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Khachapuri with cheese: cooking recipes

There are quite a lot of khachapuri recipes with cheese. This dish belongs to the Caucasian cuisine. In these countries, almost no day in the family can go without it. Kashapuri recipes with cheese changed somewhat, but the principle remains the same. When cooking cheese should be used twice as much as flour.


Yeast is used in this recipe, thereforeyou need very little patience to make a dough. First you need to mix all the loose ingredients (2 cups of flour, 3 pinches of salt, 10 g of sugar and the floor of a small spoon of hydrated soda). Then in 200 ml of warm milk stir 2 tsp. yeast.

All ingredients are combined. Knead the dough so that it does not stick to your hands. Now it needs to be set aside in a warm place and covered with a clean cotton towel. The dough should go up.


After 1-2 hours, the dough should be rolled into a roller and divided into equal parts. From them to form balls. Then from each part roll out a cake, the size of a standard small plate.

Now you need to do the stuffing. For its preparation, it is necessary to grind 100 g of suluguni and the same amount of Adyghe cheese. Combine them with 80 g of butter. Stir well mix.

khachapuri with cheese a recipe in a frying pan

In the center of each tortillas you need to put on the dining roomspoon of cheese mass. Then from the dough form a large khinkali and roll it out again with a rolling pin. Thus, you will get a filling in the middle of a flat cake.

Fry the hapachuri in a dry frying pan. On each side for about 4 minutes. They need to be stacked on a platter in a "pile", each smearing with butter.

"In Adjarian"

This recipe for khachapuri with cheese is the most popular among our hostesses. The dish turns out very tasty, if you follow all the steps carefully during cooking.

dough khachapuri with cheese recipe with a photo
  1. First you need to knead the dough. To do this, connect 250 g of flour and 3 pinches of salt. Here send 1.5 small spoons of hydrated soda (vinegar). Mass mix well and make a deepening inside the slide. Here, fill in 2. 5 small spoons of dry yeast and pour a glass of kefir at room temperature.
  2. The dough is well kneaded and set aside for 30 minutes in a warm place. After a lapse of time, once again, his hands and give him to settle for another half an hour.
  3. Then the dough is divided into equal parts with the size of a large fist. Each ball rolled into a cake with a diameter of not less than 20 cm. From it you need to form a boat.
  4. In the middle, put the grated cheese. It is better to use salted - Adyghe or suluguni. It is necessary for the cheese to fill half the boat. All khachapuri are put on a baking sheet and lubricated with whipped egg yolk. They need to be sent to bake in the oven for 40 minutes at a temperature of not less than 2000.
  5. When the dough acquires a beautiful color, it is necessary to accurately break the egg into each boat. It is necessary that the yolk remains intact. Bake with khachapuri in the oven again for 5 minutes.
  6. After cooking in a hot boat put a small piece of butter.
khachapuri with cheese recipe with photo

Khachapuri to submit to the table. Eat it properly. The edges of the dough break off and they are stirred up by the obsessive from the center. Thus, each piece is dipped in the filling, after which it can be eaten.

On the matzoni

This recipe khachapuri with cheese provides for the use of a very unusual ingredient for our edges. Matzoni is typical for the Caucasian countries. We can replace it with sour milk (not kefir).

formation of khachapuri

For preparation of this recipe khachapuri withcheese (photos of dishes are presented in the article), it is necessary to leave 1 liter of milk for a day in a warm place. In this case it is advisable to cover the tare with gauze. When large, sour pieces appear in the milk, it is ready for kneading the dough.

