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Insurance company Rosgosstrakh: feedback on OSAGO. Payments for compulsory motor third party liability insurance (Rosgosstrakh): feedback

Many people today are thinking about how toto make out an insurance policy in the company of Rosgosstrakh. Comments on OSAGO are quite contradictory, especially since many people have not resorted to the help of specialized insurance companies, since it is simply important for them that the insurance policy is always in their glove compartment. At the same time, many people do not even know how to act after the occurrence of an insured event.

What it is?

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When it comes to compulsory insurance,many remember Rosgosstrakh. Feedback on OSAGO, as well as a wide advertising company, made the brand quite recognizable, but many people think about whether they need this policy at all and whether it is worth it to register in this company.

OSAGO is a compulsory insurance policyfor any vehicle owner. The main feature of this insurance policy is that compensation for damage and losses caused to the vehicle or the health of its passengers is carried out if the insured person is the culprit of the accident. Tariffs for this policy are set by the state, and if the driver does not have this policy, then on the road to him to appear is prohibited. In other words, all companies offer (or at least have to offer) the same value, and do not necessarily apply to Rosgosstrakh. Feedback on OSAGO many other companies are often negative, but in principle, the current situation in the insurance business is that without any problems getting payments is not always obtained.

How does the payment occur?

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The most important point to be learnedregarding OSAGO is that this policy regulates the compensation for damages and losses that you specifically caused to any third parties, be it a vehicle or the life and health of those passengers who were in it. By insuring your civil liability, on the occasion of guilt, you are completely deprived of any care for the damage inflicted, and this is the option of insurance provided by Rosgosstrakh. The feedback on compulsory motor third party liability insurance indicates that compulsory processing of the policy is quite important, since the losses of an innocent person can be restored as soon as possible.

In this case, the car of the insured person,as well as his life, health or property are in no way protected by this insurance policy. Compensation for damage suffered by you personally will already be carried out for your money or, in the case of a CASCO insurance policy, issued by an insurance company. It is for this reason that there is no reason to doubt whether it is necessary to formalize this policy, it remains only to choose - do it in a certain company or go on an offer that the insurance company Rosgosstrakh does. Comments on OSAGO say that the design of CASCO in addition should be carried out in any case.

Any driver must be presentown policy of OSAGO or, at the very least, it must be inscribed in such policy. This rule is valid even when the car is simply driven from the car dealership to the place of registration, and the only exception in this case are situations where there are no restrictions on the number of persons who can drive a car in the MTPL policy, and this option is also provided by the insurance company Rosgosstrakh. Reviews of OSAGO of this type indicate that in principle an ordinary car owner does not need it.

If you do not have your own MTPL policy, youthere is no right to go on the road, and at the same time you can not even register your car in the traffic police. Among other things, serious trouble for such a driver is expected if, in case of an accident, he simply can not provide this document.

If you drive a car, you should alwaysto be present with the original of this document, regardless of whether it is formalized by some other company or, nevertheless, Rosgosstrakh. Reviews on payments of compulsory motor third party liability insurance say that although they may be inadequate (whole payments sometimes have to be "pulled out" in lengthy proceedings), but still it helps in many respects to solve the problem of the driver or drivers who have become participants in an accident through your fault. If you have a policy, but you just forgot it at home, then in this case the inspector can send your vehicle to the parking lot, from where it can be collected only in case of presenting this document.

Insurance payments

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In accordance with current legislationfully regulated certain standards for compensation of damage to the party that suffered losses due to an accident or the occurrence of any other insurance event, that is, in this case, the rule is not set by Rosgosstrakh himself. Reviews on payments of compulsory motor third party liability insurance say that this is not always observed, and often the compensations are lower than the corresponding ones.

The law establishes the maximum possiblethe limit of payments for OSAGO, within the limits of which the insurance company must completely transfer the compensation to the injured person or carry out at his own expense the repair repair of the car to its original form.

