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Restaurant "Old Tbilisi", Kursk: address, menu, reviews

For a long time already gastronomic Kursk has ceased to bean ordinary provincial town. Restaurants in Kursk have almost everything to make guests feel full and happy. Numerous cafes, coffee houses and other institutions of this kind are located not only in the center, but also in sleeping areas. One of the most popular among the townspeople and visitors is the restaurant "Old Tbilisi".

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National cuisine

Among gourmets there are eccentrics, which for yearshave a dream - to try the dishes of all the national cuisines of the world. It is clear that it is necessary to travel a lot for its implementation. After all, the dishes should be tried in person, rather than relying on the opinions of others. But in our time for the journey, finance is needed, which not everyone has in the right amount.

Fortunately, some restaurants in Kurskspecialize in the preparation of national dishes. Which ones? Yes, at least the restaurant "Old Tbilisi". The institution entrusts the preparation of treats to people familiar with the peculiarities of Georgian national cuisine from childhood.

About Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine is not in the world of cookinglast place. It is divided into western and eastern, which are not too different from each other. Recipes of traditional Georgian cuisine are very popular and are attractive for representatives of different nations. Outside of Georgia, its dishes are very in demand and are regularly prepared in catering establishments and in private kitchens.

It is the extraordinary taste of nationalGeorgian dishes are attracted by the restaurant "Old Tbilisi". The food, which, judging by the reviews, is very professionally prepared by local craftsmen, is characterized by spicy aromas and sweet taste with pleasant acuity. In addition, here, as well as in general, the Georgians, it is customary to prepare the dishes rich and rich. And the variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs make the dishes offered in the "Old Tbilisi" guests, also useful.

Here they cook khachapuri, chicken and soupkharcho, which are very well known in the world, moreover, they are actually international. When compiling the menu, the restaurant's cuisine, as befits it, uses the contrast of spicy and spicy. Widely used vegetables - as an independent dish, and as a supplement to meat.


The menu of the institution consists of:

  • salads;
  • first and second courses;
  • cold snacks;
  • desserts and pastries;
  • Beverages, including hot, strong alcohol, beer
  • sauces, etc.

In the recipes of meat dishes here, according torequirements, often used beef and lamb. In addition, as the testimonies indicate, local chefs are excellent at preparing national dishes from poultry - chahokhbili, tobacco chicken, satsivi. Fish recipes are also used, which are not very popular in Georgia.

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In addition, many Georgiantreats from vegetables - tomatoes, beets, white cabbage and cauliflower, beans. This people accepted food to decorate beautifully. Many guests note that the dishes cooked in "Old Tbilisi" deliver not only gastronomic, but also aesthetic pleasure.

Kharcho, khinkali, khachapuri, lobio, chanokhi, tkemali sauce, satsebi, goma - all these are national Georgian dishes, which are definitely worth a try in the restaurant "Old Tbilisi".

Many visitors claim that you canjust to dodge eat one single dish. If you believe the reviews, the sizes of portions here really amaze! Although even the smallest dish turns out to be quite satisfying.


"Old Tbilisi" (Kursk) is quitefar from the center. You can not get there by shuttle bus. However, to some extent this is a plus: here you can relax from the city bustle. Nearby you will not hear any tiring sounds, you will not see dusty roads and always hurrying, worried about everyday problems of people.

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About visiting the restaurant

If you come to "Old Tbilisi" (Kursk) on Friday evening, consider that you have chosen an unsuccessful time to visit. On Friday night at the restaurant, there is nowhere to fall an apple.

But those who have a great desire to tryGeorgian shish kebab and other national dishes, they will wait for free space on the summer terrace, where live music plays, and in the air the aroma of Caucasian spices soars. And nothing that is a bit noisy in the hall: Eastern songs are sung aloud, temperamental visitors communicate in full voice.

The main thing is that "Old Tbilisi" (Kursk)provides an opportunity for everyone who has heard about the Georgian cuisine, but has never tried, to enjoy its original taste. The guests will be offered shashlik, khinkali, natural Georgian lemonade, Adzharian khachapuri. Prices will please even those who have a good appetite and a small amount in your pocket.

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Try real khachapuri!

If you heard about the dishes of Georgian cuisine,However, they have never been tried (except for a parody of Khachapuri for 15 rubles or khinkali in the form of semi-finished products, which differ only in size from pelmeni), it is worthwhile not to miss the opportunity and to order the real Adjara khachapuri after coming to Old Tbilisi (Kursk) with natural lemonade, brought directly from Georgia.

Those who do this will agree that comparinghabitual for many khachapuri for 15 rubles. with the present it makes no sense. Having come to "Old Tbilisi", the guests learn that in fact this dish does not look like a roll, but as a pie. But is every visitor of the restaurant ready for the fact that one portion of real khachapuri can be dined fairly tightly? By the way, the cost of this dish in the "Old Tbilisi" - 250 rubles. And inexpensive, and nourishing, and delicious.

