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Potato soup: so different, so tasty

Potato soup is perhaps the most popular dish in any kitchen. It is prepared quickly, special products are not required for it, but it turns out to be satisfying and very tasty.

I really like potato vegan soup. There are almost no calories in it, and the taste, depending on what is put in the dish, turns out different.

Here, for example, potato soup with carrots andwhite root (parsnip). To make it, sliced ​​carrots and parsnips must be put out on vegetable oil. When vegetables become soft, put onion, simmer for another 15 minutes. Ready to refuel in a boiling potato broth, when the potato is ready for 10 minutes. Finished soup sprinkled with parsley, dill.

Another vegetarian potato soup is made from more vegetables. Its taste is richer and more saturated.


  • carrot;
  • white root;
  • celery root;
  • a tomato;
  • Bulgarian pepper or paprika;
  • zucchini or zucchini;
  • potatoes.

All vegetables are steamed in vegetable oil.In the last turn, peeled tomatoes and onions are added. In a pot, where potatoes are brewed, they spread a vegetable dressing, add half a glass of milk or low-fat cream. Decorate potato soup with fresh herbs.

Very tender are the soups-mashed potatoes.Especially I like soup puree from chicken and potatoes. However, instead of a chicken, you can use any meat. His preparation begins with cooking broth. While the broth is boiling, the onion and the peeled tomato are spread in a frying pan. When the meat is almost ready, put the potatoes, the dressing from onions and tomatoes, cook until ready.

The ready-made chicken is taken out, the meat is removed from the bones andblend. In a separate frying pan, roast the flour until the color changes. Spread it in broth, give a boil. Slightly cool, sent to the blender to the finished chicken puree. When everything is as it should be grinded, again give a boil. To soften the taste in this soup, you can add half a cup of fatty cream. Chopped herbs decorate soup puree, which is good to serve with small breadcrumbs.

Potato soup is not necessarily onepotato. Taste is given to fillers from a variety of foods. For example, potato soup with mushrooms can have a completely different taste, depending on the type of mushrooms that are put in it. Soup with syrenozhkami will be more fat, with forest mushrooms - more fragrant.

It's not difficult to cook it.Fry the mushrooms with onions, then separately the carrots. Cook potatoes, broth poured and allow it to cool. In a blender, chopped fried mushrooms, carrots, potatoes. Then gradually add the cooled broth. When the soup acquires the necessary density, it is allowed to boil again, add spices.

I really like one potato soup,which causes a storm of emotions in my friends. Some argue that this is not quite the right onion soup, others say that the Ossetian national soup is brewed this way. In fact, I do not know where our recipe came from. The main thing - it turns out very tasty.

First I put a pot of potatoes on the stove,and while it is brewed, in a dry frying pan fry the vermicelli until brown. I put it aside and fry the onions. Here it should not darken, therefore it is necessary to watch it closely. As soon as it softens, remove it. In a ready potato broth, I add the fried onions, I let them boil. Then I pour out fried vermicelli, I again give a boil, stirring. I'm adding grated cheese. It could be Gouda (my beloved), Tilsiter, even a cream cheese. On a 2-liter pan comes 4 melted cheese or 200 g of grated cheese. Stirring, I let the cheese dissolve, I fall asleep with greens and cover it with a lid. Salt such a soup at the very end. It turns out thick, gentle, nourishing. Try it, you'll definitely like it.