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Isle of Jura - one-malt Scotch whiskey. Reviews

It was not necessary to be a prophet to guess aboutthat on the island of Jura sooner or later they will start making peat whiskey. After all, he is buried in this valuable source of energy and taste. Nevertheless, production, resumed here in the 1960s with the support of the McKinley company, which sells blended scotch, was limited only to light grades. Until finally, "Jura", did not meet the requirements of the market.

Island of contrasts

Jura - whiskey comes from a country full ofcontrasts. Wild stony coast, which is furiously breaking the sea waves on one side and calmly cozy sandy coves on the other. In the sweetness of Origin and the smoke of the Superstition lies the spirit of the island, which passed into the whiskey, each drop of which is ready to reveal its secrets in a new way.

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Inside, distillery is classicaldistilleries of the 1960s - large rooms, a clean flow from the filtration tank, fermentation tanks from stainless steel, a capacious and very high (7.7 m) distiller with a capacity of 24,150 liters. Obviously, the plant was not built solely to satisfy the thirst of the local population. A relatively short fermentation period, not exceeding 54 h, gives the Jura whiskey a basic rigidity - this means that to fully open this tape, it takes time (or active containers).

Bourbon and sherry

Blender Master of Whyte & Mackay RichardPaterson was a big supporter of barrels from under sherry, while the bulk of Jura-whiskey was kept in a tare from under bourbon. In a bottled single malt scotch, the sherry component has a higher presence, adding the exquisite sweetness of dried fruit.

Since the end of the 1990s, a shortened period of time has been produced here for a shortened whiskey. Then it is mixed with the usual or left in a pure form.

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History of the island

Although the large southern Hybrid island of Jura,located on the west coast of Scotland, just 60 miles from Glasgow, has always been sparsely populated, it has a significant past connected with the production of whiskey. Preserved information that in the XVIII century, local residents made alcoholic beverages from mountain ash berries, and also used these bitter fruits to acidify a bunch of scotch.

Along with the illegal production of whiskeyplace and legal, located in the only local village of Jura Craighaus. In 1810 the owner of the island Archibald Campbell received a license to produce this drink.

The distillery wore several names:"Greighaus", "Small-Isle", Caol nan Eilean, Isle of Jura. Owners, and failing to make local scotch popular in 1901, among many other distilleries, shut down the plant. The cost of maintaining a production on a remote island is always great, and the absence of a direct transport link with the mainland (until now all the ferries follow through Islay) also played a negative role.

Economic feasibility stoppedproduction of whiskey on the island for long six decades. In 1963, two local landowners, Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith, decided to resume distillation - mainly as a means to stop further declines in the local population. With the financial support of the blender from Leith, "Charles McKinley and the Company" was hired by renowned designer William Delme-Evans and a large and modern plant was built, expanded in 1978 to its current size. In 1985, Invergordon Distillers acquired McKinley and both companies were merged into Whyte & Mackay. In 2014 Whyte & Mackay was sold to Emperador from the Philippines for 430 million pounds.

Jura - whiskey, which began to be sold assingle malt in 1974, and the range of products of the enterprise since that time has been growing steadily. After the beginning of the use of peat, part of the smoky tape is used in the production of the Superstition brand launched in 2002, and Prophecy, 100% made from peat-smoked malt, first saw the light in 2009.

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Jura Origin

"Jura Origin" - light and delicate scotch withwarm honey aftertaste. From this whiskey began the history of Jura, as evidenced by the name of the brand. Scotch marks the revival of island distillery and the restructuring of the local commune. That's why every bottle on the label carries the ancient Celtic symbol of a new beginning.

A 40% strength drink for 10 years was aged in bourbon barrels, which gave it a distinctly distinct style, taste and exceptional whiskey structure. The price for a bottle of 0.7 liters is 35 pounds.

Warm golden glow with the aromas of whiteAmerican oak and sweet honey has an exquisite, soft and clean taste with delicate shades of oak, followed by caramel and light licorice. In the mouth for a long time, the heat of roasted coffee beans is felt.

Jura Superstition

Local people in the past were very superstitious. This whiskey is a tribute to the traditions and home island, on which you can find a lot of stones with ancient symbols on them. Everyone who lifts a glass with Superstition tape ("Superstition"), raises it in memory of the ancient history of Jura.

Rich colors of mahogany with goldreflow have an easy phenolic smell with hints of honey and spices, making up a sweet, slightly smoky bouquet. The tongue feels honey and spices with nuances of pine and peat.

A 43 percent Superstition ripens in the best bourbon barrels. The price is 35 pounds per bottle with a capacity of 0.7 liters.

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Jura Diurachs' Own

This is a sixteen-year whiskey, which the populationThe island was most liked by taste, which was the reason for the manufacturer to name it that way. It is his locals - diurachs - who consider themselves theirs.