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So say regulars and those who onlydiscovered "Old Tbilisi" (Kursk). The menu of the restaurant consists of a variety of Georgian dishes, which, according to reviews, please both the eye and the stomach. The kitchen of the institution is called "real Georgian" by the visitors and they speak of it with fervent enthusiasm. Separately distinguish chashashuli and chakapuli, which, according to the guests, are served in huge portions and have a divine taste.

In addition, it serves delicious Georgian shish kebab, lulya, wonderful khinkali and delicious drinks from the sunniest Georgia.


The restaurant's visitorslocal service. He is called pleasant and benevolent. Even in a crowded hall, staff are at their best. According to visitors, during time trouble waiters, the administrator and cooks run so that the heels shine. They try and do well. Sometimes guests, of course, have to wait a bit, but generally there are no complaints. "Old Tbilisi" - a restaurant (Kursk, Malyh), in which, according to reviews, waiters are really positive. They answer all guests' questions, they gladly talk about Georgia, they reveal in detail the secrets of Georgian national cuisine.

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"Old Tbilisi" (Kursk): address, contacts

The restaurant is located at: ul. Small, 180, Streletskaya Sloboda, 305019, Kursk, Russia.

Guests are enthusiastic about the stylishthe interior decoration of the establishment, as well as its luxurious external surroundings. The restaurant is surrounded by magnificent pine trees, on a summer playground guests are happy to sit in cozy gazebos and enjoy the clean forest air. For many photo enthusiasts, the "Old Tbilisi" (Kursk) is the most beautiful place.

Phone of the institution: +7 471 273-05-31. Administration offers services and goods in 8 directions, including banquet hall services, business lunches and various events

Georgian shish kebab


Capacity: 200 people. Cuisine: Georgian, meat.

The institution offers:

  • take-away food;
  • grill;
  • wine card;
  • business lunches;
  • tandyr;
  • the dance floor;
  • BBQ;
  • Lenten menu;
  • strong alcohol.

Opening hours: 11 am to midnight.


  • No smoking here.
  • The restaurant is themed.
  • The institution offers its own baked goods.
  • A restaurant with pets is allowed.
  • The windows offer a panoramic view.
  • Attentions for guests of the establishment are: summer terrace, non-smoking room, Vip-hall.
  • The restaurant provides high-quality rest for the guests.
  • Wi-Fi is.
  • Authentic Georgian cuisine works.
  • Low prices.
  • Pictures of Niko Pirosmani on the walls.
  • The staff is Georgians.

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The services

  • Banqueting hall.
  • Conducting various activities.
  • Georgian cuisine.
  • Business lunch.
  • Musical and dance show programs.
  • Children's menu.


For entertaining guests the establishment provides:

  • Disco.
  • Karaoke.
  • Live music.

Orientation of the institution

The restaurant "Old Tbilisi" is an ideal place for:

  • conducting business and friendly meetings;
  • romantic dates;
  • weddings;
  • recreation for tourists;
  • family celebrations;
  • social life;
  • corporate;
  • business lunch;
  • early breakfast;
  • banquets.


  • Cash and non-cash payment.
  • Cards accepted: MasterCard, Visa.
  • Average check: 500 rubles.

Reviews positive

Many of the authors of the reviews, who once came to"Old Tbilisi" as guests and became his regulars, assure that they did not meet the best cuisine in Kursk. According to customers, you can safely take one portion for two, otherwise the proposed volume can not cope. Salad in Kutaisi is unsurpassed - the guests are divided.

Many people note an interesting stylish interior,quality live music, but the main thing here, according to the guests, is delicious food. Above all praise, they assure, in this restaurant shish kebab and kebab lamb-lamb. Very tasty they cook kharcho, khinkali, especially the visitors of Adjara khachapuri. On average, one person spends 1,000 rubles a night in "Old Tbilisi". (alcohol-free).

old Tbilisi telephone

The situation in the institution is modest, not pretentious. Everything is very tasty, nice, cozy. Many feel at home here. Visitors thank the administration, cooks, waiters and musicians for their professionalism. Particularly note the hospitality and cordiality with which the staff treats guests.

The authors recommend that everyone who has not been in the"Old Tbilisi", be sure to visit the restaurant. Here, as they assure, and will feed well, and prices are quite acceptable. But, the regulars warn, if you come here without a preliminary order, there may not be any vacant seats.

Negative comments

Visitors urge owners to listen tocriticism: many people are disturbed by too loud music in the restaurant, which does not allow guests not only to communicate freely, but often to order the waiter. The authors of the reports draw the attention of the administration to the fact that they come to the restaurant in order to communicate with relatives or friends, to eat deliciously and only in the last place - to listen to Georgian songs. In response, other customers say that in the summer the dissatisfied can sit in a local gazebo, and in winter - there is the opportunity to choose a table in the next room.


Restaurant "Old Tbilisi" is able to movewishing to the very center of sunny Georgia. Fresh meat, which is fried directly at visitors, spicy spices, vegetables and, of course, an abundance of real Georgian wines - all this gives an opportunity to relax in Georgian, without leaving Kursk.