/ / Cottage village "First", Kostroma: customer reviews, layout and features

Cottage village "First", Kostroma: customer reviews, layout and features

There are many cities on the Volga Riverstate. One of them is Kostroma, with a population of just over 300,000 people. Many residents change their usual city apartments to country houses. Cottage village "First" for permanent residence offers this option.

Village "First" (Kostroma) customer reviews

Location of the village

The village is well located within thethe city of Kostroma, which automatically gives its residents the opportunity to obtain state registration. In addition, this zone is called promising for further development.

You can get to the village both on your personal andby public transport. From the city center you need to go along the Working Avenue, which goes to the River. The latter, in turn, will lead directly to the village. Approximately 2 years ago from the village "First" to the village "Volzhsky" with a 15-minute interval the bus began to run.

Cottage settlement "First"

Description of the village

The territory of the village is designed for constructionfifty-five residential buildings with a floor space of one to three floors. Also, the developer provides for a lot of land, sold for individual residential development. Why is it necessary to purchase the countryside "First" (Kostroma) for purchasing country houses? Feedback from buyers - those who have already become a happy owner of an apartment or plot - are mostly positive. Total planned for sale 1300 apartments: from one-bedroom to three-bedroom.

Village "First" prices

In addition to residential buildings and land, the villageprovides for the existence of the necessary social infrastructure facilities. This is a gym, a pharmacy, a banking and post office, a shop. It is planned to build a kindergarten and a school. To monitor the safety of residents of the village there is an access regime, 24-hour security, video surveillance.

Ecological situation

As for the ecological situation, one can sayonly that of all new buildings in Kostroma, the village "First" is located in the most favorable place. It is located at a sufficient distance from the city center and all industrial enterprises. On the way to the cottage village the road leads through the forest, which allows residents and guests to enjoy clean, fresh air.

Village "First" (Kostroma) reviews

Opposite the village, the Kostroma River flows, in the waters of which you can swim in the hot summer, relax on the beach, fry shish kebab, mentally communicate with family and friends.

Town planning

The village of "First" (Kostroma), whose layoutis sufficiently thought out, meets all the requirements necessary to ensure a comfortable life. The developer provided for the construction of low-rise buildings for several families; their exact number is 55. For those who do not plan to immediately begin construction or do not want to build a house, only land plots with an area of ​​six hundred and more are envisaged for sale.

In addition, in the territory of the villageprovides for the construction of a gym, a police security post, bank and liaison offices, a pharmacy, a cafe, a shop, a kindergarten and a school. For them a special section of a triangular shape is allocated. Some objects will be located in the center of the village.

Village "First" (Kostroma) customer reviewscollected positive also on the issue of planning the entire land. The developer correctly placed on the territory residential buildings, social infrastructure facilities and land plots offered for sale. Everything is in the zone of general accessibility with a good traffic intersection.

Features of construction

Village "First" prices for apartmentsoffers very democratic. A low-cost developer can explain the use of modern construction technology. Houses are built on a ribbon foundation, which allows it to be used immediately after installation, without waiting for several weeks before "shrinkage." This method causes a significant reduction in operating costs. There are no marshy soils in the site of development.

Then, load bearing walls of concretepanels with a heater that again in a greater degree saves both time, and a manpower. Interior partitions in the apartments are made of plasterboard. The height of the ceilings is 3 meters.

Village "First" (Kostroma) without intermediaries

The developer offers buyers - future owners of apartments, independently determine the required number of window openings.

Interior finish

Village "First" (Kostroma) reviews deservedpositive also in connection with the finish, produced by the developer. Two-chamber double-glazed windows with a rotary-folding mechanism, sashes with micro-ventilation, window sills and slopes are installed. In addition, most apartments are equipped with acrylic bathtubs, faucets, toilets with drain tanks. Kitchens are equipped with stainless steel sinks. That is, all the minimum necessary for a residence developer is provided.

All houses are connected to a centralizedwater supply; The apartments are equipped with aluminum batteries, which can regulate the supply of heat. Also pipes from polypropylene and PVC are laid. The developer did not forget about the supply of electricity to the living quarters, providing them with hidden wiring, switches and sockets. Electricity meters, water supply devices are installed.

The village "First" (Kostroma)

Cost of apartments and plots

The developer offers to buy apartments andland plots, which the village "First" has, without intermediaries. This means significant savings for future owners, since there is no need to overpay to intermediaries, real estate agencies. For example, a two-level apartment with an area of ​​110 square meters in a 4-apartment building with a land plot of 2.5 hundred parts can be purchased for only 1.5 million rubles.

Thus, the village "First" (Kostroma)(customer reviews directly speak of this) offers an average of 15-17 thousand rubles per square meter. This is possible with the acquisition of real estate without the involvement of intermediary companies. Mortgage lending in several banks is also available.

Customer Reviews

Village "First" (Kostroma) customer reviewshas both positive and negative. The latter relate mainly to the termination of the action on the cost of apartments. Approximately every six months, the price of a square meter went up by 10%. This was due to the implementation of the construction. After all, on the objects under construction the price is always lower than on the already finished, completed ones.

There are many and positive reviews of those,who already has the happiness to live in the village permanently or come to rest on the weekend. This is a convenient location of the village, and the opportunity to breathe fresh air without leaving the city limits.