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Recurrent payments (regular, periodic)

There are a lot of differentservices, which, in theory, should make the life of modern man more easy. For example, recurring payments. What is it, what they have pros and cons, let's consider in the article.

What are recurring payments?

The name of payment is derived from English recurring payment, which in the literal translation sounds like"regular payment". This view can still be found under the name "auto payment". The idea is that the funds are debited from your account or mobile phone automatically, it is enough to set up the system only once, indicating the frequency of writing off and the amount required. It is important to observe only one condition: the account must be cash. In fact, this is a kind of schedule for payments and transfers.


Periodic payments have a number of advantages.If you carry out certain monetary operations on a regular basis, from month to month, then, by setting up an auto payment, you will save time spent on their registration and execution.

regular payments

Further, it's good that you do not need to keep the dates of repayment in mind and be afraid of late payment. Especially it is convenient with loans, because for the delay in making funds for loans, the bank has a fine.

It's also convenient to set up auto payment for mobilephone with a reduction in its balance below a certain level. This removes anxiety about the fact that you can suddenly be left unconnected due to the amount not entered on time. Actually it will be for those people who often go on business trips.

Another plus is that individualThe services offer discounts for their services provided that the payment of auto payments is made. Also the advantage is the savings on the commission. At auto payment it either is not, or it is lower, than at use of other methods of payment.


Recurrent payments, unfortunately, are related to high-risk transactions, since they are made in a non-acceptance order. This means that your permission to debit money will not be asked.

payments and services

If the auto payment is configured for external transfers,then you need to consider that on weekends and holidays they are not executed. It is also important to ensure that the total amount does not exceed the established limit or balance on the card. Otherwise, payment will not be made.

Are not protected auto payments and from the possibilitytechnical malfunction in the system. Also, there is no possibility to suspend the funds for a while, you will need to delete all the settings, and then set the parameters again.

Therefore, in the case of regular payments, you should act on the principle of "trust, but check".

Who is comfortable with auto payments?

Regular payments can be made for variousgoods and services, as well as serve the needs of business. Therefore, they are convenient not only for individuals, but also for organizations, private entrepreneurs.

In the interests of business, you can set up auto payments for accessing the repositories of various content or SaaS-services (for example, online accounting), adjust the payment of taxes and fees.

For personal needs it is convenient to make auto payments forcellular communication, Internet, commercial television, utilities, quench loans. Automatically you can set up and transfer money, say, to relatives or friends, as well as currency exchange, if you need it for some reason.

recurring payments

The largest online stores offer their users to subscribe to pay for goods, services and services.

If you participate in charity, then suchtransfers can also be configured as recurring payments. If you are engaged in investments, then the data of depositing funds can be adjusted on a periodic basis. That is, in fact, virtually any type of payment can be made recurrent, which is made with a certain periodicity.

It is convenient to set up automatic payments and those who participate in microcredit systems.

How to reduce risks?

To make payment of payments not turned for yousuccession of troubles, observe the safety rules. Do not transfer the card to third parties under any circumstances. Even a waiter in a restaurant has no right to take it away. All manipulations with the card must be made only in your presence.

The fact is that for making a payment it is necessaryto know not too much: the card number, the owner's name, the validity period and CVVCVC code, which is publicly available on the reverse side. Therefore, there is no need even to steal from you a map, it is enough to rewrite the necessary information.

Payment of payments

Keep the bank's phone close at hand, so thatemergency situation, contact him immediately and block the card. Connect a mobile bank, then you will receive an SMS message about each traffic on your current account. Use only proven sites, shops and hotels. Regularly update anti-virus protection on your computer and do not use other PCs for payment transactions. Set a limit on Internet payments. Some banks allow you to do this remotely, without visiting the office. Most importantly - do not forget to disable auto payment if you stop using any service.

These rules are very easy to follow, but they really help save your money.

How do I set up an auto payment?

Banks for almost any type of payment offer to set up automatic payment. In the Internet bank, you just need to check the "Repeat regularly" box.

payment type

If you want to set up regular payments andYou do not need to pay for services at this time, then select the "Set up auto payment" option. There, specify the name of the operation, select the regularity of execution (weekly, monthly or by specific dates), note the validity period (without limitation, until a certain date or by the number of payments). The procedure for each bank may differ slightly, but the principle is the same everywhere.

Set up auto payments can not only through the Internet bank, but also through an electronic wallet. For example, "Yandex.Money" allows you to replenish the balance of your mobile phone.

Regular payments and business

If you look at auto payments in terms ofowners of business, it turns out to be very profitable. Buyers who have the ability to set up a regular deposit of funds often become permanent, since there is no need to re-enter details.

periodic payments

Auto payment makes the payment procedure for goods orservices are simpler, saving the user from doing a number of additional actions, which, in turn, increases the sales of the online store several times. This is especially important for those entrepreneurs who offer regular services: hosting, commercial television, training programs, access to any resources.