/ / The main recipe for salad "Berlin" and its variants

The main recipe for salad "Berlin" and its variants

Salad "Berlin" belongs to the categorydishes-assorted. It includes both vegetable components and meat. The ingredients can be fresh and canned. Meat products are well suited to boiled or smoked sausage (but of non-varieties), ham. And even boiled meat, including tongue. For filling, ready-made mayonnaise is taken or a special filling is made. And now more about the recipes. It should be noted that there are many variations of this dish, and each is very tasty in its own way.

salad recipe

"Berlin" classic

The main recipe for salad "Berlin" requires the following ingredients:

  • fresh cabbage cabbage - half fork (or more, depending on the desired amount of snacks);
  • sausages boiled - 350-400 gr;
  • fresh cucumbers - 2-3 pieces;
  • a bunch of fresh onions and a couple of fennel branches;
  • a handful of sesame seeds or roasted peanuts.

If the last components are missing, the recipesalad "Berlin" allows you to take ordinary walnuts, which should be finely chopped with a knife. And the dish is prepared as follows: cabbage and sausage should be cut into small straws. Cucumbers - small slices. Greenery to chop. All put in a bowl, add salt, sprinkle with pepper. Season with your favorite sort of mayonnaise. If you want a snack more sharply, the recipe for salad "Berlin" recommends adding a little mustard. Let the dish feed a little, and serve to the table. It can be an independent snack and complement to vegetable and pasta dishes.


Salad with smoked products

Somewhat differently you will get a treat ifinstead of boiled, you use smoked sausage or ham. They will give your food a special, spicy taste. Cucumbers fresh in this case, replace with salted or pickled. But cabbage is necessary. The main thing is that it should be more amenable. In order to prevent the vegetable from getting dryish, the salad recipe "Berlin" recommends cabbage cut slightly, crumble with a small amount of salt. Then proceed as in the previous version.


Salad "Berlin" with green tomatoes

Having described the basic way of preparation of a salad,let us turn to its varieties. And let's start with this piquant, the main components of which are green tomatoes and meat. As additional ingredients are suitable: onion - pepper or feathers (bun), lemon and greens. So, boil the meat until cooked in salted water with spices. Beef tongue, chicken fillet will do. If pork, then lean, without fat. And if the beef is soft, gram 400-500.

Now on how to prepare this salad"Berlin" (the recipe). Cut the meat into thin strips or cubes. Next, take a few tomatoes - 3-4 pieces. Cut into small slices. Grind the onion. All mix, add salt. For filling, make a sauce: mix a few spoons of vegetable oil with tomato juice or ketchup, boil, cool, pepper. For a more acute taste, you can grind 2-3 cloves of garlic. Appetizer such that it is better and it is not necessary, believe! Before serving, sprinkle with lettuce, decorate with lemon slices.


Salad with cheese and bell pepper

Make a salad "Berlin" (recipe with a photoattached) can be with cheese and eggs. To do this, cut cubes about 300-350 grams of ham (do not put greasy pieces), grate cheese (about 100 grams), chop 2-3 eggs, hard-boiled. Cut 1 large Bulgarian pepper and fresh cucumber into strips. Stir everything, sprinkle with dill seeds. Season and season with mayonnaise. You can sprinkle a little lemon juice (to taste).

Salad with potatoes

In many culinary sources in the "Berlin"salad is recommended to add, among other things, and boiled potatoes. And if the very first recipe we can refer to spring dishes, this one - to salads of the winter type. To make it, take a few pickled or pickled cucumbers, 50-70 g of celery and parsley roots, 4 potatoes and 2 beets, as many sweet and sour fresh apples. Well-washed vegetables and roots boil, peel, cut into cubes. Chop cucumbers and apples. Stir, add salt. Make a dressing from mayonnaise and mustard or mayonnaise and tomato.