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Cake "Bird Milk" at home: recipes and cooking features

Many of us, who grew up in the USSR, cake "BirdMilk "is associated with childhood and holiday. Even in the years preceding the total deficit, when this dessert appeared on the shelves of the confectionery, a queue was built behind it, like the Mausoleum. Do you know who invented the cake "Bird's Milk"? The recipe was born in the famous Moscow restaurant "Prague". In the same place appeared the eponymous cake. But it was the culinary product called "Bird's Milk" that the authors, masters of the confectionery shop under the supervision of the chef Vladimir Guralnik, managed to register the first patent in the USSR. Since then, since the early 80's, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. And many complain that the cake "Bird's Milk" is not the same as before. Stabilizers, emulsifiers and other additives extend the shelf life, and synthetic substitutes for natural products make the cost of the product cheaper. In this article we will tell you how to make a cake "Bird Milk" at home. We will disclose the secrets of cooking and give advice that your dessert will turn out the way you remember it from childhood.

Ingredients for the cake

The recipe according to GOST. Ingredients

If someone has not tried the cake "Birdymilk ", we will explain. It consists of two sand cakes, and between them is placed a delicate souffle, thanks to which the product received its name. The cake from above covers chocolate icing. As you can see, the main difficulty is to prepare this souffle. And here the main secret lies in agar-agar. No, you can cook a cake "Bird's Milk" at home and on gelatin, and even on a manga, but the result will be a little different. Agar-agar is a thickener of vegetable origin. The product extracted from seaweed is quite expensive. But for a cake only 4 grams is required. All other ingredients are quite typical, often used for making cakes. This flour, butter, eggs, sugar, condensed milk, citric acid, chocolate and vanilla essence.

Well, let's try to cook a classic cake "Bird's Milk" at home?

Prepare the cake

Step-by-step recipe. Step # 1: corn

First of all, a few hours before the startcooking, soak agar-agar in 140 milliliters of cold water, placing it in a small saucepan. Also we will extract 350 grams of butter from the refrigerator. We need room temperature. We measure 100 grams of butter. Whisk this piece with the same amount of sugar. In the reviews, cooks are recommended to pre-crush the crystals in a coffee grinder. You can also take one hundred grams of powdered sugar. To the sweet butter, add two eggs and a few drops of vanilla essence. Continue to beat until the mass is white. Gradually pour 140 grams of sifted flour and knead the dough. To bake a cake "Bird's milk" at home under the prescription GOST, you need to circle the form for baking with a pencil on baking paper. The resulting circle will be a template for cutting out the cakes. The dough is divided into two halves. Roll out with the required diameter. We bake for ten minutes at 210-230 degrees. Cool without taking out of the mold.

Cakes for cake

Step # 2: soufflé

This is the most difficult step in making a cake"Bird's milk" at home, so it must be taken responsibly. First, beat up 200 grams of softened butter with 100 g condensed milk and a few drops of vanilla essence. We put the cream aside. Pour the pan with agar-agar into a small fire directly in the water in which the thickener was soaked. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. We cook just a minute. We pour 350 grams of sugar. We return the saucepan to the stove, but already to medium flame. Do not stop stirring. Cook the syrup until the thread appears. What does it mean? If you pull out the spatula from the syrup, the drop will not drop from it, and a thin thread of caramel will follow. We set aside the saucepan. We take out two eggs from the refrigerator, we separate the proteins and start whipping them. When the foam appears, add half a teaspoon of citric acid. We beat to a dense white "cap". When the syrup has cooled to 80 degrees, we add it to the proteins. You need to do this without stopping working as a mixer. Turning the coronals to a low rotation speed, mix the cream with butter and condensed milk. If you got air mass, the souffle was successful.


Step # 3: collect the cake

We need a split form that wouldcoincided in diameter with that in which baked cakes. If there is not one on the farm, we make a stencil out of cardboard (you can use the lid from packing some cake). "Bird's milk" at home is constructed like this. First, the entire form is covered with food film, taking up the sides. At the bottom lay one cake. Pour half souffle. We level with the back side of the knife. We lay the second cake. We fill the remaining souffle. We put the cake in the refrigerator for three or four hours, but better at night. Then the cakes will be soaked with the moisture of the souffle, and the taste of the product will be very harmonious.