Drink fortress 40% of the color of rich goldamber with the smell of vanilla, honey and ginger has a full-bodied taste of malt with the aromas of milk chocolate and orange peel, turning into cinnamon, spices and honey.

Whiskey, the price of which is 50 pounds for0,7-liter bottle, 14 years old was kept in barrels from American white oak, which used to store bourbon, and two more years - in containers from sherry "Amoroso".

Jura Prophecy

They say that many centuries ago the soothsayerpredicted that the last Campbell, who leaves the island, will not have a penny. In 1938 the prophecy was fulfilled. In memory of this from each bottle Prophecy ("Prophecy") is a symbol of soothsayers.

A fiery-gold liquid with a thin firework displayThe bonfire is slowly inferior to the aromas of the salty and spicy sea breeze. A powerful taste of peat smoke and the sea envelops the sky, continuing with the tastes of licorice, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Complex, structured, unfilteredwhiskey, which is necessary for preserving the peat bouquet, with a strength of 46% ripens in bourbon and sherry barrels of limousine oak. The price is 56 pounds for 0.7 liters.

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Jura Elixir

The water of the island has long been considered a curativethanks to the legendary blessing of St. Columbus about 1500 years ago. The islanders are famous for their longevity. There are legends about a man who has met Christmas 180 times at home. Myth is a fact, but locals can really control their age when it comes to whiskey.

Intensive amber shade of the drink is combined with the smell of crushed almonds, pineapple and roasted coffee. The taste of citrus, black toffee and ginger.

"Elixir" fortress 40% 12 years old is kept in barrels of American white oak and sherry, forming a complex but soft structure. A 0.7 liter bottle will cost 38 pounds.

Jura Brooklyn

Born in the minds of enterprising Brooklyn, Scotch became the first single malt whiskey in King County. The drink directly explodes with the aromas of honey, forest berries, fire and Brooklyn coffee.

Whiskey with a strength of 42% is aged in barrels of bourbon, sherry and pinot noir. The price is 60 pounds per bottle.

Jura 1984 Vintage

This is a tribute to the most famous visitor of the island,George Orwell, who wrote his eponymous masterpiece here, on the island of Jura. The 1984 whiskey in honor of the outstanding writer was bottled in 1984 bottles.

According to the tasters, this is pure autumn gold with aromas of honey, vanilla, ginger, peach syrup and banana baking.

For the preparation of the exclusive party wereselected the best barrels from the American white oak, which then changed the selected containers from under the sherry Amoroso. Fortress - 44%. The price is 750 pounds per bottle.

Jura Tastival 2016 Bottling

To enjoy the taste of this scotch, the expertbe not necessary. The festival of taste of whiskey "Isle of Jura" on the island takes place every year, and every year a limited party is issued, timed to coincide with this event.

Gold mahogany with flavorscaramel, fried hazelnuts, overripe pears and vanilla is combined with the smell of maple syrup, aged oloroso and ground almonds. The taste of apples baked with brown demerara and cinnamon, kiwi and mulled wine. The perfect finish is made up of a combination of dried raisins, glazed pineapples and lemon verbena.

A festival of taste is always an experiment, a transitionbeyond traditional boundaries. By 2016 three special barrels from sherry were selected - 11-year-old Palomino Fino, 15-year-old Amoroso and 30-year-old Oloroso Apostol. The strength of the drink is 51%. The price is 85 pounds per bottle 0.7 liters.

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Jura 21YO

Although distillery revived only in 1963,the production of whiskey began here in 1810. The owners decided to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the plant with a 21-year-old scotch ripening in barrels of bourbon and oloroso.

The result is a dark ruby ​​drink with aromas of orange and chocolate, marzipan and walnuts, taste of cocktail cherry, citrus and liquorice.

Scotch with a strength of 44% was kept in barrels from under sherry, dated 1963 - the year of restoration of the distillery. The cost of the bottle is 100 pounds.

Jura 30YO

30-year-old single malt whiskey Jura reviewstasters called the real work of art. The bottle depicts the ancient stone of Camas an Staca, and not by chance. It symbolizes the flow of time. Scotch, like a stone, patiently waited for his time. Malt has successfully passed the test of time - the same as Camas an Staca.

The dark walnut-colored drink is fullaromas of sea spray, spicy apples and honey figs. The taste of juicy orange, tart liquorice and sweet pineapple is replaced by tones of cherry, black toffee and dried raisins.

Scotch was aged for 27 long years in barrels ofAmerican white oak, and the last 3 years - in the best oak containers from under the sherry "Amoroso". A whiskey with a strength of 44% is available at a price of 350 pounds per bottle.