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Platinum plastic card of the Savings Bank of Russia

Sberbank of Russia offers plastic cards,which can be not only debit, but also credit. The plastic card of the Savings Bank of Russia "Platinum" is issued only for those bank customers who prefer the elite class of service, and also use the card in constant trips abroad. This offer gives a lot of additional features and additional services for the owners of such cards.

Plastic card of the Savings Bank of Russia
What is the capacity of the plastic card of Sberbank of Russia?

Sberbank of Russia offers the following opportunities for cardholders:

- withdrawal of loan funds without commission and in large quantities;

- service in the "Sberbank Premier" zone without queues;

- all the questions that appear at the cardholder, he can decide with his personal manager;

- all operations on the card can be performed remotely, using a mobile phone or the Internet;

- a plastic Visa card can be opened in any currency, the card can be used in 210 countries;

- holders of platinum cards can use the services of other organizations.

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What is a plastic card "Platinum", and what are its additional features?

  1. The insurance of each product that waspurchased with a card for up to three months absolutely free. If the goods are stolen or damaged, the insurance can be up to 1500 dollars. For one year, the cardholder is entitled to receive insurance up to 20 thousand dollars.
  2. Increase the warranty period from manufacturers to any purchased goods on a card worth more than $ 50 twice. In total, the guarantee should not be longer than 24 months.
  3. The plastic card of Sberbank of Russia gives the right to free medical services abroad, provided by International SOS.
  4. The service "Concierge" provides the possibility of booking railway and air tickets, hotel rooms, tables in restaurants, places in concert halls, etc.
  5. The use of free discount programs, which are held by companies-
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    partners of Sberbank of Russia.

What is a platinum plastic card? How to get it?

In order to issue a platinum card inSberbank, you need to visit the office of Sberbank Premier, apply for a card and provide a passport. It is also required to fill in a certain questionnaire. A card can be obtained by any citizen of Russia who is between the ages of 21 and 65. The only requirement is the mandatory registration in the region of the location of the bank.

How to make a plastic card of Sberbank of Russia?

All about the tariffs for the maintenance of platinum cardscan be found on the bank's website, in the support section. It is worth saying that this card is issued in the same way as any other, credit or debit card. The card is embossed, as well as personal, because it can not be a card with such status being instant. So wait a couple of weeks. We wish good luck in getting a card with such a high status!