Make a cake

Step # 4: glaze

It remains to make the last step to our cake"Bird's milk," cooked at home, was the same as that sold in stores in the years of our childhood. Of course, instead of chocolate glaze you can decorate the cake somehow differently - mastic, for example. But GOST is severe. It is said: "chocolate icing", so we will prepare it. We put a wide saucepan of water on the fire. In a small container, we break 75-100 grams of dark chocolate with no fillings. Add 50 g of soft butter. We place this small vessel in hot water in a large saucepan, but so that it does not come in contact with the fire. We also need to try to ensure that the liquid does not fill our chocolate. Such a culinary method is called a water bath. And if we add some more fat cream to the chocolate with butter, then it will not be glaze, but ganache, which can also be covered with our culinary masterpiece.

Glaze for cake "Bird's milk"

Soufflé on gelatin

As you can see, it is quite possible to cook a cake "Birdmilk "and at home. The recipes are numerous. But the variations relate mainly to the soufflé. Therefore here and further we will not dwell on the preparation of dough and baking cakes. Agar-agar - a product in our country is rare, and expensive. So let's see how to prepare a soufflé - the basis of the cake "Bird's Milk" - on gelatin.

Twenty grams of yellow crystals will be filleda little cold water and leave for a few hours for swelling. Sweet-cream butter with at least 72 percent fat content and a condensed milk jar should be brought to room temperature. And three egg whites, on the contrary, we will put them in the refrigerator. First whisk 150 grams of butter. The mixer turns on you high speed. Gradually add condensed milk - about a hundred grams. Continue to beat until the cream becomes homogeneous. Swell the gelatin on a slow fire and put in 180 grams of sugar. For this recipe, you can not bring the mixture to a boil. It will be enough if all the crystals of sugar dissolve. Remove the saucepan from the plate and start whipping the proteins with citric acid (at the tip of the knife). In the egg foam, gently add gelatin syrup and cream on a condensed milk.

Delicious cake "Bird's milk" at home

Soufflé on the manga

First we knead the dough and bake one cake. Products for this need to take, respectively, half as much. Soufflé on the manga for the cake "Bird's Milk" at home is very easy to prepare. From 700 milliliters of milk and six tablespoons of cereals we prepare a thick porridge. We transfer it to the bowl of a mixer. Add a glass of ordinary sugar and a bag of vanilla, as well as 250 grams of softened butter. Beat. Immediately prepare and chocolate icing (or ganache). In a split form, covered with food film, we lay out the cake. We put manna porridge on it. We pour the chocolate fondant and then we hide it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. I must say that "bird's milk" and semolina porridge - like heaven and earth. Such a pie, in spite of its budgetary nature, loses very much in the taste of this dessert. But as a sweet to everyday tea will come down.

Cake "Bird's milk" on a manga

Cake soufflé "Bird's Milk" at home

Do not want to bake the cake separately? Do not need! You can make a souffle cake. True, I still have to warm up the oven. But first we'll fetch two eggs and four more yolks (the proteins will be placed while in the refrigerator) with six tablespoons of vanilla sugar. In a deep bowl sift 200 grams of flour. Mix it with six teaspoons of cookie powder. Bulk material gradually add to the egg. Staggering all the vymeshav, pour two glasses of 10-percent cream, as well as 2 tbsp. l. very soft butter. We take four proteins from the refrigerator and whisk with a small pinch of citric acid. Gently mix the dense foam with the total mass. If you do not have a silicone mold, wrap the usual, metal, sliced ​​sleeve for baking. Melt with melted butter or margarine. The oven should be already heated up to 180 degrees. Pour soufflé into prepared form and bake for about half an hour. Ready cake should stand still in the fridge. Only after that it can be covered with chocolate glaze.

Souffle without eggs

Another interesting recipe for the cake is "Bird Milk". At home, you can cook such a dessert even for beginners. By the way, this method of preparation is a unique option for those who are afraid of getting salmonella. In this souffle we will not use raw eggs. In a saucepan pour 25 g of gelatin and fill it with a glass (200 ml) of any syrup to your taste. You can also use liquid from under canned pineapples or peaches. We leave for swelling. Then we pour another 100 ml of syrup and put the saucepan on a small fire. We knead until the gelatin is completely dissolved, but we do not bring it to the boil. Now we will apply the culinary method of "ice bath". It's almost the same as water, only the liquid in the larger capacity should be very cold. We set a saucepan with syrup over ice water and beat until white foam. Without turning off the mixer, we add 300 ml of concentrated milk, 30 g of sugar and a bag of vanillin. The weight will increase very much in volume. Immediately pour this foam onto the cooled cake, cover it with the second and put it in the refrigerator.

Secrets of cooking

So you have learned the main recipes of the cultof the Soviet dessert. There are no special secrets here. The main thing is that all the ingredients for the souffle (except for proteins, if eggs are used) are at room temperature. And if you have a powerful electric mixer, you will definitely make a delicious cake "Bird's Milk" at home.