/ How to bake pancakes correctly

How to bake pancakes correctly

The modern word "fritters" comes fromLatin "oleum" - oil, since initially these small, thick, flour products from sour dough were fried exclusively in vegetable oil. The first mention of pancakes as a culinary item is found in the middle of the 16th century. But at that time pancakes, pancakes, Siberian poppers and puffs were falling under this notion, because there was no clear border that would separate the fritters from the above types of products prepared from liquid yeast dough. At that time, often fritters were baked from potatoes, millet and semolina and this word denoted only a specific form of the product, but not the composition or technology of preparation.

Today almost every hostess knows how tooven pancakes made of wheat flour, to which you can also mix oatmeal, pea, potato and buckwheat. In doing so, use water or milk for mixing, add more yeast, to get a liquid dough of this consistency, which can easily be spooned. The dough for fritters should be approached twice, and immediately before baking it must be added butter and eggs to make it rich and satisfying. Gathering a small spoonful of dough, it is spread on a well-heated frying pan in almost boiling oil and fry for a couple of minutes on both sides.

Now let's talk about how to bake a pancake so,that they were a gentle consistency and turned out lush and soft. It is necessary to observe only three conditions: competently prepare the dough, it is good to chew the oil and take the right frying pan. The oil must be heated very strongly, so that each pancake quickly fried and did not absorb too much fat. Otherwise, it can settle down and become flat and unappetizing, even if the dough is cooked correctly. Frying pan is preferable to use only cast iron, but it is possible to take dishes with high-quality Teflon coating. Classic fritters should be 5-6 millimeters thick, not more. They, like baking, thanks to their convenience, perfectly perceive surrender with various jams, honey, jam or sour cream. They can be used not only as a dessert, but also as a snack, if you serve garlic dressing. Also pancakes can become a basis for the preparation of the second dish: they are baked under tomato sauce with meat.

Now, knowing how to bake a pancake correctly, you cantry to prepare for them not only different fillers, sauces or toppings, but also try to experiment with the test. To prepare pancakes, potatoes, zucchini, cabbage, carrots, beets and other vegetables are perfect. Their tinder is grated and mixed into a yeast test in a 1: 1 ratio. Correctly selected sauce will make vegetable fritters a real piece of culinary art.

Very original bean pancakes withgreens and garlic. Beans must be pre-welded and scrolled through a meat grinder, then combined with yeast and fried in a frying pan, and then brought to a full preparedness in the oven. The recipe for pancakes from the liver is very popular recently, as such products are useful, nutritious and good as an independent dish. Do you know how to bake pancakes so that they are as dietary as possible? Knead them on the broom - flour from peas chickpeas. It can replace the usual wheat flour and you do not need to add baking to such a dough. Pancakes and so it will turn out delicious. But they still have to cook in oil.

In Russia, we bake pancakes with kefir or yeasttest, but in the US used to mix dough with milk with lemon juice and eat pastries for breakfast with peanut butter or maple syrup. In the West, like pancakes with the addition of soft cottage cheese, such products are perfectly combined with fruit or berry purees. By the way, cottage cheese is able to significantly enrich the amino acid composition of the finished dish. Options for cooking pancakes mass, choose your and enjoy the taste. Bon Appetit!