  1. Butter (100 g) melt in a water bath. To do this, put a pot of water on the fire and boil. Place a metal bowl on top and put butter in it. Regularly stir it until it turns into a homogeneous mass.
  2. One teaspoon of soda should be extinguished with vinegar andsend in a clean bowl. Pour 2 cups of sour milk or matzoni here, if you can find it. Mix the mixture well. In it pour 3 tbsp melted butter and a half teaspoon of salt.
  3. Now gradually introduce flour. The dough should be soft and not very steep. It should be left alone for 30 minutes to the side.
  4. After a while, the dough is divided into two equal parts. Each roll into a large layer. Its width should not exceed 0.5 cm.
  5. Melt grease on one side with melted butter and roll in the form of an envelope. They wrap in food film and put into the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  6. At this time, you can prepare the filling. For it, you need to grate 1 kg of hard cheese. It is advisable to buy a product with a slightly brackish taste.
  7. Drive in 2 eggs and mix well.
  8. In a separate bowl, prepare a mass for lubricating khachapuri. To do this, drive in 1 egg and mix it with a tablespoon of milk.
  9. From the refrigerator to get the dough. One layer of rolled to the desired shape and put on a baking tray. Top with a layer of flour. On it, evenly apply the filling on the entire surface.
  10. Top with a second layer of dough. The edges are carefully tipped. Khachapuri grease with egg and milk.
  11. Put the baking tray in the oven for 180 minutes.0. According to this recipe, khachapuri with cheese is cooked there for about 40 minutes. Then you need to get it and wait until it cools down a little.

It is cut into equal parts in an arbitrary form and can be fed to the table.

With greens

A recipe is used for khachapuri with cheese(photo test - below) for this option from the first variant of the dish. There will only be a difference in the ingredients of the filling. It requires 500 g of suluguni and 200 g of Imeretian cheese to be rubbed on the middle nozzle.

filling for khachapuri

A bunch of fresh dill, parsley, cilantro and onioncut finely. They need to be mixed and slightly seasoned with salt. The dough is divided into 5 parts. Each roll into the reservoir. In the center put 150 g of cheese filling and one spoonful of greens. The mass is well distributed over the entire surface.

Then a large khinkali is formed from the dough. It should be sprinkled with a little flour. Now it needs to be rolled up with a rolling pin to the required size and shape. Place the plate on a baking tray and bake for 20 minutes. Then it, according to the recipe khachapuri with cheese for the oven, it is necessary to grease with melted butter.

The dish is ready!

Recipe Khachapuri with puff pastry cheese

This dish is not very consistent with the traditions of the Caucasian cuisine. But the recipe is popular in our country. To make flat cakes, 200 g of margarine should be melted a little in a water bath.

Flour (0.5 kg) sift. It must be gradually introduced into the margarine. In cold water, add 1 large spoonful of vinegar and 5 g of salt. Stir well. Add this solution to the flour and gradually stir it. The dough should turn out brilliant.

It needs to be twisted in the plastic wrap and sendin the fridge for 2 hours. At this time, grate 250 g of hard cheese on the middle nozzle. Add as much cottage cheese to it. Fork mass kneads well.

Now you need to drive 4 eggs and add a good one.a pinch of salt. The mass is well mixed. Dough through time to get out of the refrigerator and roll out quite thin. The reservoir is divided into approximately equal rectangles.


In each rectangle pour 2 largespoons of grated cheese. The dough is wrapped to form a triangle. The edges are well sealed. Toothpick in each khachapuri need to do a few punctures.

recipe khachapuri with cheese in the oven

Grease baking sheet. Khachapuri should have a ruddy color. Therefore, before being sent to the oven, they must be smeared with a beaten egg. They should be baked for 25 minutes in an oven at 2000.

This recipe khachapuri with puff pastry cheeserequires the hostess of some skill in dealing with the dough, so beginners in the kitchen should carefully follow all the instructions for cooking.


It will take a total of 25 minutes to cook khachapuri with cheese in a pan for this recipe. There is no need to knead the dough from flour Such khachapuri is popularly called “lazy”.

To prepare, grate 200 g of hard cheese. Several bunches of different greens need to grind. Mix these ingredients with sour cream (200 g) and two eggs.

fast khachapuri

The pan is well heated on the stove. It is necessary to pour a little vegetable oil. This is laid out evenly cooked mass. It is fried on both sides. It should make a big cake.

Cheese khachapuri according to this recipe is also easy to prepare in a slow cooker on the "Baking" mode. Then you need to add just a few drops of oil in the bowl or just lubricate it from the inside with it.