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Cocktails with Malibu

The composition of the liquor Malibu is simple enough and wasmore recently, in 1985. Almost immediately, cocktails with malibu became almost the most popular drink in nightclubs in Europe, and all because the simple liquor recipe, consisting of rum and coconut, is very palatable, and its strength reaches 21%.

Historically, the liquor came to Europe, and then in theeastern countries from the island of Barbados, which is located in the Caribbean Sea. By the way, Barbados is also home to the Roma itself - British settlers in the 17th century put all sorts of experiments there to get alcoholic beverages. As a result, they even got beer from the pumpkin peel, but unlike the rum, it was not widely spread.

For a long time rum was dark, poorly filteredand an unpleasantly smelling drink, and they were reveled until they lost consciousness only sailors and slaves, to temporarily forget about their difficult existence. Cocktails with a malibu they at that time did not even dream. For mariners rum also served as a remedy against scurvy and microbes, so it was introduced into the daily diet on ships, and this rule was only canceled 40 years ago. But approximately in 1862 rum by a new distillation was ennobled and clarified. Since then, it has become a popular drink for rich planters.

Since the Malibu was invented in Barbados, it is sent to Scotland, where in Dumbarton, lycor is bottled and sent to the market all over the world.

Until now, they are coming up with new cocktails with rum malibu, but there are several classic, naive and tonic options. For example, one of them, "Sunrise", sounds like this:

- 30 ml of Malibu

- 15 ml grenadine syrup

- Orange juice

This cocktail should be mixed only in a glasstype highball: pour liquor into it, then orange juice (leaving about two centimeters to the edge of the glass), stir well and add a syrup on top, which will smoothly sink to the bottom, creating the effect of sunrise. Also for the beauty in it you can add an orange slice.

Here are some more cocktails with the Malibu Liquor:

Malibu with cranberry juice

- Mix 50 ml of rum liqueur with juice in a glass with ice. As a decoration for this cocktail, add a slice of lime.

Malibu and apple juice

- Pour the malibu (50 ml) into a glass, followed by apple juice.

Pleasant taste has a Malibu with a taste of lime and raspberry liqueur, the so-called Malibu Conga:

- Mix 45 ml of liqueur with 5 ml of lime juice and 15 ml of raspberry liquor.

Caribbean Spices - recipe for an amateur:

Mix 50 ml of Malibu, a spoonful of lime juice, a spoonful of Gomme syrup and add two coriander corns, five lemongrass twigs and a thin slice of chili pepper.

Cocktail called "Bounty":

Pour into the shaker 50 ml Malibu, 25 ml Kahlúa, add the same 100 ml of pineapple juice, 25 ml of cream, add ice to the shaker. Beat and serve in a glass of flute.

Cocktail with a curious name "Mother":

- 15 ml of vodka, 30 ml of Baileys (Liquor Baileysproduction of Ireland is considered the best liquor in the world), 15 ml of Malibu and 3 drops of juice of pomegranates. All beat up in a blender, served in glasses for martini or champagne.

And, of course, the legendary recipe of "Pina Kolada":

- 3 parts of freshly squeezed pineapple juice

approximately 5 ice cubes (one more can be used, less possible)

- 2 parts of a light Roma

- 2 parts of Malibu

In the shaker, put the ice (chopped), add light rum, pineapple juice and Malibu liquor. All this is good to shake, then strain the drink and merge it into a large glass. As a decoration add a cherry and a slice of pineapple.

Cocktails with Malibu are so popular, becausethe liqueur itself consists of white rum and coconut. It can be drunk and undiluted, adding only lime, but it's already an amateur. Many bartenders create their little masterpieces - cocktails with malibu, mixing drinks and adding ingredients that are very popular. You can even come up with some simple cocktail recipe, decorate it with fruits, mint and invite friends to a tasting.