/ How to cook snails correctly?

How to cook snails correctly?

Before delving more into the question of how,how to cook snails, it would be nice to imagine what you have to deal with. After all, these are rather unusual inhabitants of green shrubs and reservoirs. Snails differ in the structure of the body, the shape of the shell, as well as its gastronomic features.

This is unusual for the inhabitants of Russia food, althoughmany people have long been eating snails, enjoying their taste and useful properties of dietary meat. The risk of trying a snail will not be all, but those who have tried, have never regretted it.

How to cook snails

Who are snails and what is their lifestyle

A snail is a mollusk that has a solid outershell, he refers to the class of gastropods. The body of a mollusc consists of a head, a leg and an inner sac. Snails are moved with the help of a leg that has the property of contracting. Leg for better gliding on different surfaces emits a lot of mucus. The shell of the cochlea is twisted in a spiral, there is an inner sac in it.

Separately, it should be noted useful propertiesmucus secreted by snails. It is a kind of antiseptic, has healing and restorative properties. It is used to quickly tighten wounds and cuts. Miraculous properties have not been fully explored, but are an undeniable potential for the treatment of diseases in the future. Incredibly, the snail can completely restore the destroyed shell with the help of mucus.

Molluscs usually live in small groups,preferring to crawl to feed on a deep night, when no one sees them and they are in relative safety. They eat mostly plants, leaves, young shoots, but they do not disdain and small worms, they can be supported by larvae and other representatives of small insects.

They also tie the snail's conjugal relations also at night. And they do not have a division into the male and female sex, all snails are capable of reproduction. With the help of mucus, the partners attach to each other and mate. Snails multiply quickly, laying off a lot of eggs.

Often snails become large and obtrusivea problem for gardeners and truck farmers. Gathering in groups, they destroy young shoots of plants of domestic cultures. For example, grape snails can eat a huge amount of grape leaves and just a few days to destroy the vineyard.

Fighting them is difficult because of their lightning reproduction. Nothing else but to prepare grape snails, does not remain.

As the main ingredient of snails are usedFrench, Spanish and Italian, considering them a delicacy. But in our country, you can eat these small pests, it's enough just to catch the gastropods and to figure out how to properly prepare grape snails.

How to prepare grape snails

Useful properties of cooked snail meat

Meat snails are saturated with protein and vitamins of the groupB, therefore it is an easily digestible product and is suitable for dietary nutrition. It does not matter how to cook snails, their meat will still contain useful amino acids.

In addition, it contains trace elements: calcium, magnesium and iron.

According to the taste, the product is quite specific, but still tasty. Snail meat is soft, but at the same time resilient. It is perfectly combined with white dry wine, champagne, but it will also suit beer.

In some countries (for example, in the Czech Republic)there are many farms that specialize in snail breeding. In a special area, conditions are created to provide food for mollusks, as well as protection from predators.

River snails how to cook

Species of mollusks

So, what are the different types of snails that exist andAre they all suitable for cooking? The most delicious are grape snails. They have been consumed since time immemorial by rich people and poor people. They were not a delicacy, but a natural food for all segments of the population. In order to eat snails, you did not have to have a lot of money. People simply caught them in bushes, salt and cooked at the stake, after which they enjoyed the excellent taste of dietary, protein-rich meat.

Experienced "cochicants" usually do not give advice, likecook snails ahaatin, because even in Africa - the country of origin of these mollusks, they are very rarely eaten. They are large in size, they are overland and can reach the size of a human palm. Their meat is tough and tasteless, so ahatinas are more suitable for breeding as an exotic pet than for eating.

A garden snail is also suitable for food.grape color and shell shape, sizes and habitat. The garden snail can be found in Russia mainly in forest areas in the thickets of shrubs. In cities they are rare.

There are snails that live in rivers, they have a darker coloring of the shell. Catching them a little heavier is a river snail. How to cook them or land snails, there is no fundamental difference.

