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Coins of Turkey as an object of numismatics

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In the year 1299 on the globe appeared a new powerful state - the union of the Turkic-speaking tribes of Asia Minor, called the Ottoman Empire. The first money of this country was small and inconspicuous, but their weight was unchanged for centuries before the arrival of Sultan Mehmet the Second. These were silver akche, which were made on the pattern of coins minted under the Mongolian dynasty of the Hulaiguids. They were issued strictly in accordance with the canons of Islam, and therefore did not have any images. Most of them were excerpts from texts that are of a religious nature. After a while, these coins of Turkey began to contain the name of the ruler, his signature and the date of production.

In the sixteenth century,amount of impurities. Coins of Turkey as a result have lost some of their value. As a result, a new currency unit, a pair. By order of Suleiman II, kurushas were introduced into circulation. These were the gold coins of Turkey, which also did not escape depreciation. Over time, they added more and more impurities.

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A new monetary reform occurred in the boardSultan Abdul Mejid. Realizing that there is little trust in the depreciated currency of trust, he gives an order in 1844 on the coinage of coins belonging to seven denominations. The most valuable of these was the lyre, and the smallest was the altilik.

A few less radical monetary reformsoccurred in the following, twentieth, century. For some time the lyre was equal to a hundred kurushas, ​​and those, in turn, were forty pairs. The latter disappeared in 1923. At the end of the last century, the lyre suffered a severe devaluation, in fact depreciation. In circulation, even Turkish coins with five zeros appeared. The smallest monetary unit of that time was 4000 liras. Some coins of Turkey, issued in the late 1990s and early 2000s, are of serious interest to the numismatist. In particular, the form of some of them is non-standard - oval or square.

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Modern Turkish coins differ from their ownrecent predecessors. Again appeared kurushi. Strengthening the lyre led to the fact that it made sense to issue small exchange coins of Turkey. 1 lira new (yeni lirasi) now cost a million old. New kurushi are minted from brass and copper-nickel alloy. On all modern Turkish coins there is an image of the great statesman Kemal Mustafa Ataturk. The denomination of small means of circulation ranges from 0.01 to 1 lira.

Issued and commemorative coins of Turkey. Their price is much higher than the nominal. In 2002, a consignment of coins "Flowers of Turkey" was released. Each of these specimens contains an image of some kind of endangered birds, its name. Naturally, the cost of such coins is also much higher than the nominal value. Of particular value is one square specimen, of which we have already spoken. This is a coin worth 7.5 million liras, which was issued in the early 1990s. It was minted from silver of 925 tests. The Turkish mint periodically produces collectible specimens. On many of them there are images of different animals - cats, dogs, tigers, eagles, turtles, monkeys and so on. Such Turkish coins have an attractive appearance.