/ Do you need money on the phone? "MegaFon" will certainly help its customers

Need money on the phone in debt? "MegaFon" will certainly help its customers

Today it is already impossible to imagine what would be theour world without cellular communication. For a modern person, sometimes the whole life is enclosed in a mobile phone. And to remain without a connection for him is tantamount to death. That's why many people watch very carefully for the amount of money on the account. But there is always a place for unforeseen circumstances. So, you may need to borrow money. "MegaFon" will happily lend to its subscribers the right amount. You just need to find out how.

money in debt MegaFon

Opportunities at zero

However, even if the subscriber's account does not contain anya penny, he will not remain without communication. All subscribers of the company with a negative balance can receive incoming calls and SMS. In addition, you can always ask for help from your relatives, using the services of "Pay for me" and "Call me." They even have similar queries: * 143 * subscriber # and * 144 * number of the subscriber #, respectively. Of course, these services are provided for free.

Those who need to call urgently, but do not wantto borrow money, "MegaFon" provides one more service: "Call at the expense of a friend." To use it, it is enough to dial three numbers before the number - and you can call even with a zero account of the phone. And pay for the call will have to the receiving subscriber. The cost of it will be 1 ruble per minute. Of course, the caller will know about this before he lifts the receiver.

All these features are great for communicationwith close and native people. But they can hardly be used to communicate with clients and business partners. In this case, it will be more convenient to borrow money on MegaFon. Subscribers of the company can do this with the help of two services: "Promised payment" and "Credit of trust". Each has its pros and cons.

Promised payment

how to borrow MegaFon 50 rubles

The same for whom the negative balance on mobilebecame an unpleasant surprise, they can use the "Promised payment" service. With her help, you can take a little money in debt. "MegaFon" itself will calculate how much to lend. It will depend on the term of service in the network and the funds spent for the previous month. Than these indicators are higher, the more will be the promised payment itself.

And in order to get it, just dialcombination * 106 #, and within just one minute the balance of the phone will be replenished. It is important to remember that this money will be debited from MegaFon after 3 days. By this time it is desirable to refill it, since it will not be possible to use the service for the second time.

money in debt on Megaphone

Credit of trust

But since to borrow in "Megaphone" 50 rubles andeven 100 rubles is not always convenient, you can activate the service "Credit of Trust." Its main difference from the promised payment is that the amount you can go to minus is calculated once a month. It also depends on the money spent on communication and the date of connection to the network. Thus, the subscriber can maintain his account permanently between the credit of trust and the standard trip threshold (0 rubles).

Credibility trust will be more convenient for permanentcustomers of the company, as well as for those who are not used to saving on phone calls. To get it, you need to be serviced in the network for at least 4 months and spend at least 650 rubles. The service is managed through the "Guide" service and using the combination * 138 * 1 #.