/ How to give an apartment?

How to give an apartment?

After the cancellation of the gift and inheritance taxcases of donating real estate have significantly increased. To make it became much easier than to bequeath or sell it. Often people who want to make such a luxurious gift, ask: "How to give an apartment without any problems and difficulties?"

give an apartment
One of the main reasons people considerit is the hope that the property will be reliably protected from undesirable encroachments, for example, distant relatives. Often an apartment becomes a gift for a wedding. If the parents decided to make such a gift to their son or daughter, then in case of divorce the apartment will not be subject to division, it will remain in the property of the person to whom it was given.

It would be prudent to donate an apartment to the bloodrelatives - in this situation, the operation is not taxed. In all other cases, the donee will have to pay the state a tax equal to 13% of the cost of the apartment.

State employees, employees of medical, educational and social institutions to give an apartment is quite difficult. It will require proof that this is not a bribe, but an unselfish gift.

If you decide to donate real estate, you need to register an agreement with the Federal Registration Service, only then it will receive the status of a prisoner.

how to give an apartment

Before you give an apartment, you will needcollect the required package of documents: a certificate that confirms the right of ownership of the donor to the apartment, the passport of the gifted and the donor, a certificate confirming the cost of housing. In addition, you need the consent of all owners, which must be notarized, as well as a receipt for payment of state duty.

Many are interested in the question: "What is better - a will or a gift?" From these transactions, one must choose the one that most meets the requirements of the parties.

Making a gift contract is much more expensive thanwills. The amount of documents required to sign the contract, and the timing is also greater. However, the donee shall have the right to use the given property after obtaining the property right.

Writing is quite inexpensive. Formalities in its design, too, will arise less. The main costs and legal formalities await the heir after the death of his testator. Dispose of bequeathed property heir will only be six months after the death of the testator. The interests of the person who wants to give an apartment reflects the will better. Until death, the apartment remains in the property of the testator, and he is free to dispose of it as he wishes. There are often cases when even the closest people, having received an apartment as an apartment, quickly forget about their promises to help and take care of an elderly relative. To recognize such a gift contract in court as invalid is much more difficult than to cancel a will.


It is indisputable that a person intending to receiveit is much more profitable to receive a gift. He immediately becomes a full owner and can dispose of real estate at his own discretion. There are situations when an elderly person bequeaths an apartment in exchange for caring for him, later changes his decision, and people who have dedicated to him for several years will learn about this decision only after his death.