/ / Stalin's skyscraper on the Barricade: the glorious history of an elite house from the USSR

Stalin's skyscraper on the Barricade: the glorious history of an elite house from the USSR

"Aviator's house", or high-rise on the Barricade, -this is one of the symbols of Moscow. About the seven Stalin skyscrapers built in the postwar years, many legends are composed. Despite their venerable age, these buildings still amaze tourists today, and many indigenous Muscovites would be happy to buy apartments in them.

The history and description of the Stalin high-rise on Barricade

In January 1947, I. Stalin signed a decree of the Council of Ministers "On the construction of multi-storey buildings in Moscow." Kudrinskaya Square (formerly Vosstaniya Square) was chosen for the erection of one of the majestic buildings. For the simultaneous construction and similar architectural forms, these houses will later poetically call the "Seven Sisters". The building on Kudrinskaya Square will go down in history as a skyscraper on Barrikadnaya Street, after the name of the nearest metro station.

Highway on the barricade

The main architects of the project are AA Mndoyants, M.V. Posokhin. On the common ground floor, the main tower is built in 24 floors (total height - 156 meters with a spire) and two symmetrical side buildings of 18 floors each. You can get inside through three large porches and many small ones. The skyscraper on Barrikadnaya was built as an apartment house (there are more than 450 apartments in total), except for the basement floor. The building has underground floors, on which, according to the original design, there was a parking lot and a bomb shelter.

Not an expiring luxury

After commissioning, the house received aaddress: Kudrinskaya Square, 1. The first tenants moved into their apartments in the spring of 1955. To receive in such house own square meters could only selected. Most of the apartments were distributed between test pilots, aircraft industry workers and members of the USSR Council of Ministers and the Central Committee of the CPSU.

The Seven Sisters

Luxurious decoration of public premisespartially preserved to the present day. In the large entrances and on the floors - stucco, parquet and chic oak panels, colorful stained-glass windows and mirrors. The facade of the building is decorated with sculptures and bas-reliefs, demonstrating the desire of the citizens of the USSR to work, creativity and defense.

The height at Barricade is a worthy sampleelite housing for their time. All apartments had a telephone connection with the concierge, sewage pipes were equipped with devices for grinding debris, the building had its own boiler room. On the ground floor there were necessary public institutions. There was a famous grocery store "Gastronome No. 15", an ice cream parlor, its own post office, a hairdresser and many other organizations. Often, the famous Soviet skyscraper "acted in film" and was mentioned in literary works.

Skyscraper from the USSR today

Simple citizens of the USSR could only dream ofgetting an apartment in an elite and beautiful house. Today, the situation has changed radically, and almost any real estate object can be purchased, having a corresponding amount of money.

Apartments on the barricade

Stalin skyscrapers "Seven Sisters" today againincredibly popular. To live or have your own office in one of these buildings is very prestigious. And yet it is worth noting that this building is for an amateur. In the house on Barrikadnaya there are not too large apartments. The maximum area of ​​the apartments is only about 100 square meters. meters. Many experts in the real estate market consider the layout of apartments in Stalinist homes hopelessly outdated.

If we talk about the problems of a skyscraper onKudrinskaya Square, it is worth noting small in area bathrooms and kitchens. But not everything is so bad, there are also dignities. Elite housing, erected in the USSR, can argue in its reliability and durability with most of the new buildings. From the windows of the apartments of the upper tiers you can see incredibly beautiful panoramic views of the city center. In walking distance from the house there are many interesting places for walks and various sights of the capital.

Price issue

Apartments in the house on Barrikadnaya almost alwaysavailable for sale. Those who want to buy such a unique property will have to pay a large sum. The minimum price of a three-room apartment here is 35 million rubles. In this case, the buyer should be ready for a major overhaul of his acquisition.

Kudrinskaya square 1

Apartments on Barrikadnaya not only are sold, but alsoactively give up. The cost of daily rent - from 6500 rubles per day. To live a month in this incredible house can be for 150 000 rubles. It is worth noting that the high-rise on Barrikadnaya is an excellent option for investment. Experts agree that Stalin's skyscrapers will never lose their popularity.