety of ravioli, ojahuri - national roast with potatoes, chanakhi - stewed lamb with vegetables, chkmeruli - chicken in creamy garlic sauce, kharcho - real spicy rice soup, and shish kebab. To each order is served very delicious and flavored bread, corn tortillas, which are baked by your own baker. And of course, the menu has a lot of salads from fresh vegetables, as well as juicy fruits - grapes, grenades. Sweet tooth is waiting for churchchel - Georgian delicacy from nuts, as well as a large selection of baked goods.

Khachapuri restaurant Nizhny Novgorod menu

Only in this restaurant in Nizhny Novgorod canTo taste from the horn the magnificent blackberry wine, which is made especially for the customers of "Khachapuri". However, good Georgian wines are really a great choice, experts advise to taste also pomegranate wine, tangerine tincture and chacha.

The average score, depending on the number of dishes chosen, can reach 700-2000 rubles. On weekends, during the day, there is a system of discounts.

Reviews about the restaurant "Khachapuri" in Nizhny Novgorod

Visitors to the restaurant appreciated the excellentGeorgian cuisine, pleasant atmosphere in the hall and quality of service. Here you can eat deliciously and have enough to eat for quite an acceptable price. It often comes families, friends, colleagues, in a cozy atmosphere to chat and enjoy dishes from the brand-chef.

khachapuri restaurant Nizhny Novgorod Christmas

Those who used to visit Georgia say thatThe dishes cooked in the Khachapuri restaurant are really identical to the authentic Georgian. Friendly waiters will not just submit an order, but will also prompt how to properly have khachapuri, and also tell entertaining parables.

The doors of the Khachapuri restaurant in Nizhny Novgorod are always open for guests!