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Crimean cognac: prices, reviews, names

In our difficult time to find a good Crimeancognac is not so simple. But still, if you managed to buy a bottle of this drink, then you have a chance to enjoy its terrific taste and aroma. The famous spirits of this peninsula are famous all over the world. They have long been attracted to the popularity thanks to the unique technology of cooking and fidelity to tradition. This is not only an excellent taste. Crimean brandy combines unchanging quality and beautiful design. It can even be presented as a gift in special cases.

A bit of history

In the Crimea, cognac was produced only in 1965year. It was then that 1000 dal of beverage was produced. Until then, the peninsula factories were engaged exclusively in winemaking. The first Crimean cognac was called "Koktebel". These were the first, but quite confident attempts to compete with famous French manufacturers. The Crimean brandy "Koktebel" was immediately noted at the All-Union Conference. With each year the quality of the drink only improved. Gradually the plant began to produce another brand of cognac called "Crimea". Since then, the products of the Crimean manufacturers have firmly won their place not only in the domestic, but also in the world market.

Crimean cognac

Production technology

Naturally, the source of production technologyis the stage of cultivation of grapes. On the Crimean peninsula, there are all conditions, both climatic and soil, for cultivating the best varieties of this plant. Grape bushes planted with an interval of three meters. The most popular varieties of this region are "rkaceteli", "aligote", "gift of magar". Warm climate and long autumn allow harvesting at the end of October. By this time the berries are finally ripening and gaining the maximum degree of maturity. The juice squeezed from the grapes is left to ferment for three weeks, without the addition of sugar. Then the resulting dry wine is distilled and the cognac alcohol is obtained. It is distilled twice and poured into oak barrels. It is in them that the famous Crimean cognac is born. As a result of long-term storage through the pores of the tree, oxygen enters into the barrel, which is saturated with the aroma of oak. A beautiful color of cognac is obtained after 8 months of storage. But only after 4-5 years, it will acquire its unique taste.

Crimean cognacs price


After aging in oak barrels, cognac is mixedwith sugar syrup, that is, they produce blend. Then cognac is left to ripen for at least another month. The number of asterisks on the finished product means the period of its aging in years. Cognac of the highest quality can withstand at least 6-10 years. During this period, only the best parties are selected. The abbreviation KB on the bottle means that the drink has been aged for 6 years. KVVK - a brandy of only the highest quality (8-10 years). KS - is the marking of the old drink with 10-12 years of aging. And, finally, a very old cognac will be marked with the letters OS. His exposure is 13-25 years. So, for example, cognac "Koktebel" is designated by letters KV, and "Crimea" - KS.

Rules of Use

Crimean cognacs, the price of which varies frombudget to high, it is an excellent taste and aroma. This noble drink should be able to properly serve and drink. For cognac, spherical glasses with a low stem are considered ideal. They fill only a quarter of the volume. Consuming cognac does not require haste. To begin with, the glass is warmed by the palms so that it reveals its taste and aroma. Sniff brandy with caution, so that the body is accustomed to the smell of alcohol. From the first time you will not be able to fully feel the whole bouquet. Then the drink is drunk, in very small sips. The throat should get used to the taste.

Cognac Crimean Reserve
Only in this way can you fully experienceaftertaste. This drink does not require snacks, but cognac can be served with sandwiches with caviar, olives, good quality cheese and lemon, sprinkled with sugar. Also, expensive chocolate and a good dessert will be appropriate. But all this is just a small addition. A good cognac is self-sufficient.

Crimean Reserve

Cognac "Crimean reserve" produces from the bestgrape variety "Riesling". This is a real gift for connoisseurs of this drink. Hand-picked grapes are processed with observance of all technological subtleties. Then cognac is aged in oak barrels for at least 3-5 years. As a result, the drink acquires a beautiful color from light gold to amber-copper. About the aroma of brandy "Crimean reserve" can not be said. It is a rich fruit notes with noble shades of oak. The taste of the drink is soft, perfectly matching with the general bouquet and having a slight honey aftertaste. Cognac has always been supplied to the tables of the country's top leadership in Soviet times. But even now the quality of the "Crimean Reserve" remains on top. The cost of a 500 ml bottle is about 600 rubles. Those who had the opportunity to taste this drink, note its mild taste, good bouquet and strict design, which gives cognac solidity.


