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Potato soup with meatballs: cooking features, recipes and reviews

Meatballs - probably one of the most comfortableculinary inventions of humanity! This word came from the Italian frittatella (originally: a fried dish consisting of meat balls, as well as fish minced meat). It's hard not to agree: for example, potato soup with meatballs is always convenient to any housewife in that it can be cooked very quickly, and it does not take long to wait for meat to cook, broth is being prepared. In such a first dish, tasty and flavorful, you can add additional ingredients, for example Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, or make a very simple and budget option. In general, as they say, fantasy is its generous way to manifest. Well, let's try and we with you?

potato soup with meatballs

Taste and aroma, familiar from childhood

There are such dishes, one smell of which instantlyremember childhood, a garden or a school cafeteria, dinners in a circle of domestic, cooked by a generous grandmother. Potato soup with meatballs, as a time machine, returns at the very times. In addition, it is a delicious and easy-to-prepare first course! Well, it's time to begin.


For potato soup with meatballs we take withhalf a kilo of meat meat (preferably pork-beef assortment). Also, we need a potato in the amount of just over half a kilogram, 2-3 medium carrots, a couple of onions, 3 spoons of crackers for breading pair lavrushek, a mixture of peppers, ground, black pepper.

potato soup with meat balls


Because of such a useful and satisfying supply of meatproducts potato soup with meatballs often cooked and cooked in children's institutions. Reviews mistresses say that it will be a win-win option, when you need to quickly "bungle" dinner for the family. Even if you often have such that there is no time to cook meatballs, then pre-make the stuffing from minced meat. While meat balls are cooked, you can prepare vegetables for the dish. Thus, after half an hour the maximum dinner is ready, and the hungry husband and children receive a culinary delight. And another important bonus, which is often noted by women who follow their figure - the caloric content of potato soup with meatballs is quite small, about 70 kcal per 100 grams. Provided, of course, if you do not begin to make a toast, using a large amount of butter, fat. By the way, you can lower the calorie content of the dish if you replace the meat with fish.

cooking potato soup with meatballs

Preparation of potato soup with meatballs

  1. Let's start with vegetables.There are two methods of preparation. Are you used to making soups with toast? Then three carrots, and finely chop the ray. We leave it on the sidelines, we'll make the roast, when we already throw the meatballs to cook. But if the fat is not included in the plans, with vegetables we act differently.
  2. Potatoes are cut into cubes (brusochkami),throws in boiling water. Onion finely chopped, if you want it to remain in the final product (but this, say, an amateur). Option: put the whole bulb, and when the potato soup with meatballs is almost ready, take it out. Thus, onions will add flavor, and children, for example, will not be caught from the ready-made dish.
  3. With carrots, you can also "show creativity." Instead of chips, cut it in the form of flowers with asterisks - this innovation, judging by the comments of young mothers, will like the kids very much.
  4. Vegetables are cooked, and we will do our stuffing. Culinary art loves experiments, so the fact that it's better to make minced meat is a matter of personal taste and your preferences. If you want to get a more lean soup, take chicken, turkey minced meat (rabbit is not advised, its flesh for cooking is not suitable). And for a more saturated taste, we make an assortment of different types of meat. This option will definitely not be the loser for meatballs. Forcemeat a little salt, add pepper and spices for the brightness of taste. And to make the balls come out dense and even, we beat off stuffing (we pick up and drop it on the table - several times it will be enough).
  5. Form meatballs (wet your hands with water). If the stuffing turned out too liquid, then the balls can fall apart. Then use a teaspoonful, soaking it in cool water. And for the density of minced meat, you can enter a little breading, carefully mixing the mass.
  6. It took 15 minutes, and the potatoes almost cooked. We cast the formed meat. We cook for about 15 minutes on a weak fire. That's ready potato soup with meatballs. Caloric content is not high, but it perfectly satiates. And before serving, let it be infused with half an hour, so that the seasonings added maximally revealed their taste and aromatic qualities.

potato soup with meatballs caloric content

How to cook potato soup with meatballs

The same delicious first course can be prepared andon a fish day. In addition, the soup will be superdietic. To do this, it is enough to replace the minced meat with a fish option. Fish fillets (even the most banal hake and pollock) are best suited, but many housewives say that they used the river fish as well - just need to free it as much as possible from the bones. To ensure that the meatballs do not fall apart, you can add an egg and bread crumbs (or a little flour) into the mass. All the rest is left the same as in the basic recipe.

French version (puree)

If you like to use the experimentalapproach, do not stop at cutting carrots. You can turn ordinary soup into delicious dishes. For this, when the soup is cooked, we pull out meatballs, harvest all vegetables and grind them with a blender, then return them back to the pan with meatballs. And for the softness of taste, add a small piece of butter or a little cream.

how to cook potato soup with meatballs

Meatballs with my own hands

If you want to "make a fuss" you can make minced meatwith their own hands, and not buy a store. Judging by the reviews, the most delicious meatballs from mixed stuffing: beef and pork, chicken and turkey, even veal or lamb.

  1. For a kilogram of ground beef we take 900 gramsmeat in the ratio of fifty to fifty, 100 grams of bread (it is better to take it dry, but without crust, it will make our meatballs more tender), half a glass of milk, an onion, pepper with salt and garlic - a little bit of everything and to taste.
  2. Meat cut into cubes, scroll in a meat grinder, combine it with bread soaked in milk, salt and pepper, add chopped or grated onions (it will give juicy meatballs).

And already from this stuffing form of meatballs, observing the further formulation, as in the original version given above. Yes, and everyone's appetite!