/ How to transfer money from the NSS to the NSS. How to put money on the NSS

How to transfer money from the NSS to the NSS. How to put money on the NSS

NSS is a well-known Russian telecommunications operator,which is part of a large telecommunications company Rostelecom. Among its subscribers are several million people. It is not surprising that the questions concerning the work of this cellular operator are very popular on the Internet. And one of them is connected with ways of replenishing the balance. The situation when the funds on the mobile phone account have ended, and it is necessary to call, it is probably familiar to many. What if there is no possibility to replenish the balance on your own? You can ask for help from relatives or friends. What does it take to do this and how to transfer money to the NSS? Another option is to contact the mobile operator for assistance. To do this, he offers his subscribers a mobile payment service. To whom is it available and under what conditions? How to use it and how much do you have to pay for it? Let's try to understand.

How to transfer money from NSS to NSS

How to ask for help if the money on the phone is out?

If the funds in the account have expired, then askyou can help relatives or friends in two ways. The first one is to use the service "Call Me". To do this, dial the following command on your phone: * 135 *, the subscriber's number to whom the call is requested, in 10-digit format, # (grid) and press the call button. The second way: use the service "Refill my account." The command is as follows: * 136 *, subscriber's number, who is being sent a request to call back, in a 10-digit format, #. Both services are free of charge.

How to transfer money to the NSS

How to replenish the account of another subscriber?

To replenish the account to another subscriber, severalways. For example, transfer money from the NCC to the NSS or make cash through the self-service terminal. The balance of the phone can also be replenished from your bank card or electronic wallet. First, let's see how to transfer money from the NSS to the NSS?

Money transfer from NCC to NSS via mobile phone

If necessary, replenish the account to another subscriberNSS is the easiest way to use the "Money Transfer" service from your mobile phone. To do this, you need to type the command: * 138 *, number of the recipient means in the 10-digit format, # and the call button. Then, upon request, the required amount is indicated, and the transfer is confirmed.

Money from the NSS to the NSS

How to transfer money from the NCC to the NSS through a personal account on the mobile operator's website?

The "Money Transfer" service is also available onthe official website of the mobile operator in the personal account. To enter the system, you need to specify a login - this is a ten-digit phone number, as well as a password that you should think up yourself and register by sending a SMS message to the short number 177. How to transfer money from the NCC to the NCC through the personal office? To do this, open the "Payments" section, select "Money transfer". Here you need to specify the number of the beneficiary in the 10-digit format, the amount, click on the "Accept" button.

How to transfer NCC money to NSS

Possibilities and limitations of the "Money Transfer" service

Having decided to use the "Money Transfer" service,one should learn not only how to transfer money from the NSS to the NSS, but also on the conditions under which it can be done. First, the amount should be an integer ranging from 10 to 150 rubles. The total amount of transfer must not exceed 300 rubles per day. (the interval between operations is not less than 15 minutes), per month - 1000 rubles. The service is available to subscribers who connected to the NSS more than a month ago (and have already spent at least 150 rubles on communication). And the balance on their personal account after the transfer should not be less than 50 rubles.

If you have questions ...

On all questions concerning the operator's work(for example, how to transfer NCC money to the NSS), you should contact the Help Desk around the clock by calling 0111 or the Customer Service Center. Addresses and schedule of all offices are on the official website of the cellular company in the section "Connection and maintenance", subsection "Sales and service center". Here you only need to specify the region of interest and the locality.

How to top up the subscriber's balance in cash?

Account of any NCC subscriber can be replenishedcash at Customer Service Centers. To do this, you just need to name the phone number and the required amount. In addition, you can use the self-service terminal or contact the nearest post office in Russia. Payments are also accepted in the offices of Sberbank.

Transfer from bank card

To replenish the balance of another NCC subscriber, it is possible andfrom your bank card. There are many ways for this. For example, you can use Internet Banking. This service is provided by almost all large banks. You can find out about the methods of connection and the commission charged at the nearest office of the servicing credit organization. For translation, you need an Internet connection. You can also put money into your ATM account. In the section "Payments" you should choose "Cellular communication" and specify the NSS as a mobile operator. Then you will be prompted to enter your phone number, as well as the amount. After that all the data should be checked and, if it's all true, confirm the transfer.

How to transfer money from NSS

Money in debt

If you do not have to ask for a balance,you can borrow money. The NSS has for this purpose provided the service "Mobile Credit". To use it, you need to dial the command: * 301 # on your cell phone and press the call button. The subscriber will be informed about the results of the request via SMS after some time. The service is available for subscribers who have connected to the NSS network at least three months ago.

What is the amount of money in debt?

The amount that the NSS is prepared to provide to itsto a subscriber in debt, depends on the value of his expenses for communication services for the last three months. If this is 200 rubles, then the credit will be 25 rubles, if 450 rubles, then 50 rubles. In the first case, the commission charged will be 5 rubles, in the second - 10 rubles.

How do you know the amount of outstanding debt? Ways of repaying it

To find out about the size of an existing onedebt to the NSS, you need to use the command * 302 # and wait for the SMS message from the carrier. After the funds are credited to the account, this amount will be written off taking into account the commission charged. It is possible to repay the debt in installments. The subscriber will be informed of all charges by means of SMS messages.

Money in debt NAC

Rostelecom, like any other telecommunications operator,provided for a large number of ways to pay for their services. This includes cash, non-cash transfers, prepaid cards, and many other options for replenishing the balance. Subscribers who for one reason or another are not able to make money on their own can ask them to make it acquaintances or friends using the "Add to my account" service. How to transfer money from the NCC to another number? For this purpose the option "Money transfer" is provided. It can be used from your mobile phone, or through the Personal Area on the mobile operator's website. You can also replenish the balance of another subscriber by cash or by wire transfer from your bank card. If you ask for help, there is nobody, and you need to use communication services, you can borrow money. "Mobile credit" is the so-called NSS service, which allows it to be done. And although the amount provided in this way is insignificant, it is enough to make several important calls or send SMS messages.