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How to close the compote from strawberries in different ways

Strawberries are perhaps the most delicious of all berries. At the height of the summer season, many different dishes are prepared from it. Among them, a special place is occupied by refreshing summer and canned drinks for the winter. In this article you will find the necessary and useful advice and recommendations on how to close the compote of strawberries and how to cook it for use in a freshly prepared form. A useful vitamin drink can be obtained in various ways, while combining with the fragrant berry other fruits.

how to close strawberry compote

How to cook compote from strawberry "Vanilla": recipe

2 l of water boil together with a glass of sugar. Pour in a bag of vanillin, pour in juice of half a lemon and remove from heat. 1 kg of strawberries quickly wash under running water in a colander. Large berries can be cut into slices, use small ones as a whole. Put the fruits in a boiling syrup and cover tightly with a lid, stirring. After pouring for half an hour, compote can be poured over the cups to cool and serve on the table. All useful substances and vitamins are completely preserved, since the berries were not thermally treated.

How to close the compote from strawberries by sterilization?

Any berries for winter canning are neededmust be hot worked. How to do it carefully to preserve as many vitamins as possible? Take a liter jars and fill the berries with half. Pour sugar into each container to taste (for example, ½ cup) and pour cold water over the hangers. Place the glassware in a large saucepan and sterilize, gradually heating to a boil. After the appearance of the bubbles, notice 10 min. Then immediately roll the cans with lids. It is also necessary to turn them upside down, setting them on a soft cloth, and wrap them up. After two days, remove the conservation in a cold place (cellar, cellar). Berries with this method of treatment remain intact, and syrup - transparent.

how to cook strawberry compote

How to close the compote from strawberries by filling?

Love the pulp-rich drinks? Then the technology of how to close the compote from strawberries without sterilization is suitable for you. There are two options for this method of preparation.

The first way

The berries are thrown into the boiling syrup. Then the solution with berries after 5 minutes of slow cooking is poured over jars and screwed with lids.

The second way

Straw the strawberries in cans and pour boiling water. Immediately move the liquid back into the pan, putting a special lid with holes for draining the solution onto the neck of the cans. Put sugar in a saucepan with a liquid, and let it boil again. Pour the steamed berries over the syrup and cover with lids.

how to close compote

With both methods it is necessary to wrap up inverted cans with compote. This is done for additional heat treatment of berries.

How to close the compote from different components?

It is absolutely different to act whencombination of several ingredients. After all, the products used can be completely different in their consistency (density, hardness) and degree of ripeness. Therefore, the technology of preparation of drinks "Assorti" will be significantly different. Since the strawberry has a rather tender structure, it is usually always added to the boiling solution of the latter.