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How to get a loan on Megafon?

Urgent need to call or just send SMS andbalance in the account zero ... According to the law of meanness, at such a time, as a rule, there is no payment terminal nearby. But you should not be nervous. "Megaphone", along with other major mobile operators, provided solutions for such problems. We can borrow on Megafon. And it's not difficult at all.

Credit of trust

The speaking name. This service can be used even with a minus balance of the phone. How to get a loan on Megafon? Now we will talk about this in detail.

The size of the credit limit varies depending on:

  1. The time of your service as a client of "Megaphone" (not less than 2 months).
  2. The average value of your communication costs for this company for the past 2 months.

The minimum credit limit is 200 rubles availablewith communication costs an average of 400-599 rubles. and the service period is not less than 2 months. If your communication costs remain within the same limits, but you remain a client of Megafon for more than 13 months, you can get a loan of up to 600 rubles.

Provided that communication costs are increased for the same period to 2000 rubles per month, a loan of up to 2,000 rubles is available.

A tempting prospect and, most importantly, a full guarantee that your phone will not be blocked at the most inopportune moment. How to take a trust payment on Megafon?

To activate the service, dial * 138 * 1 #, then press the call button or simply send SMS to number 5138 with text 1.

Connection to this service "Megaphone" is free. It is also important to know that the amount of the credit limit may vary slightly depending on the region. But in general, the essence remains unchanged.

Thus, you can not only decide for yourself the question - how to take credit on "Megaphone", but also to earn bonuses.Depending on the size of the loan received, their accrual will occur over a period of 4-12 months, until the amount of the loan is fully repaid.

For example, if you received a loan in the amount of 300 rubles, then after 3 months for the next 4 months, you will be credited with 75 points. As a result, the amount spent will be fully returned.

If there is a situation that the loan is no longeryou need to disable the service. To do this, the subscriber must be online at the moment and have a positive account balance. There are several ways:

  • to number 5138 send a request with the number 1;
  • with the USSD command * 105 * 83 #
  • using the voice menu, dialing number 050083.

If you can not turn off the service yourself, dial 0500, get a detailed consultation. Or contact the staff of the mobile phone for help.

Promised payment

Now we will consider one more variant of howtake a loan on "Megaphone". To do this, it is enough to activate the "Promised payment" service. The amount of credit in this case directly depends on how much you spent money on paying for cellular communications in the previous month. Its size ranges from 10 to 250 rubles.

This service is only connected with a positiveaccount balance of your phone. It is valid for 5 days. After the end of this period, it will be necessary to replenish the account for the amount that will fully pay off all the debts.

An important condition for connecting a service, about whichyou need to remember - you can not get a new loan until you pay off the old one. And for each subsequent activation of the service, a fee of 5 rubles is charged.

There are three ways to connect the "Promised Payment" service:

  • dial number * 106 # XXX #, where XXX is the amount of the required promised payment. This is the only way you can get a loan if your phone is already locked;
  • send an SMS message to number 0006 with the text - XXX, i.e. specify the amount of the desired loan;
  • using the Service Guide through the USSD-menu, dialing the number * 105 * 1 * 5 * 2 #.

I hope that the question of how to take a loan on Megafon will not catch anyone else by surprise. At least you now know exactly how to do it. A warning, then armed.