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Meat solyanka - soup, the recipe of which is not easy

Meat solyanka - soup, the recipe of which requiresattention and careful compliance with recommendations. Better not be taken for it, if you want to save time. Soup "Solyanka prefabricated meat" (recipe and name came to us from Soviet cooking) requires not only diligence, but also some share of enthusiasm and love for cooking. Let's try to recreate it in your kitchen.

meat soup soup recipe

Soup with meat sauce. Recipe and preparation of products

The preparation will take you up to 5 hours. In order to meat sausage (soup, the recipe of which can be broken into several stages) has acquired the ideal taste, it needs to stand for about a day. The number of products is based on a three-liter pan. Rinse the veal tail under a stream of water with a brush, cut into segments. You can replace this product with a slice of veal (for example, a bone from the thoracic part). Soak in cold water. Take a piece of veal tongue and, after washing, put it to the tail. Now you need to take the kidney, cut it and, filling it with cold water, leave it for a while. After a couple of hours, drain the water.

soup soup with meat recipe

The tongue and tail boil in individual pans,draining the first broth immediately after boiling. The liquid in which the tail is brewed will become the main broth for the dish. Decoction of the tongue can be drained. Now it is very important to properly prepare the kidney, as this is exactly the ingredient by means of which a meat solyanka (soup, the recipe of which must be strictly verified) will acquire the necessary flavor note. But this byproduct must be carefully prepared, otherwise the dish will be hopelessly spoiled. The water in which the kidney has lain for two hours must be drained. Then cut the by-product into four parts, remove the urinary passages located inside. Pour again with cold water, after half an hour cut into even smaller pieces. Now rinse again and soak for a while. Boil. To merge the water. Boil again, but this time with a laurel leaf and pepper. Boil 20 minutes, drain the water - it will not be needed. Finished chunks of kidneys cool on a plate. You coped with the most time-consuming part of cooking! Very soon you will have a wonderful meat solyanka.

Vegetable dressing and finishing to taste

 soup salted meat

Fry the onion, cut into cubes. Add the carrots, fry together. Kidney buds in a mixture of flour and grated coriander. Place on fried carrots and onions, brown for 10 minutes. Take the tail out of the broth, peel it from the meat. Put the flesh to the fried buds. Also do the language. Cook the broth with four potatoes. Meat solyanka - soup, the recipe of which assumes that all the products will be cut in approximately the same pieces, but it is desirable to crush the potatoes in puree. It is convenient to boil it immediately in broth, and then, without taking out, crush it. Add to the existing meat products for a small slice of ham, boiled boiled pork, a pair of sausages (better smoked). Rub on a large grater 4 pickled cucumber and the same amount of salted tomatoes. Put out. All put in the broth, there also put olives, capers, finely chopped garlic. After boiling, pour in the dill and pour 2 tablespoons of vodka. Insist for 24 hours. Solyanka is ready!