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Canned fish in the autoclave at home

Homemade canned food cooked in a saucepan onplate, will never turn out as delicious as in an autoclave. This apparatus is widely used not only in the food industry for the production of fish, vegetable and canned meat, but also in everyday life. Prepared in this device, domestic canned fish (autoclave), the recipes of which are presented in our article, retain all nutrients, vitamins and minerals in almost full volume. At the same time, the dishes are prepared several times faster than on the stove.

Features of cooking fish in an autoclave

When working with an autoclave, you should take into account some of the nuances that will help you avoid troubles when working with the machine and cook delicious homemade canned fish:

home canned fish autoclave recipes

  1. The preparation of canned food in an autoclave takes place under high pressure and at high temperature. This is why all precautions should be followed when working with it.
  2. Before igniting the fire under the apparatus, pressure is first injected and the integrity of the autoclave is checked.
  3. You can open the device only when the temperature inside drops to 30 degrees.
  4. Canned fish in the autoclave are prepared withtemperature of 100-120 degrees. The cooking time depends on how you want to see the final result: boiled stew or whole pieces with soft bones.
  5. Do not stack raw materials in cans to the top, you need to leave a couple of centimeters from the edge. Otherwise, the lid can be thrown off the can.
  6. Banks in the autoclave are filled with water completely, even above the lids by 2 cm.

Fish natural in oil: a recipe for canned fish in an autoclave

Nothing can be more delicious than fish,canned in oil with spices. The only exception is the canned fish cooked at home, where you know how much and what was put in the jar.

Fish natural with the addition of oil is prepared according to the following technology (based on a 0.5-liter can):

 recipe for canned fish in an autoclave

  • sterilize cans and lids;
  • fish cut into pieces weighing not less than 50 g and salt, observing the proportions: 1 teaspoon of salt without a slide for 500 g of raw materials;
  • To the bottom of each jar put three pieces of fragrant black pepper and bay leaves;
  • on top of spices lay out the fish, leaving the edge of the can 2 cm;
  • add vegetable oil (1 tablespoon);
  • put on lids on cans and roll them up;
  • begin to sterilize the cans in the autoclave. To do this, place the unit on a stove, place it inside the can and bring the temperature to 110 degrees. Canned fish in the autoclave are prepared for 1 hour.

When preparing canned food according to this recipe, it should be taken into account that of 0.5 kg of fish, one half-liter can of home canned food is obtained.

Canned fish at home in the autoclave (steers in tomato)

Delicious in the autoclave is obtained and fish,cooked in tomato. One of the most budgetary options for canned food are bull-calves in tomato, which taste is in no way inferior to factory products. According to the recipe below, you can prepare 8 half-liter cans of canned fish.

canned fish in a home autoclave
To do this, you need to buy 5 kg of fish in advance andclean it by removing the head and entrails. After that, salt the steers and leave in a bowl for 2 hours, so that they have absorbed enough salt. Then the fish are fried in breadcrumbs from flour until ready.

The next step is to prepare the tomato fill.To do this, fry the onion in vegetable oil (0.5 kg), then add the tomato paste (150 g) and 6 tablespoons of sugar. When the roast is ready, it is put into a saucepan with boiling water (1.7 liters) and vinegar (2 spoons) is added. As soon as the tomato fill starts to boil, the pan is removed from the fire.

Now you can start to preparein a special apparatus, canned fish (home autoclave). For this, a couple of spoons of tomato fry are poured on the bottom of the sterilized cans, and then the bulls are laid on top. When all the fish is decomposed, the remains of the roast should be poured evenly over all the cans. After that, they are put on lids and rolled up with a tin can. The home autoclave is placed on a gas cooker and the temperature in the apparatus is brought to the maximum temperature to 110 degrees, and then it is held for 1 hour. After the time has elapsed, the plate is turned off, and the cans are left in the apparatus until it cools down completely.

Canned caramel in autoclave

Domestic canned meat from the crucian carp is cooked for the sametechnology, like any other fish in oil. First, prepare the cans and covers. Then they begin to process the fish. Carp has a head, gills, internals and all fins removed. Then the fish is cut into small pieces across the ridge, and if the carp are large, then along. After that, you need to salt it to taste.

canned fish at home in an autoclave
Meanwhile, pepper is poured into the jars with peas(black and fragrant), put the bay leaves and begin to rammer the fish. During preparation in the autoclave, the raw material strongly settles, so the carp in the can is superimposed, but it is still necessary to leave the "legitimate" 2 cm from the edge. When the fish is rammed, it is poured on top with vegetable oil (1 tablespoon) and put the cans in an autoclave. The cooking time is 25-45 minutes. The smaller the bone in the fish, the faster it will cook.

Fish fillet in autoclave

For canning with this recipeAny fillets of fresh fish will be needed. It is cut into pieces of 80 grams, salted and tamped in a jar with fragrant pepper and bay leaf. But even more tasty and aromatic are obtained canned fish in an autoclave cooked with vegetables. To do this, when applying raw materials in the jar, add 30 grams of carrots and onions. Vegetables can be cut into small pieces or left as a whole.

canned fish in an autoclave
The time of preparation of fish fillets in an autoclave should not exceed 25 minutes. Otherwise, the fish pieces will turn into a fragrant mess.

How to cook a sprat in tomato sauce in an autoclave

Many canned cherries in tomatoYou can prepare the sauce yourself using an autoclave. It is not necessary to clean the fish, especially if it is small. This is exactly how fish canned food is prepared in an autoclave on an industrial scale - the sprat is taken straight from the head. In addition to fish, you will also need tomato fill. To cook it, it is necessary to add the onion sauce (400 ml) to the fried onions and carrots. Also you will need peas of black pepper (3 pcs.), Bay leaf (2 pcs.), 2 cloves of garlic and sugar (1 teaspoon). Sauce can be bought in the store or cooked independently from tomato paste, water and spices.

When the fill is ready, it is addedsalted squirrel (500 g), everything is well mixed and tamped into jars. Prepared canned food for 1.5 hours at a temperature of 110 degrees and pressure inside the autoclave of the 4 atmosphere.