Also in accordance with the currentthe legislation provides for a number of conditions under which the damage caused through the fault of the insured person simply can not be compensated with the help of Rosgosstrakh's insurance policy. Comments on OSAGO (Moscow) often say that you need to understand in advance such subtleties in order to demand payment from the insurance company, being sure of your rightness.


In the majority of cases, OSAGOis issued for one year, but in fact, if necessary, you can apply for this policy for a period of three months. If you have a car that was registered abroad but use it on the territory of the Russian Federation, then you should apply for a period of temporary use of the car (at least 15 days in any company, including Rosgosstrakh). The insurance company (feedback from the clients of the OSAGO - the source) may refuse to make out the policy for a given period and impose a longer period, but in fact you have the right to demand a "two-week" policy.


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Unlike CASCO, the price of which cansignificantly different in different companies, depending on their pricing policy, the cost of OSAGO is fixed and determined in accordance with the coefficients and tariffs determined by the state. In fact, this rule is a guarantee that insurance companies do not have the opportunity to underestimate or overstate the cost of this policy, even if the auto insurance of OSAGO (Rosgosstrakh) is formalized. Reviews say that, in principle, the company meets this requirement, but, as mentioned above, to increase the cost is often obsessively offered to take advantage of additional services.

The very price of OSAGO for each specificthe driver is determined separately, and in this case the brand of the insured vehicle, driving experience from the owner of the vehicle, the region where the car will be used, as well as many other calculated moments are taken into account. Each individual indicator is set individually decreasing or increasing the ratio, the volume of which is quite rigidly regulated by various government regulations.

How does the policy work?

Initially, onlyone settlement option - the aggrieved party, who suffered losses due to an accident, not through fault of its own, had to file an appeal to the insurance company of the person who caused the damage. However, recently it was decided to introduce certain changes in the procedure for obtaining insurance compensation so that the procedure for obtaining money in the event of an insured event was not so difficult. According to these amendments, if in the course of an accident, no harm was done to people's health, and most of the additional conditions are met, it is possible to seek compensation for damages specifically to their insurer, since the rule of "direct damages" works. In addition, if the damage is not more than 50,000 rubles, then in this case, do not even need to call traffic police officers, and the so-called European Protocol can be used.

Consideration of applications for compensation of damagesthe parties of the insurance company are considered for no more than 20 days, and this is important to take into account when formulating the policy, and also if you have a court with Rosgosstrakh (OSAGO). Feedback from the owners of such a policy suggests that often too long delaying the consideration of the case ultimately leads to the fact that the company is much easier to sue the payment in full, if earlier it refused to provide it. At the same time, we should not forget that for every day of delay, the insurance company will have to pay a penalty amounting to 1/75 of the refinancing of the Central Bank from the amount of damage incurred.

Limitations that are imposed on the top barinsurance payments, often lead to the fact that the policy of OSAGO Rosgosstrakh can not cover the entire amount of damage. Reviews sometimes point out that if the consequences of an accident are too damaging, then in that case the entire difference between the damage and payment from the insurance company will have to be restored independently. It is for this reason that it is advisable to additionally issue another policy of DSAGO, which allows you to pay in any situation.

Is everything so simple?

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At first glance, it seems to many that herethere are practically no "pitfalls" in comparison with CASCO, but in fact, even if this is so, do not neglect the choice of a truly reliable and responsible insurance company, because no one will do it for you. If you suddenly become the culprit of the accident, you will need to fully compensate for the damage, and there is no difference whether the insurer will help you or not - the amount of the injured party must be paid in full, so many people are registered with Rosgosstrakh insurance. Comments on OSAGO say that this procedure should be approached thoroughly if you want really serious help from your insurer in the event of such an occurrence.

It is also worth noting the fact that in any case, experts recommend choosing policies with a limited circle of persons in insurance, since this allows you to save a lot on the policy that you make out.

What are the advantages of Rosgosstrakh?

