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Fahrenheit Restaurant: address, menu, reviews

Andrei Dellos - a famous artist and decorator, engaged in the creation and development of its own restaurant chain. His famous creation is "Cafe Pushkin"- Moscow catering establishment, which serves Russian cuisine cooked according to noble recipes.In 2014, under the leadership Dellosa the restaurant "Fahrenheit" was opened. It is about him that will be discussed in this article.

Fahrenheit Restaurant: address and opening hours

The restaurant is located in the historic center of Moscow, on Tverskoy boulevard, house 26. It is located in the second building, next to the cafe "Pushkin"," Turandot "and other institutions Dellosa. Previously, this place was the estate of I. N.Rimsky-Korsakov, who was the favorite of Catherine II. However, in 2003 it was demolished for the construction of a new building, in which the restaurant "Turandot" was to open. Later, Fahrenheit was also located here. You can get to it by subway. The closest are the stations Tverskaya (170 meters) and Pushkinskaya (250 meters). In addition, the restaurant can be reached by bus routes H1, H2, 12C. You can also go to the station "Chekhovskaya", which is located 300 meters from the establishment. From here it can be reached on foot (approximate travel time - 10 minutes) or by trolley (route 15). For visitors arriving by car, there is a spacious car park.

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Restaurant "Fahrenheit" (Moscow) is open daily.Regardless of the day of the week, it opens at 12:00, and closes at 00:00. The events that take place here, as a rule, fit into this schedule and end no later than midnight.

More about the restaurant

The restaurant "Fahrenheit" specializes in traditional Russian cuisine and author's dishes. At the head of the kitchen was initially a famous young chef Anton Kovalkov, but in November 2016 he was replaced by Andrei Krasov. Bar is chef-bartender Denis Kryazhev. The restaurant does not have spacious halls and can accommodate up to 100 guests at the same time.

The premises of "Fahrenheit" are decorated in a popularstyle loft, which is diluted with natural materials. The hall is a spacious room with high ceilings. A laminate is laid out on the floor, and the walls are decorated with a brick, which gives the room a "shabby" atmosphere. The hall is decorated in warm colors, among which the shades of brown predominate. The light here is muffled. Another original element of decoration here are the old things lying on the shelves.

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Kitchen in the "Fahrenheit" is open, so visitorshere you can watch the process of cooking. Also, it is planned to hold various gastronomic events and invite other famous chefs not only from Moscow, but also from other cities of Russia and Europe. The kitchen gradually flows into the bar, which is decorated with an impressive in its size wine rack.

Free Wi-Fi is available in Fahrenheit, and you can pay with a bank card. You can also order food delivery to the house. The average check in the restaurant varies from 1000 to 2000 rubles.

Fahrenheit Restaurant: Menu

It features a great variety of restaurant menus. It is based on experiments with dishes of traditional Russian cuisine. In addition, on weekdays in the "Fahrenheit" can be ordered lunch. His menu, as a rule, consists of two dishes, andthe cost is 490 rubles. The visitor himself can choose the desired variation of dishes, for example, order two salads or two meat dishes. You can also order soup. Desserts and drinks (including alcoholic beverages) are served at a low price. This offer is valid from 12:00 to 16:00. Among the dishes that you can choose during lunch, stand out pork cheeks and sweet potato, kraft sandwiches, gnocchi with chicken breast, cream soup from corn. Freshly squeezed juices, tea, coffee, as well as Alma Romana wine from Italy are available from drinks.

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On the weekend lunches replace consonants by name brunchy, which are analogous New York late breakfasts. In "Fahrenheit" from 12:00 to 19:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, you can order a menu without restrictions for 1600 rubles, as well as unlimited drinks for 950 rubles. The "anlima" includes numerous dishes from eggs, warm sandwiches, pork ribs and traditional cheese cakes.

The main menu is represented by the following original dishes:

  • lamb with mint;
  • Tartarus from salmon;
  • vendace in tempura with salted cucumber;
  • octopus on the grill;
  • ravioli with porcini mushrooms;
  • duck with prunes;
  • bread soup;
  • udon and crunchy tofu.

Selection of non-alcoholic and spirits

A wide selection of drinks is offered by the bar, run by the famous Russian mixologist Denis Kryazhev. The bar chart is presented here with both classic drinks and original cocktails. From alcohol, you can try red and white wine from Italy, Spain, Argentina, Germany, New Zealand and Russia. Restaurant "Fahrenheit" offers a large selection of cognac, vermouth and aperitifs, port. Also, you can try sherry, champagne, liqueurs, rum, whiskey (Scotland and Ireland), tequila, vodka, gin, beer and cider.

Non-alcoholic drinks are mineralwater, lemonades, concentrated and freshly squeezed juices, tea and coffee. Cocktails consist of classic alcoholic beverages, which are mixed with fruit bitters, lemon, sugar, syrups, mint or grapefruit.


"Fahrenheit" (restaurant, Tverskoy Boulevard) rarely holds various events. As a rule, for the visitors here are sometimes invited famous chefs who also work in the institutions of Andrew Dellosa. They present their original dishes onopen kitchen. From time to time, there are also competitions of chefs who compete among themselves in the preparation of food, and judging them falls honor to the visitors of the restaurant.

In January, the restaurant hosts a gastronomicFestival, during which the chef prepares the original set. The only rule is that the dishes from it will never get to the main menu. Within the framework of the festival also there are lottery gifts, the main of which is a gastronomic trip to Vietnam.

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Positive feedback

Restaurant "Fahrenheit" reviews most often gets good. His guests describe the following advantages of the establishment:

  • Original author's menu, which consists of delicious dishes. They are perfectly prepared even in the absence of the chef.
  • Pleasant and calm atmosphere in the hall. The interior of the establishment, quiet music, the absence of noisy visitors create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Sometimes a chef comes to the visitors, who is interested in the quality of cooking.
  • Low prices. In addition, the restaurant is always a good offer and discounts, thanks to which you can eat delicious and inexpensive.

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Negative reviews about the restaurant

Without criticism, there were also. According to visitors, the restaurant "Fahrenheit" has the following serious shortcomings:

  • Slow service. Preparation of a dish can drag on for an hour, which does not suit people who come to the restaurant during a lunch break.
  • The waiters and the administrator behave unfriendly, which does not correspond to the level that is maintained in other restaurants of the network.
  • A peculiar taste of some dishes, which was not liked by the guests.
  • The constant absence in the restaurant of some drinks indicated in the menu.

Fahrenheit restaurant address

Is it worth to visit this place?

Visit the restaurant "Fahrenheit" (Moscow)people who appreciate the original author's cuisine. Inexpensive dishes prepared in front of the guests, as well as unique cocktails and lucrative offers make this place a good option for a holiday with your family or for a lunch break.