/ Mackerel roll: recipe. Mackerel roll in oven

Mackerel roll: recipe for cooking. Mackerel roll in oven

A roll of mackerel is an ideal dish to serve,to surprise their guests, as well as tasty and satisfying to feed them. It should be noted that there is nothing complicated in the preparation of such a dinner. In order to see for yourself, we decided to present several detailed recipes.

Mackerel Roll

We make mackerel rolls with gelatin

To prepare such an unusual holiday dish, we may need the following products:

  • mackerel fresh frozen - 3 pcs. (the number of products depends on the number of guests invited);
  • carrots average juicy - 3 pieces;
  • gelatin instant - 7-10 g (standard sachet);
  • onion red or white bulb - 3 pcs .;
  • refined oil - about 70 ml;
  • salt cooked, pepper black ground, spices flavored - use to taste and desire.

Processing of the main component (fish)

A roll of mackerel, the recipe of which we are considering, is obtained not only very tasty, but also surprisingly beautiful. From such an unusual dish absolutely all your guests will be delighted.

So, before making a roll of mackerel, fishshould be carefully processed. It must be rinsed, and then cut off the head, tail and fins. You also need to remove all the insides. In conclusion, mackerel should be cut in half along the ridge, and then remove all the bones, using tweezers for this.

king mackerel roll

Preparation of onion and carrot stuffing

To roll a mackerel to a tasty, satisfyingand beautiful, it should be filled with fried vegetables. To do this, chopped onions and grated carrots must be put on a pan and flavored with refined oil. Cooking vegetables is recommended on medium heat until they acquire a golden color. In the end they should be sprinkled with salt and various spices, and then carefully mix everything.

The process of forming a dish

Roll from mackerel, photo of which is presented inthis article, it is not very difficult to form. To do this, take a dense food film and sprinkle it with fine salt. Similarly, should be done with dry gelatin. Further on top of the polyethylene it is required to lay out one longitudinal half of the fish and place on it all the vegetable roasting. After that, carrots and onions should be closed with the second part of the mackerel, and then tightly wrapped. In the end, you should get a kind of "sandwich".

Heat treatment

To steal a mackerel from a mackerel, itit is recommended to heat-treat. To do this, in a large saucepan it is necessary to boil water, and then lay out the fish wrapped in a food film. By the way, before this, polyethylene should necessarily be riddled with a toothpick.

mackerel roll recipe

After boiling the product for about 20 minutes, it must be removed, put under a press and placed in the refrigerator. After a few hours, the dish will be completely ready.

How should I serve to the dinner table?

How to serve to the festive tabletasty and beautiful mackerel roll? The recipe for this snack requires you to carefully remove the fish from the food film, and then cut into pieces 2-4 centimeters thick. Laying mackerel on a plate, it should be presented to guests as an original cold snack. Bon Appetit!

We cook mackerel rolls in the oven

If the first dish can be served to the festive table as a cold snack, then the second one is perfect for a hot dinner with a side dish. For this we may need the following products:

  • mackerel fresh frozen - 3 pcs. (the number of products depends on the number of guests invited);
  • fresh parsley without stems - 20 g;
  • garlic not large fresh - 3 teeth;
  • salt, small cooked, chopped pepper - at discretion;
  • carrot fresh, not very large - 1 pc .;
  • onion white large - 1 pc .;
  • refined oil - a couple of large spoons.
    Mackerel Roulette Photo

Fish preparation

Roll of mackerel "Tsarsky" bears its namenot just. After all, it really turns out very beautiful and tasty. It can be safely served invited guests as the main hot dish. But before preparing such a dinner, you should carefully treat the fish. To do this, it is required to wash, cut off all the fins, tail and head, and then take out all the internal elements. Next, the mackerel should be deployed so that in the end you get a flat and wide fish layer. After that, all the bones, including the ridge, should be removed from the fillet. In this case, it is highly discouraged to violate the integrity of the formation.

Having carried out all the described actions, mackerel should be rubbed with fine salt and pepper, and then left aside for half an hour.

Vegetable processing

Roll of mackerel "Tsarsky", cooked inoven, requires the mandatory use of various vegetables. For the filling, we decided to apply a classic set of products, consisting of onions and carrots. These vegetables should be cleaned, and then not very large cut into circles and semirings. After that, the ingredients need to add chopped greens, grated garlic, salt and pepper.

rolls of mackerel in the oven

We form a fish mackerel from mackerel

Preparing mackerel and stuffing, you can safelybegin to form a "royal" dish. To do this, the fish should be laid on the board, and then put on it all the sliced ​​vegetables with greens. After this, the product must be wrapped in a tight roll. So that it does not break up during heat treatment, it can be fixed with toothpicks or tied with a dense thread. In this state stuffed mackerel needs to be placed in a deep form, pre-lubricated with refined oil.

Baking process in a warm cupboard

Fish roll with fresh vegetables is necessaryBake in the oven for about 45 minutes. At the same time, the temperature of the kitchen unit should not be less than 205 degrees. It should be noted that some housewives make such a dish in the culinary sleeve or dense foil. We strongly do not recommend placing a roll made of mackerel in any shell. After baking, this dish should not become watery.

Correctly present the original dinner to the table

After the fish turns rouge, and vegetablethe filling is completely soft, you can safely remove the roll from the oven. Then it should be placed on a large plate and decorated with mayonnaise net. For beauty on the sides of the dishes you can put some greens or fresh vegetables.

rolls of mackerel with gelatin

To make more impact on the guests, beforefeeding the hot dish to the table, it is recommended to pre-cut the fish loaf into portions. Serve them to your friends or family members preferably in a hot state, along with a slice of bread and some garnish (such as crumpled potatoes). Bon Appetit!