How to prepare garden snails

How to eat snails

Eat this delicacy with the help of specialDevices: escalo tweezers - special forceps for strong hold of the shell, thin fork with flat teeth for meat extraction. The snail is eaten whole, without cutting it into pieces. It is permissible to gently drink the juice from the sink. After all, before preparing snails, cooks often lay in the sink a mixture of butter, garlic and greens, which gives a unique taste to the dish.

Purification of the ventricles of snails with diet

Before preparing the garden snails, or any other, you need to clean their stomachs by putting on a special diet.

To do this, they should be placed in a smallcapacity (bowl, pan), from which they could not crawl, pre-pouring a little flour on the bottom. For 1 kg of snails, no more than 2 tablespoons is needed. This treat will well clean the snails from the inside, after which their meat will get rid of a specific smell and unpleasant aftertaste, will acquire excellent taste qualities.

In the first day snails are given the specified flour, onThe second day, its number is reduced by half. On the third day snails are not fed. It is necessary to periodically sprinkle shellfish with water so that they do not die, because they need to be alive for cooking.

After this, the snails must be thoroughly washed, and the sinks cleaned with a brush (you can use an unnecessary toothbrush).

Removing excess mucus salt

The next step, before preparing snailsat home, is the removal of mucus from them. For this washed shellfish is placed in a basin, the bottom of which is sprinkled with a thin layer of salt, for two hours. The snails will begin to liberate the mucus abundantly. After this, it is necessary to rinse them again with cold water. Now they are ready for cooking.

Snails cook many delicacies: soup, caviar seasoned with spicy sauce, stuffed snails stewed in garlic sauce, baked in the oven with basil and much more. But how to prepare grape snails at home without using sophisticated professional techniques, which any experienced chef is accustomed to, without inventing complex recipes? It's enough just to fry or cook clams, cook the sauce and enjoy the delicacy.

how to prepare grape snails

Preparation of fried snails

Nothing difficult in how to cook properlysnails, no. They can be fried in an ordinary frying pan. Preliminarily, sprinkle shellfish with salt and pepper. Add a little vegetable and butter, a few milliliters of dry white wine, put snails there. After that, fry under the lid for 5-7 minutes.

That's all, fried snails are ready for use. The meat is surprisingly soft and tender. Do not over-snub snails on fire, they do not require a long heat treatment.

Fried snails: the second way

Before preparing a live grape snail,It is necessary to pour into the sinks a special oil garlic sauce, which will give a piquant taste and aroma. For its preparation it is necessary to mix soft butter, favorite greens (parsley, mint, basil), finely chopped garlic in arbitrary proportions.

Stuff this mixture of shells and send them to a skillet, necessarily laying the shell down.

How to cook snails

Cooked and slightly toasted snails

Another way to prepare grape snailsat home - this is their pre-cooking before frying in a frying pan. After boiling water in a saucepan, lower the snails there and cook for no more than 5 minutes, and preferably 3 minutes. Fry in butter 3-4 minutes under a closed lid.

Meat, cooked in this way, will also be soft, but more elastic. This is a wonderful snack, as well as an independent dish, perfectly combined with dry wine.

How to cook snails on a grill or in a shish kebab

The most delicious are snails,prepared on the grill. Smoke gives the taste of meat some podkopchennost, why it becomes more fragrant. For the preparation of snails on the grill, no special preparations are needed.

Pre-salted and peppered snailsThey are placed on the grill with holes upwards, after which they are roasted on fire for 7 minutes. In the process of frying, you can water the snails with bacon, pinned on the skewer and melted over the coals.

Do not be scared when the snails begin to unpleasantly "hiss" under the influence of temperature - this is normal, just goes excess moisture.

Snail meat is especially delicious when it is dipped in sauce. It goes well with it any greens, garlic, mayonnaise, sour cream, soy sauce, butter, dry wine.

How to cook snails at home

Whichever method is chosen for cookingsnails, it is necessary to remember the important rule: do not overexpose them on fire, the meat because of this can become tough and not so tasty. And although in our country not all are ready for such gustatory experiments, but for those who have had time to evaluate dishes from snails - this is the best delicacy and delicacy.