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Delicious homemade billets: canning of squash

Patissons - plants from the family Pumpkin -are highly appreciated for their taste and the variety of dishes that can be cooked from them. Like zucchini, they are fried, caviar, pancakes, jam, salt and marinated. This article is devoted to this vegetable.

canning of patissons

Assorted zucchini with squash

Canning of the patissons is done both inpure form, and in combination with other vegetables. In particular, an excellent snack is obtained by combining them with zucchini. Cut the vegetables into small pieces - mugs, slices or slabs. For 3-4 minutes, subject them to blanching, and then immediately cool, you can in cold water. Preservation of squash and squash is done in marinade. To prepare the filling for each liter of water, at least 50 g of salt is consumed, it can be half as much (25 g) or as much sugar and 70 g of vinegar (9%). If the vinegar is 6%, then it needs 100 g. Cut the onions into semicircles, put the layer on the bottom of the cans. Pour into each a few cloves of garlic, a couple of peas of sweet-scented pepper, half a sharp spoon, laurel leaves. Tightly lay the vegetables, shaking cans. Fill with a hot marinade. Preservation of squash with squash in this recipe ends with sterilization. Half-liter tanks boil 10-12 minutes, liter - 15, and 3-liter - 20 minutes. Then roll up the jars, place them on the lids, cover them, and after a day you can send them for preservation until the winter.

canning patissons without sterilization

Marinated whole squash

No less seductive canningand this recipe offers. To implement it, very young vegetables will be needed, which should be washed, brushed, boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes, then immediately cooled so that they do not become too soft. Wash greens: sprigs of dill, celery, parsley, horseradish leaves. Cut into slices (centimeters of 5) pods of hot pepper. Clean several garlic heads (depending on how much the canning of the patissons is planned for the winter): at least 3 teeth must be on each jar. Now about the marinade. A liter jar consumes about 400 g of pouring. It is taken for 20-25 grams of salt and sugar. Water heat, dissolve the remaining components, allow to boil for 15 minutes, strain. Again pour the marinade into a saucepan, boil and add just a little, literally 6 grams, of acetic acid (80% concentration). At the bottom of the cans put greens and spices, patissons, pour them with a warm marinade and sterilize. For capacities of 0.5 liters, 5-6 minutes will suffice, for liters - 12-15. Then roll, let cool. Such patissons perfectly combined with potatoes, pasta dishes, meat. Very tasty, believe me! And the smell of spices, especially dill, is so enticing!

Patisson's caviar

canning of the patissons for the winter
It is possible to preserve the patissons withoutsterilization. For example, if you cook caviar or stew for them in the winter. Now we will tell you how this is done. For each kilogram of poultry requires 500 g of carrots, bell pepper, onions and 2 kg of tomatoes. Of course, garlic - 3-4 heads, if desired, hot pepper and greens, 650-700 g of vegetable oil, 65 g of salt, 50 - sugar (or to taste). Vegetables are finely chopped and stewed in cast iron until cooked. At the end of cooking, sugar and salt are added. You can get some vinegar. Hot caviar pack on sterile jars and close. And in the winter pamper yourself with a very pleasant, appetizing snack!

Successful conservation to you!