The company itself is engaged in this areaalready for more than 90 years, therefore it guarantees utmost affordable and high-quality insurance regardless of what interests you - DSAGO, CASCO or OSAGO insurance. Rosgosstrakh, the reviews confirm this, in principle it makes payments almost always, but there are a lot of problems regarding the amount, as well as all kinds of discounts and additional services, the first of which are not taken into account, and the latter are imposed but rarely provided.

Recently, the company launched the electronicpolicy formulation and customer support. This is also noted by reviews of the company Rosgosstrakh. OSAGO in this case contains an electronic signature and will subsequently be considered valid just like a standard paper document, just print it out.

How to apply?

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Even if you have already insured yourself in the company forOSAGO, you can re-purchase this policy by receiving an electronic document through the company's official website. It is enough simply to fill in the data, register in the personal account and pay the order, after which you will be provided with an electronic policy. In addition, the company also provides its customers with the opportunity to register MTPL online, but at the same time to receive a paper document in one of the offices in your city.

It is worth noting the fact that at the momentthe purchase of an online insurance policy with the possibility of a further paper document is foreseen exclusively for residents of the capital and St. Petersburg, including the regions of these cities.

If you are not used to using a computer ordo not prefer this option, then in this case you can visit one of the many offices throughout the country, regardless of the city in which you are located. In addition, the company also provides the service of calling an insurance agent to the office or to the house, which will answer any of your questions, and also arrange insurance on site if necessary. Also you can ask about payments on OSAGO with road accident (Rosgosstrakh). The reviews, of course, will tell you more details about the whole procedure, but the agent you can learn the basic rules, and also read the features of the contract you are signing.

It is worth noting that when you make out insurance, you do notjust get some paper, and you have the right to receive payment in the event that you became the culprit of an accident. Online service company allows you to make this process as comfortable and fast as possible, because through your account on the official website you can always check the status of the payment case or make a statement that the insured event has come.

Useful legislative changes

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There are several useful legislative changes that need to be considered in the process of issuing the policy:

  • the maximum possible damage to property is 400,000 rubles, but this norm applies only to those contracts that were issued after 1 October 2014;
  • the maximum possible harm to health or life after an accident reaches 500,000 rubles, but this norm is relevant only for contracts issued after 1.04.2015;
  • compensation can be claimed from your insuranceif only two people are involved in the accident, and the damage has been caused exclusively to vehicles, while in other situations it will be necessary to directly contact the insurance company of the person who is the culprit of the accident;
  • the maximum possible amount of damage, according to whichthere is an opportunity to apply to the insurance company without the need to call the traffic police, is 50 000 rubles, if both contracts of OSAGO drivers were concluded after 2.08.2014;
  • term of settlement of all issues afterthe receipt of the application is 20 days, and the count begins immediately after the submission of the full package of documents, and during this period the company must send a motivated refusal, provide a referral for repair or make a payment;
  • if the insurance company has an agreement witha professional service station, then the victim has the option of choosing between direct cash payment, as well as the direction of his vehicle for repairs in the event that the compulsory motor third party liability insurance contract was issued to them after 1 September 2014.

These rules apply even ifyou will make out not in the company Rosgosstrakh OSAGO. Customer testimonials indicate that each rule will need to be followed closely to ensure that in case of any legal proceedings it is much easier for you to defend your case.

The policy of compulsory motor third party liability insurance is mandatory,so you will need to register it in any case, regardless of whether you choose Rosgosstrakh or any other company. In this case, it is important to determine the choice of a really reliable insurer, who will be ready to deal with each individual case and pay money in accordance with the law.

In any case it is recommended to buy policiesonly in really well-known companies, since statistics showed that approximately 2% of the total number of policies are counterfeit (source - Rosgosstrakh, OSAGO, OMSK). Reviews often say that if you purchase a policy in an unknown company, you can end up losing a lot of strength, nerves and time in the event that a wrong or invalid registration of an insurance policy is found in the event of a traffic accident.

If you are not sure of the authenticity of your insurance policy, you can check it even online in the official site of the PCA.

And remember that OSAGO does not protect your car,it protects only your responsibility to the rest of the drivers. That is why it is better to make out separately an additional insurance policy of CASCO.