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Wine from sea-buckthorn at home - recipe

Seabuckthorn is a berry from which it is customary to cookjelly or jam. It is not known to everyone that it is possible to make a great wine from it. The honey-pineapple aroma of this drink is light and pleasant, the taste is soft and unforgettable, and the color enchants with its golden-amber hues. In addition, the sea buckthorn wine has useful properties due to the fact that it contains the healing oil of this berry - a storehouse of nutrients. For the preparation of a high-quality beverage, you must follow the recipe below and pay attention to the specified subtleties and nuances. In this case, you will be successful.

Wine from sea-buckthorn

What should be the incoming components?

Particular attention should be given to the choice of qualityberries. It is preferable to use sufficiently ripe sea buckthorn. From berries, which did not have time to ripen, a good wine will not work. And if they are overripe, the fermentation of the product will be slowed down due to the high content of oils in the feedstock. Sea-buckthorn juice is a valuable biological raw material, which contains about eight percent of free lipids. They cover with a film of fat of any kind of yeast and essentially slow down the process of fermentation. And at its end, homemade wine from sea buckthorn often turns muddy.

It should also be excluded from getting spoiled berries in the total mass in order to avoid the appearance of putrefactive odor.

Water quality has a significant impact onthe taste of the cooked wine from the sea-buckthorn. A simple recipe for this drink involves the use of a prepared liquid. To obtain high-quality water, it is recommended to use a special filter to clean it of unwanted additives and impurities. It is also allowed to use a tap water, which must be boiled and allowed to stand for 24 hours.

Wine from sea-buckthorn at home

Necessary ingredients

To make wine from sea-buckthorn at home, the following components are needed:

  • sea-buckthorn berries (berries) - 15 kilograms;
  • sugar - 5 kilograms;
  • purified water.

Of the specified amount of ingredients, six to nine liters of house wine will eventually result.

The following is a detailed description of how to make wine from sea-buckthorn at home - a recipe with a step-by-step breakdown of the process.

Step one. Pre-treatment of berries

Before you start cooking directlywine from sea-buckthorn, it is necessary to carefully remove branches, leaves and other debris from the berry collection, trying not to damage the fruit. You do not need to wash them, because wild berries are located on the surface of the berries, which contribute to the fermentation process. In case the sea buckthorn is dirty or dusty, it is recommended to wipe it with a dry rag.

Wine from sea-buckthorn

Further processed berries need to be crushed tostate of homogeneous slurry in any convenient way for you. It can be a blender, a meat grinder or a juicer. It is also allowed to stretch the sea buckthorn manually using a wooden pestle.

Step two. Obtaining sea buckthorn juice

In order to continue to prepare homemade winefrom sea buckthorn, the recipe assumes the fulfillment of the most difficult and time consuming stage - obtaining juice from berries. Shredded sea buckthorn should be squeezed well using a fine sieve or gauze, folded in half or three times. In the process of obtaining juice, it is recommended to add water to the berries in small portions. This will ease the spin a bit. The extracted sea buckthorn juice should be left for half an hour to settle the garbage.

Homemade Wine from Sea Buckthorn Recipe

Step three. Preparation of juice for fermentation

The berry juice obtained should be carefully, notstirring the sediment, pour into glass jars with a volume of 4-5 liters. Add to each one glass of sugar and mix well until it dissolves completely. Filling the container should not more than three quarters.

After you need to tie the neck of each can of gauzeor other loose cloth and leave for three days in a room with a temperature close to room temperature. Approximately three hours after the addition of sugar on the surface of the juice will start to form foam orange. It constantly needs to be removed at least two or three times a day.

Wine from sea-buckthorn recipe

Step Four. Active fermentation phase

In order to prepare a quality wine fromsea ​​buckthorn in the home, the recipe assumes the next important stage - fermentation of the wort. To do this after the specified period of time, juice from all five-liter cans should be drained into one large container, not forgetting about the sediment. He, too, must be present in the mash. Then you need to dilute 2.5 kilograms of sugar in three liters of preheated water, add this solution to the sea-buckthorn juice and mix well.

Then it should be put on the neck of the containerrubber medical glove, in one of the fingers which you need to make a puncture with a needle. The bottle with a must is recommended to be moved to a dark place, where the temperature is maintained at least eighteen degrees and not more than twenty-seven.

The remaining sugar should be divided into three equal parts and introduced into the must on the fourth, seventh and tenth day of fermentation.

To wine from sea-buckthorn at homeit turned out to be of decent quality, it is recommended to shake or slightly shake the vessel with a wort every day 4-5 times a day in a circular motion in order to wash its walls with contents in order to avoid the appearance of zones of acetic souring.

Wine from sea-buckthorn at home recipe

It should be mixed once or twice a dayliquid with a long wooden spoon to make the wine more saturated color and taste. This procedure also allows for more even distribution of fermentation zones throughout the volume.

Rubber glove serves as a kind ofsignaling device for determining the fermentation period. If it remains filled with air, this means that the active phase of fermentation is taking place. As soon as the glove is blown off and dropped, it is recommended to proceed to the next stage of wine production.

Step five. Filtration and phase of silent fermentation

During the active fermentation on the wort surfacea layer of sea buckthorn oil is formed, which must be removed. After this, the resulting wine from the sea-buckthorn should be filtered three times through gauze, folded in several layers, to get rid of the sediment. The filtered must must be poured into a clean bottle, close the neck with a rubber medical glove and put in a cool dark place where the temperature is maintained at least ten and not more than sixteen degrees. Ideal for this is a basement. It is necessary to leave the container for three to four months for quiet fermentation. In order to achieve the desired result and get a good wine from sea-buckthorn, the recipe assumes a periodic filtration of the wort through a folded in several layers of gauze. This process should be done once every five to six weeks to get rid of the sediment and the so-called airing of the drink.

Step Six. Giving the guilt of transparency

This stage changes the color of the wine, making it transparent,but does not show up on his taste. To do this, you need to separate one egg white from the yolk, beat it well, gradually adding water (about one hundred milliliters). The resulting foam should be mixed with one liter of wine and gently in a thin trickle into the bottle. Further it is recommended to mix well the sea-buckthorn wine, cover with gauze and leave for two or three weeks to acquire transparency.

Homemade wine from sea-buckthorn

Step Seven. Bottling

After giving the drink transparency it turns outWhite wine from sea-buckthorn with a beautiful amber tint. Then it should be bottled. This process should be done carefully, except for stirring the sludge on the bottom of the container and getting it into the drink. Bottled sea-buckthorn wine should be tightly closed with stoppers and sent for further exposure to a cool dark room. The longer the wine will stand, the more refined will be its taste. Exposure for it at least should be four months. The maximum shelf life of this magic drink from berries of sea-buckthorn is three years.

Wine from sea-buckthorn simple recipe

Preparation of wine from sea-buckthorn does not require the presence ofcomplex components, because the above recipe assumes the presence of only berries and sugar and excludes the use of yeast and other additives. However, the process itself is rather difficult and, most importantly, long. But the result will reward you in full. The magic aroma of this drink, soft charming taste and golden color will not leave indifferent even the most demanding sommelier.