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How to cook meringue in the oven at home: recipes, cooking features

A few centuries ago, a Swiss confectionerGasparini gave the world the famous meringue recipe in the oven today. Before, this delicate and refined delicacy was called "kisses." This is an impeccable dessert for tea drinking - it is very simple, but extremely refined. In addition, classical meringue has a relatively low calorie content. So such a delicacy can be dared even by those who carefully watches their figure.


A classic meringue recipe in the oven suggestsUse of only two basic components: egg whites and sugar. As always, all ingenious is simple! To make the dessert refined and pleasant aroma, you can use auxiliary food additives: for example, nut flour or starch. But all these details are not fundamental.

But in fact, such a short listingredients does not at all mean that it is easy to prepare this fragrant dessert. In fact, meringue - delicacy is rather gentle and capricious, due to what is able to present a lot of various surprises to inexperienced mistress. That's why, before you get the eggs out of the refrigerator, arm yourself with theoretical knowledge and follow all the recommendations with precision. In this case, you will succeed at the first try.

How to bake meringue properly

Features of preparation

Doing a protein delicacy at first glance is verysimple, but in fact there are many important rules that must be followed in order to get a really delicious and delicate dessert. By the way, competently prepared meringue comes out dried from above and slightly viscous inside.

  • To beat the dough for dessert, it is necessary to prepare the metal dishes - in the process it will perfectly cope with a uniform distribution of heat.
  • To prepare the meringue, take exceptionally fresh eggs.
  • Process protein mixture should be at least 10 minutes, so it turned out really gentle and lush.
  • To maximally evenly whip the dough, the procedure can be performed on a water bath.
  • Sugar or powder should be added gradually, in small portions, while continuing to process the mass.
  • Baking delicacy can be done with lemon juice, citrus peel, chopped nuts, banana pulp, apple puree or coconut chips.
  • To make meringue unique, with a bright unforgettable taste, you can add berry juice to the dough.
  • Capacity in which you will whisk a proteincream, should be completely dry. Otherwise, you can get the dough with an incorrect consistency. As you can see, even such a trifle can significantly spoil the meringue.
  • Sugar is preferably pre-grind into powder and sift it several times. So your dessert will turn out more fluffy and porous.
  • Before processing the eggs must necessarily cool.
  • It is very important to split the proteins and yolks qualitatively. If an extraneous component enters your mixture, the meringue will fail.
  • To make the dough more magnificent, in the process of whipping, add to it a couple of drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice or a pinch of finely ground salt.
  • Bake meringue in the oven should be at least 50 minutes.
  • The optimal temperature for the preparation of Swiss dessert is 140-160 degrees.
  • After baking, leave the meringue in the oven until completely cooled.
  • Opnivni should be covered with oiled paper or confectionery parchment.

A classic meringue recipe in the oven: ingredients

This way of making airy delicacies bylaw is considered to be the simplest and most accessible. To create a Swiss culinary masterpiece you will need a minimum set of products. And it turns homemade meringue in the oven is no worse than the store products.

ingredients for meringues

So, for the preparation of delicacies, you will need:

  • 4 protein;
  • 2 teaspoons of vanillin;
  • a glass of sugar, but rather powder.


Start processing the separated proteins with simplewhisk or mixer at minimum power. If desired, you can add to them a pinch of salt to give the meringue a fortress. Beat the mass until it becomes bubbly and voluminous.

Genuine meringue recipe

Then gradually, without ceasing at the same timeshake, add sugar in small portions. After each addition, the mixture should be treated until the crystals dissolve completely. Finally, send vanillin into the protein dough and stir it gently.

Qualitatively whipped mixture does not fall from the corolla and does not even hang from it. In other words, the mass must be very stable and well kept in shape.

How to make meringue at home

On the prepared baking sheet lay out meringue,formed with the help of a cortex or a teaspoon. Send the blanks to the oven for an hour at 100 degrees. Cooked cakes do not rush to get out of the oven immediately. First, wait until they cool down, and only then remove them from the sheet. Keep in mind that this rule is one of the most important conditions for getting a delicious classic meringue in the oven.

If you follow the real formula of Gasparini,whisk the protein dough should be on a water bath. Thanks to this little trick, even at home, meringues in the oven are surprisingly delicious, tender and fragrant.

How to form meringue

As you can see, it is not necessary to be a genius toto cook a refined dessert. The only important thing is to follow exactly a few rules and master the chosen recipe. By the way, it is quite possible that it will come in handy for preparing complex cakes and other air desserts.

Chocolate meringue in the oven

You have already baked this delicacy many times, but are you still looking for an unusual recipe of Swiss dessert? Then cook the delicious chocolate meringue in the oven - you'll be delighted.

To begin, prepare:

  • 100 g of sugar;
  • 60 g of chocolate;
  • 2 proteins;
  • 50 g of sesame seeds;
  • a teaspoon of lemon juice.

After measuring all the necessary ingredients, proceed to the process - it will be quite fast and interesting.


Firstly fry the sesame seeds in a dry frying pan until golden brown.

Chop the chocolate with a large grater.

Proteins are placed in a deep container and begin, asand usually, whisk first at a low speed. After the mass thickens, send to it the prepared juice of a lemon. Now, without stopping, start to gradually add sugar and increase the power of the mixer.

You can stop processing at the same time asthe mixture will become really thick and stable. At this stage, you should add roasted sesame seeds, which should be already cooled down. Note that hot beans can not be added to proteins in any case.

Now it is the turn of the grated chocolate. Finally, stir the mixture carefully and proceed to form the future meringue.

By the way, if the special devices in yourThere is no order, use two spoons to spread the cakes. So you will achieve the form, characteristic meringues with improvised means. In this case, scoop up a mixture with one spoon, and carefully gently scrub off the other that stuck. As a result, you should get pretty slides. According to the recipe, meringue in the oven should be cooked for 45-50 minutes at 150 degrees. And do not forget to let the cake cool inside the oven.

Serve this meringue is best with a cup of coffee. Although in combination with tea, this delicacy will be no less appetizing.

The recipe for chocolate meringue

Simple dessert with nuts

This recipe for meringues is sure to please everyone withoutexcept sweet tooth. After all, these cakes perfectly combine the lightness, elegance, simplicity and unobtrusive pleasant taste. And, as you know, nuts perfectly harmonize literally with any desserts and are very popular with children. In addition, for the mistress of cooking this delicacy will not be unprofitable: everything is very simple, affordable and easy. Believe me, it will not be difficult for anyone to create this culinary masterpiece, and products for it will be found in every house. According to the recipe meringue in the oven, even a schoolboy will be able to bake: the instruction will help the pastry cook to make mistakes and cook delicious cakes the first time. You just have to stock up on all the necessary components and follow the instructions.

To make a homemade meringue in an oven with nuts, you will need:

  • 2 eggs;
  • 50 g of walnuts or hazelnuts;
  • 200 g of sugar.

Perhaps, such products can be found in every home.

Cooking method

To start, fry the nuts without adding oil. Once they begin to exude a characteristic flavor, remove the frying pan from the stove. Be sure to grind the fried nuts with a stupa, a kitchen knife or a rolling pin. Otherwise, the cooking process is not much different from the classic meringue recipe.

Carefully separate the proteins from the yolks and start themwhisk in deep containers. Gradually sprinkle sugar and increase the speed of the mixer. After you achieve a thick consistency, add the prepared nuts in the dough and mix the mass intensively.

Homemade meringue with nuts

As usual, shape the cakes and send thembake for 50 minutes at 150 degrees. If you wish, you can not add nuts to the dough, but sprinkle them with the preforms. Perhaps, it will be even more beautiful.