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Forex as a means of earning

Now, almost everyone who plows the open spacesInternet, at least once ran across sites offering earnings on Forex. Everyone promises you a million profits. But it is worth recalling that working on forex requires diligence and knowledge. Everything is far from being as easy as advertising assures. But with due zeal, you can earn a lot of money.

Earn money on Forex dealingsit.ru. First, it is necessary to understand the very principlework - this is speculative operations: you buy cheaper, sell more. Of course, everything looks simple. All novice workers are given the opportunity to undergo training in a training account, where you try yourself on the market. But one thing is to play for virtual money, which in fact is not, and quite another - to invest your capital. But with due knowledge, market sensitivity, intuition and luck, you can earn from 100 to 1000 dollars per average investment per hour. But do not forget that with the same success, in the absence of skills and knowledge, they can be lost.

In order for the work on Forex to bear fruit to the trader, he needs several components:

  • Excerpt,
  • Strong nerves,
  • Knowledge of the market,
  • Ability to analyze,
  • Own strategy.

The very analysis of the market also has options:

  • A fundamental analysis implies the presence ofa trader of knowledge in the field of economy of different countries, knowledge of economic laws and the ability to make an assessment of macroeconomic indicators. A long-term plan of behavior on the market is built in accordance with the drawn picture.
  • Technical analysis, which involves drawing up a line of work on the available exchange rate charts. As a result, the estimated dynamics of exchange rates are made.
  • Computer analysis, which involves mathematical calculations of the exchange rate behavior in accordance with the available data.

It is very important to develop a trader's own work strategy. But this takes years. For newly-minted forex workers, several well-established strategies are proposed for consideration:

  • Kerry Treydom (Carry Trade) proposed a trading strategy, which consists in making a profit from the difference in interest rates for different currencies.
  • Channel strategy is based on trade within certain price boundaries.
  • Pipsing is called short-term trade with the slightest market fluctuations.
  • Trade in breakdown - at the right price level.