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Wine "Men's Tears": composition, manufacturer, reviews

The wine "Men's Tears" refers to naturalgrape drinks. Its stunning deep taste and intriguing name are the reasons that caused frenzied popularity. Returning from a rest in the south, many are not lost in conjecture what to get as a gift to relatives or for themselves, but choose a pair of bottles of this dark aromatic wine.

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Description of the drink

Among the features of the wine "Men's Tears" should include the following:

  • The fortress is from 11 to 13%.
  • Deep dark color, pomegranate or red.
  • Blending of grapes of several varieties (Isabella, Moldova, Hacic).
  • Some manufacturers use black currant juice for blending.
  • It is true on barberry or cherry squeezes.
  • Resisted in an oak barrel.

This is one of the most delicious representatives of the Redssemisweet wines of the south, which explains his frenzied popularity. You can buy this drink in southern cities such as Sochi and Adler. Most often sold for bottling in plastic bottles with a capacity of 1.5 liters.

Among the advantages of this drinkand unconditional benefit for the body. So, the doctors proved that red wines not only improve the mood, but also normalize the functioning of the circulatory system, help in the fight against insomnia. And they are useful for stabilizing the hormonal background in women.

wine man's tears composition

Composition of wine "Men's Tears"

The next moment.The wine "Men's Tears" includes several varieties of southern grapes and various additives. So, you can find a drink with a blend of black currant juice, blackberry or cherry. The grape variety most often used in production is Moldova. It is a dining variety of a plant with large juicy berries in a dense peel, painted in a dark purple color. The variety grows in southern regions with a mild climate and is in great demand among experienced wine growers.

Also, varieties "Hachich", "Isabella" and wild grapes can be used. Blending from the blackberry gives the drink not only an unusual taste, but also an amazing sweetness.

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About the benefits of red wine

Further.Producers of wine "Men's Tears" note that this drink, in addition to its amazing taste, also benefits the body. And the healing effect varies for women and for men. So, with moderate consumption of natural product, men reduce the risk of prostate cancer, heart attacks and strokes. Due to its composition, red semisweet wine helps to solve the problem of so-called "feminization" when men form a fat layer in the chest and abdomen. Grape drink reduces the level of estrogen and helps to deal with this trouble. But do not forget that alcohol should be consumed in moderation.

To women semisweet wine allows to improvethe state of the nervous system, get rid of the effects of stress, solve the problem with insomnia. Red wines normalize the functioning of the thyroid gland, purify the blood, are a good preventive tool against the formation of kidney stones. Thanks to moderate caloric content, this drink will not break even the most strict diet. Therefore, a glass of "Men's tears" can afford and slimming ladies.

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How to drink

Like any red semisweet wine, "Men'stears "should be used in a special way. First of all, you need to enjoy the aroma of the drink, so when you open the bottle, do not rush to pour it into the glass. Better to let the blame breathe, and then - to feel its amazing aroma. Only after this, you should start tasting. Red southern wines are recommended to drink at a temperature of about 18 degrees.


To make the "Male Tears" wine profitable, you should drink it in very limited quantities:

  • 1-2 glasses for women.
  • 2-3 glasses for men.

These are the maximum norms, but in general fordaily use for medicinal purposes physicians advise to be limited to 50-75 ml. Then this delicious fragrant drink will be an excellent means of preventing cancer and atherosclerosis, improve the heart and reduce cholesterol in the blood. If excessive consumption of wine enters into a bad habit, then the body will not benefit from it.

wine men's tears reviews

With what to drink

Red wine "Men's Tears" can be submitted toseafood (oysters, fish), vegetable snacks, desserts, meat. Ideally, the drink is in harmony with dishes from chicken, ducks, turkeys, rabbits. You can also serve it to oily fish (trout, salmon), sausages, cheese with mold. The chocolate tart or cake will taste wonderfully the taste of the wine "Men's Tears".

But cream cheese a couple of tart drinkthey will be better off. Also, products that do not mix well with grape alcohol include salads with vinegar dressing and nuts - they will break the taste of wine.

Customer's opinion

Wine "Men's Tears", according to customers,has a terrific taste. Guests of Adler or Sochi try to buy themselves a couple of bottles "for later". At the same time, they note that the drink does not suffer a bad road and does not lose its taste qualities. As connoisseurs of the drink note, it has a pleasant tart taste with pronounced notes of cherry. However, consumers point out that alcohol should only be purchased from trusted producers. Otherwise, the smell of alcohol will be felt, and the taste will be dramatically different.

Transport and store such a drink, as notedcustomers can be in plastic bottles. From this his taste will not suffer, but, it is desirable, to use wine for 2-3 months. Buyers indicate that they put the bottles purchased in a dark cool place, always in a vertical position, and do not open the lid. If the wine is open, it should be consumed within a few days.

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How to buy

Most often, the wine "Men's Tears" is brought from the southerncities where it is manufactured at home. In addition, the drink can be ordered via the Internet directly from the manufacturers. The average cost of a bottle is from 300 to 500 rubles. When buying a few bottles, sellers often make a discount, which allows you to save considerably.

Wine with the mysterious name "Man's Tears"it has a deep tart taste and a rich aroma, is very popular with women and, with moderate use, has undoubted benefits. That is why it is very popular.