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Apartment rent: what, what and how

Renting an apartment is normal lifealternative to its full-fledged purchase or, for example, staying in a hotel. Apartment renting can be of two main types: long-term and short-term (that is, renting an apartment for a few days or at night). In life there are all and not always enough money to buy a house or pay for a hotel. A large percentage of people live like that, renting an apartment for a long time and moving from one to another. There is nothing to be stopped by such nomads and to change districts, streets or even cities

Fortunately, that there are people at whose disposalto have a free living space. These owners are very enterprising, giving the opportunity for people without their own homes to find a place to live. At any point, from a tiny town to a multimillion-dollar metropolis, apartments are rented, and apartments in Ekaterinburg too not a problem.

The issue of renting apartments requires special attentiondaily. This is very convenient, especially for nonresident or foreign guests who do not want to go bankrupt to a hotel room, but want to live a couple of days in a home environment. At the moment, it is difficult to find an apartment from the owner on the real estate market, because everywhere there are only ads from agencies that specialize in real estate sales. The agency assumes the role of intermediary between the owner and lodger. It is important to note that real estate agencies charge a separate fee for their services (that is, the search for housing on request). A good agency is something that works, as it is customary to say, after the fact of removal, but the one that takes the prepayment is better avoided.

When the apartment is found and there is a meeting withowner, if the arrival will not take place immediately, but later, then it is better not to leave money on hand. Who knows, he did not get a rascal, and then suddenly it turns out that another 5 people will come to this apartment. Having discussed all details with the owner of the apartment, you can leave a deposit, be sure to (!) Take the keys, and after the expiration of the apartment stay, pay the rest of the money (this is especially important when renting a house for a day).

Long term housing is anothera business. Here it is important to first examine the housing, weigh all the pros and cons, down to the smallest detail. For example, the presence of a household appliance, a column for hot water, furniture and so on. Now among the owners of apartments it is customary to take payment from tenants for two months in advance, and in some cases there is a separate payment for utilities. Although it all depends on how much the person who manages the living space is willing to agree and make some concessions. As they say, business is everyday. Perhaps, it is not important for someone to take payment for a month in advance. Or, for tenants, the issue of money is not sharply stated, and they can fully cover future and current expenses. In general, it is really convenient that in our time there is such a service in the real estate market as rent.