/ / Map "Corn": how to spend points. "Corn": how points are calculated on the map

Map of "Corn": how to spend points. "Corn": how points are calculated on the map

"Smart" card "Corn" - a means of payment, which is issued free of charge in stores "Euroset". What are its advantages and how to use it, how to spend points "Corn", read in the article.

Why is the map "smart"?

One card can solve a lot of dailyissues. The situation is the first. On the Internet it is very convenient to make purchases, but there is always the fear of "shining" there your main card, too many cases of fraud. What to do? Keep the main money on another card, and to "Corn" translate only the amount that you are going to spend. Convenient and safe.

The second situation. Need a loan? You can collect a bunch of papers, spend time checking and get (or not get) a loan from the bank. But you can do easier. Come with a passport to Euroset and open a credit limit to your "Corn" card.

how to spend the corn points

The situation is the third - payments. With this card, it's easy to pay online through a personal account or mobile application. These are payments for a mobile phone, Internet and television, repayment of loans, payment of utility services and much more.

The situation is fourth. Do you have friends or relatives abroad, but you do not want to spend a lot of money to pay for telephone calls? IP-telephony is what you need.

The situation is the fifth - regular money transfers. Quickly and easily send money to anywhere you can with the help of the map "Corn". The transfer will be delivered within a few seconds.

The situation is sixth. Does your purse no longer accommodate all cards for discounts? Replace them with a bonus program, get points for each purchase paid by the card. How to spend points "Corn"? For goods and services in the shops of Euroset or partners.

Card replenishment

There are three ways to replenish. This can be done from any other bank card (you will need to register it in your personal account), from any bank to the specified details, or by cash at any Euroset outlet, as well as at Kari stores and TNK fueling stations network . You need to have a passport and a card.

On the balance of funds on the card, as well as onbonuses received are charged from 5 to 8% per annum. You do not just use the card, you also get income. This is one of the main differences of this card from ordinary banking.

corn map points how to spend

Another important point: the use of the card is free, there are no service fees, nor for making payments. One should only pay attention to the fact that a number of services that the card offers are paid.

How to save points?

It's simple. With every purchase you pay with a card, bonuses are added. Then they can be exchanged for discounts from the partner companies of the program. As the accumulation becomes available, additional card services.

You can make purchases everywhere - in groceryshops and supermarkets, shopping centers, cafes, gas stations. Use the card in the same way as you use a regular bank credit or debit card. With each purchase, 1% is returned in the form of bonus points.

corn bonus points how to spend

How to spend points "Corn"? 10 accumulated points are similar to a single ruble discount. More on this will be discussed further.

How to spend points "Corn"?

Please note that, according to the conditionsprograms, accrued points can be canceled if the card was not used within 12 months. If the card is constantly used, then the validity period of the bonus points is not limited.

corn what to do with scores

So, you are credited to the "Corn" card bonuspoints, how to spend them? First of all, these are the shops of Euroset. But there are also partner companies. This is the largest online store Ozon, a network of petrol stations TNK, a ticket agency selling tickets for concerts and not only, the service of selling tickets for air travel and travel by rail, a network of pharmacies Doctor Stoletov, a chain of supermarkets Perekrestok , a portal selling electronic books - "LitRes", a travel agency, an insurance company and many others. As you can see, the network of partners covers almost all the needs that can arise in life. Therefore, the main thing is to actively use "corn" (map), scores how to spend, there are a lot of options. Check the accrued bonuses easily through the personal account on the site. To do this, you only need to specify the barcode number of the card.

Pay attention to the map of "Corn". What to do with the points and all its advantages you now know, this is really an interesting and profitable system.