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Insured persons are who? general characteristics

In accordance with the regulatory documents that determine the rules of the game of insurance, the insured person is the subject of a legal contract, whose property, life, real estate are insured.

But if we talk about mandatory statepension insurance, the insured persons are the persons who will receive a pension from the Pension Fund, and not compensation, at the moment when a person, after reaching the age, takes a deserved rest.

What is an insured event for the insured in the FIU?

After the pension reform, the pension is accrued andis issued after the occurrence of an insured event. That is, the state's pension system now insures the risk that the insured person of the Pension Fund will be left with no means of subsistence, that is, pension. What insurance cases are now considering the law? The cases of insured persons are as follows:

  1. Retirement after reaching a certain age.
  2. Loss of the breadwinner. And at any age, if alone a person can not get a livelihood.
  3. Loss (full or partial) of work capacity. Also at any age since birth.

Cases of insured persons

All contributions, all personal data are stored in the Databasedata of personified accounting of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. A pension is issued in accordance with the law "On State Pensions in the Russian Federation" - No. 166 - FZ. The law establishes the grounds for granting the right to the pension itself, the procedure for its appointment.

Insured persons are who?

All citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign subjects,who live only temporarily in Russia, if they work under an employment or civil law agreement, are insured persons, since they are covered by the Federal Law on Mandatory Pension Insurance.

Insured persons are:

Federal law prescribes all definitions andconditions regarding guarantee fees, refunds and replenishments of a citizen of the Russian Federation. All that concerns the personal account of the insured subject, you can find out in the private office of the PF.

Insurance of insured persons

Insurance coverage when the above insured events are recognized:

  • labor pension for old age;
  • accumulative and insurance part of the pension for loss of ability to work;
  • insurance benefit for the loss of the breadwinner;
  • payment for the burial of a pensioner, who no longer worked.

The basis of the entire financial system of the pension fund are those that are accumulated in the fund itself, as well as the money accumulated on the personal account.

Functions of the FIU

The pension fund is designed to provide the populationall kinds of benefits. In a civilized state, one should not be afraid that, having lost efficiency, will remain without the protection of society. Therefore, to put it simply, insured persons are all those citizens who are subject to mandatory pension insurance from the state.

As a centralized state institution, the RF pension fund performs such functions:

  • form and pay out the funds to the insured participants of the fund;
  • to issue certificates for the formation of family capital;
  • to pay an additional payment to a pension, so that the latter reaches a subsistence minimum;
  • implement international programs;
  • other.

And also an important function of the FIU body is to conduct a personalized detailed accounting of all participants of the insurance system so that in time and in full, a person receives his money.

Personal account on the website of the RF PF

Thanks to the electronic modern service"Personal office of the insured person" any registered person can see all the data on his account. This shows information such as the length of service and the number of points collected.

Information about insured persons

There is a personal office since 2015. To use this service, you need to have an insurance certificate. The electronic service of the FIU provides all the necessary information about the insured persons. There are separate offices for both policyholders and insured entities. If you have any question, you can ask his advisor in online mode.

You do not need to register on the site itself. Enough registration on the portal of public services.

The insured's office

If you already have a personal activation code, enter it in the "Personal Data" section of government services. To register with the ECIA, the insured person needs a passport, an insurance certificate and a mobile number.

The FIU website no longer needs to enter personal data after that. You just need to go to the page of the site - "Insured's office" and click on "Login". The system recognizes you.

Innovations on the PFR website

The personal cabinet in many ways simplified communicationpension fund and citizens. After all, insured persons are those who need help from this government body, and all services should be understandable to all clients of the system. Recently, the service is expanding its services.

Now online can see their ownthe state of the savings account is those citizens who are still abroad. Previously, you had to write an application and wait for an answer. And also now it is possible to fill in the statement that the employment status of a person has changed.

Rights and duties of those who are insured

The rights and duties of these entities are definedarticle 14 of Ch. 3. The Federal Law "On Individual Accounting in the Mandatory Pension Insurance System". The insured person, as a subject of legal relations, undoubtedly has his rights.

rights of insured persons

The rights of insured persons are as follows:

  • Receive information about the status of your personal account in the FIU. This information can be sent by post, if it is convenient for the client.
  • Receive a copy of the information about yourself, which the policyholder sends to the Pension Fund.
  • Send an application to the FIU to change the information indicated by the insurer, if they are incorrect. You can apply to the tax authorities or the court.

And also insured persons must fulfill such duties:

  • you need to get an insurance certificate;
  • to register with the FIU;
  • apply to FIU bodies with a specific application when his personal data change;
  • report loss of evidence;
  • at the request of the FIU authorities to provide all documentation that confirms the personal data transferred by the insured to the fund.

Without the fulfillment of these norms, the system of the fund would not be able to work fully. Therefore, timely fulfillment of obligations in the interests of the insured himself.

Obligations of the insurant

The insured is usually the employers who pay wages and keep a record of deductions. Their rights and obligations are regulated by the same law as the rights of insured entities.

The employer has the right:

  • Require a certificate of compulsory insurance when entering the workplace; and also to demand the provision of all personal information in order to transfer them to the PF organ.
  • To supplement the information transferred to them about the insured person.

And also must perform the following:

  • Provide information received from the employee to the authorities of the Russian Federation in a strictly fixed period.
  • Have the FIU obtain a certificate and issue it (necessarily for signature), if a person works on the terms of a civil law or employment contract.
  • To check whether the details of the identity documents correspond to those specified in the insurance certificate.

The policyholder is not a beneficiary, transferring funds to the fund, but by law he is obliged to do so.

Obligations of the Pension Fund

The rights of the Pension Fund authorities include the following:

  • correction of information transferred to them by the insured;
  • obtaining information about insured persons from tax authorities;
  • the fund may require the timely delivery of all information;

The duties of the FIU include:

  • control over information and credentials;
  • explaining to clients the rights and obligations of those who are insured;
  • an explanation of the specifics of the formation of a pension;
  • to provide constant access to the electronic system "Personal Cabinet".

Insured person of the Pension Fund of Russia

In the FIU bodies there are about 130 thousand employees. specialists, and all together they perform a very important job for the state - they accumulate and distribute funds between pensioners and those who for some reason can not work, receive wages.

When are insured persons insured?

To date, there are such types of pensions: insurance, funded and pensions for state support. If the insured person chooses a funded pension, it will receive those savings that are formed by voluntary investments or payments of the enterprise.

Insured persons insured

For those who are born in 1967 and younger, it is possible to choose a pension option.

And those who were born in 1966 or older, accumulations are formed solely at the expense of voluntary contributions. At any time since 2015, you can refuse from the funded part of the pension.