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Stewed cabbage with potatoes

In many families, cabbage stew isA mandatory dish in the daily diet. And this is not surprising, because if you cook it correctly on prescription, it turns out very juicy and unusually tasty. Stewed cabbage can be served separately, as a side dish or a pie filling.

For extinguishing, both fresh cabbage andsour. If the sauerkraut is too sour, then it should be washed beforehand, but you need to know that this greatly reduces the amount of vitamin C. But fresh cabbage can be doused with boiling water, then it will not be bitter.

It is very useful this dish in the winter season,when the body begins to experience a shortage of vitamins. In stewed cabbage, a sufficient number of vitamins are preserved, which cover the daily requirement of the organism. Vitamins will be much more if you cook it with carrots and onions. Of vegetable oils, it will be best to choose sunflower unrefined, so cabbage will get much more fragrant. Stewed cabbage with potatoes is the most popular dish, as it is prepared quickly and easily. I suggest you try a few simple and delicious recipes.

Stewed cabbage with potatoes

Required products: a small fork of cabbage, four medium potatoes, three sprigs of cilantro, a bulb, a small clove of garlic, two tablespoons of tomato, black pepper ground and peas, a leaf of a laurel, oil, salt.

Preparation: cabbage finely shinkuem, spread out in a pan, pour two glasses of water, add two tablespoons of vegetable oil and peas. We put on a very slow fire. Prepare the cabbage for about an hour.

Potatoes are cleaned, cut into large pieces andfry in vegetable oil. Shink the onion and add it to the frying pan to the potatoes. Fry the vegetables for 15 minutes. A few minutes before the salt is ready and add the tomato paste. We put this roast in a saucepan with cabbage fifteen minutes before it is ready. To stewed cabbage with potatoes is not burnt, it should be stirred occasionally.

A couple of minutes before the willingness to throw a laurel,crushed garlic, put three tablespoons of vegetable oil, pepper and salt to taste. Stewed cabbage with potatoes sprinkled finely chopped cilantro. It is served to the table in a hot state.

Braised cabbage with turkey

We need: half a turkey, a cup of sauerkraut, four tablespoons of butter, a glass of water and a cabbage brine, salt, pepper, fresh greens.

Preparation: Turkey is washed, cut into pieces, salt and left for a while. We take a deep sauté pan and lay out half of the sauerkraut, turkey slices and sauerkraut. All prisalivaem, sprinkle with pepper, add vegetable oil, pour in brine, water, close the lid and simmer on a small fire until ready.

Prepared dish is decorated with fresh herbs.

Stewed cabbage with celery

Necessary products: half a kilo of white cabbage, carrots, bulb, celery, sweet pepper, two medium tomatoes, some chicken meat, vegetable oil, dill greens and parsley.

Preparation: thinly shred cabbage. Carrots and tomatoes cut into cubes, onion semirings, pepper cut into small pieces, celery grind. Cabbage salt, add a little water and stew until it becomes soft.

We pass on carrot butter with onions, thenadd pepper, tomatoes, chicken and celery. All salt, sprinkle with pepper and stew until soft meat. After that, we combine vegetables with cabbage and continue to stew for about ten minutes.
We carefully sprinkle the prepared dish with finely chopped fresh herbs.

Enjoy your meal!