/ / Cafe "Troitsky Bridge" - a cozy place in the center of St. Petersburg

Cafe Troitsky Bridge - a cozy place in the center of St. Petersburg

It is very important to know the addresses in St. Petersburgpleasant and budget catering establishments. This is especially true in the city center. Walking along its embankments and admiring the historical and cultural monuments, you really want to have a snack and relax in the institution with affordable prices. Recommended for visiting - cafe "Trinity Bridge" on the Moika. We will tell you about its features, as well as introduce the menu.

cafe Trinity Bridge

"Trinity Bridge"

This place is a real find for tourists,studying the sights of St. Petersburg in the center. Cafe "Trinity Bridge" is small, but very cozy. It is located at the address - Embankment of the Moika River, house 30. The nearest metro station is Nevsky Prospekt. In these places, as a rule, there is every visitor. Not far from the cafe is the Pushkin House Museum.

The restaurant opens at 9 am and closes at 23.00. If you do not have time to have breakfast, then you can easily do it in the cafe "Trinity Bridge". Here you will be offered fragrant, milky porridges, tender syrniki, curd casserole and much more. The menu only has vegetarian dishes, so if you want a shish kebab or other meat dish, then look for another institution. Despite the fact that the cafe is vegetarian, the variety of dishes does not cease to amaze visitors.

The atmosphere in the institution is very cozy, on the wallshanging pretty pictures. The interior is dominated by calm, neutral colors. Here you can relax and get a charge of cheerfulness for further walks through the historical places of the city.

trinity bridge cafe menu

Menu in the cafe "Trinity Bridge"

The cooks of this institution in their workguided by the following principles: the use of only quality products, skillful combination of ingredients, excellent mood when cooking. They offer the most delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes. It's time to get acquainted with the menu. It includes:

  • "Vegetarian coat". Try a completely new taste of a salad that has long been familiar to everyone.
  • Pumpkin with arugula and feta.
  • Avocado with vegetables.
  • Mushroom soup.
  • Potato and vegetable cutlets.
  • Solyanka.
  • Macaroni in Italian.
  • Soy meat.
  • Pilaf with mushrooms, pumpkin, quince.
  • Stuffed vegetables.
  • Vareniki.
  • Manty and much more.

What kind of drinks are offered in the cafe?Freshly squeezed juices, milkshakes, broth of wild rose and others. Be sure to try desserts here. Even if you watch your figure, do not deny yourself the pleasure of ordering them. When cooking, animal fats are not used, and sweets are made without the addition of sugar. We recommend you also try other desserts: poppy and apple strudel, "Napoleon" cake, mango cake and much more.

Other establishments of the network: a list with addresses

In St. Petersburg there is a whole network of vegetarian cafes, united by the name "Trinity Bridge". With one of them you are already familiar, we offer a list of addresses of other institutions:

  • Kamennoostrovsky prospect, 9/1 (the metro station "Gorkovskaya");
  • Vasilievsky Island, line 6, 27 (metro station "Vasileostrovskaya");
  • Kronversky prospect, 35/1 (metro station "Gorkovskaya").

In all establishments it is harmonious and cozy, and every recipe here is brought to the present perfection.

cafe Trinity bridge at the sink


Cafe Troitsky Bridge in St. Petersburg - excellenta place for those who monitor their health. The menu has a large number of healthy and nutritious dishes. Here, even sweets can be eaten without fear of getting better. All of them are prepared using vegetable oils and fats. Having tried them once, you will certainly come back here again to enjoy your favorite desserts again. After the turmoil of the big city is so nice that there is a place where you can dream and relax. Pleasantly happy that all visitors here are treated with special care. Employees of the institution always tell you what dish is worth trying.