"Kutuzov" is an old Crimean cognac and,perhaps, the most famous. It belongs to the category of drinks with an exposure of at least 25 years. During this time, he acquires all the fullness of taste and aroma, which should be a real cognac. Barrels from oak of a certain age give their note, giving the drink exquisite shades. "Kutuzov" has a magnificent golden dark brown color. In a wide cognac glass, it looks perfect.

Crimean Brandy Koktebel
The drink is characterized by a complex saturated bouquet.It is vanilla-chocolate shades with notes of dried fruits and aether. The taste is full, soft, with pronounced tones. "Kutuzov" is a drink worthy of kings. By the way, this cognac was recognized as the best in comparison with the famous "Napoleon". When it was created, the goals were to achieve the highest quality and gain an advantage over the well-known brand. The name of the drink was given. It is worth this cognac 25-year-old aging of about 10,000 rubles. The price is rather big, but, judging by the recalled ones, it's worth it. Particularly enthusiastic comments are left by women who liked this drink for its mild taste and pleasant aftertaste.


This cognac was named aftermanufacturer. Crimean cognacs in Moscow are presented in several versions. It all depends on the age and technology. Distinguish "Koktebel", which has 3, 4 and 5 stars. This is affordable alcoholic beverages produced only from high-quality alcohol. They are aged in barrels from 3 to 5 years. Cognac has a light floral fragrance and harmonious taste with vanilla tones. Vintage drinks have an exposure of 5 to 10 years. Koktebel KV is a noble drink prepared according to a special technology. After blending, it is kept in barrels for about another year. Koktebel KS is an older drink that is kept in special barrels, the age of which is not less than 11 years.

Crimean cognacs in Moscow
As a result, it acquires a harmonious taste andaroma with morocco notes and pleasant aftertaste. "Koktebel-Raritet" is a cognac with 15 years of aging. It has a pronounced vanilla-chocolate flavor with light tones of dried fruits. And, at last, the oldest representative of this family is Koktebel with 30 years of aging. It is made from high quality spirits in no less than quality oak barrels. Cognac has a dark brown color with noble golden hues. Vanilla-chocolate bouquet is perfectly combined with notes of ether and dried fruits. The price of brandy "Koktebel" depends on the quality and aging and varies from 700 to 12 000 rubles per bottle. Experts note the excellent quality of the drink, which does not depend on its value.


"Crimea" is one of the oldest brands of cognac,which were issued on the peninsula. He was put into production after Koktebel. Since then, the quality of the drink always remains at the height and meets all the requirements. This cognac belongs to the category of CS. Alcohol used for production, can withstand 10-12 years in special oak barrels.

old Crimean cognac

During this time, the "Crimea" gets amazingThe properties for which it is valued by amateurs and connoisseurs of cognac. The bouquet has a vanilla-chocolate shade and a harmonious aftertaste. The price, which is about 500-600 rubles, is responsible for quality. There is also a vintage "Crimea", which is additionally kept in barrels for another three years. It has a golden color, a magnificent bouquet and a soft taste with a coffee aftertaste. This cognac is appreciated for its high quality and affordable price, which is confirmed by consumer feedback.


"Sevastopol" KS is a Crimean brandy cognac,the price for which varies within 1500 rubles. It is produced by the Simferopol Wine and Vodka Plant. The technology of production is a long-term tradition that remains unchanged, as well as the quality of products.

Crimean brandy cognac price
Cognac is made only from alcohol itselfHigh Quality. It is aged in oak barrels for at least 10 years. The drink has a magnificent color of dark amber. Spicy aroma with notes of chocolate and spices and vanilla tints has allowed it to remain among the leaders on the market for many years. It affects the taste of cognac - soft and balanced. Choose only quality spirits and remember that excessive consumption of them is harmful to health.