/ What Does a Man Need to Know When Buying Gold?

What Should a Person Know When Buying Gold?

The purchase of gold is an acquisition ofa favorable price for one gram of gold assets for the subsequent profit. What do you need to know for those people who preferred gold as an investment tool? What rules for the purchase of gold assets exist?

Of course, such a serious operation as gold buying It is possible only if there is an identity document.

Sell ​​a gold person can bank - this is the bestoption, as buying gold bars in the bank, reduces the risk of fraud to almost zero. The list of banks providing such services is not particularly large (Sberbank, Absolut Bank, Uniastrum Bank, Nomos-Bank), so it is necessary to independently study the specifics of the acquisition of gold (investment coins) in any bank. The most important thing is to pay attention to two points: is there an opportunity for a bank to repurchase an ingot or a coin bought by a person, and what is the significance of the spread, namely, the difference between selling and buying gold.

Some aspects are sell gold in banks CIS countries may differ.The legal aspect is also mandatory when buying gold. It must be respected by both the buying and selling sides. All legal aspects can be found in the relevant legal document, which was approved in accordance with the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation. This resolution clearly states that the sale (purchase) of gold bullion can be carried out only in the presence of a person making investments in gold. Before the purchase, weighing procedures are mandatory, which are designed to exclude any assumptions and inaccuracies. The weighing is carried out with an accuracy of 0.01 g. The bank is obliged to issue to the person documents from the manufacturer who confirm the origin of the ingots, as well as the gold contained in them. The process of buying gold bars in addition, it involves the preparation of cash documents, which should indicate the price of gold bullion, weight, number and purity.

If a person decided to take up goldfor investment purposes, then he should pay attention to what kind of appearance have gold bars, coins or jewelry. After all, it is desirable to purchase a quality product, since it will be more profitable and easier to sell in the future. If the ingot does not have burrs, foreign inclusions, scratches, abrasions, and it is decorated with clean and whole documents of the manufacturer, that is, there is every reason to believe that this product is in excellent condition.

Satisfactory state is considered to be an ingot,the surface of which contains dents and stains, scrapes and scratches (not affecting the weight), the manufacturer's documents are torn or covered with stains that affect the reading of the text. In this case, a person has the right to refuse to purchase gold. If a person decides to open a bank account, a bank deposit in gold, palladium or silver, this can be done with great ease.