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LCD "Odintsovo Park": address, builder, reviews. New buildings Odintsovo

Own apartment - the dream of all Muscovites.After a hard and tiring working day, I really want to go to my own, and not a rented apartment. Yes, the rental price of real estate in Moscow is fabulous. Even if you do not have the means to purchase an apartment, make a purchase on the terms of mortgage lending. Kabbalah? But you must agree, it's better to give 30,000-40,000 each month for your housing than enrich the owner of prestigious real estate. In addition, no one is insured after several years of living in the chosen apartment to stay in the literal sense of the word on the street. Apartments in the capital's boundaries are inadmissible luxury. That is why the complexes and entire neighborhoods, which are actively rebuilding in the suburbs, are very popular. The cost of apartments here is much lower, while residents do not lose access to the developed metropolitan infrastructure and, if necessary, can reach any point in a few moments. "Odintsovo Park" - LCD comfort class, which has already attracted the attention of many. Our task is to give the project the most objective assessment within the framework of this material.

Odintsovo Park LCD

about the project

New buildings in Odintsovo are currently impressiveits diversity. The largest developers of Moscow and the Moscow region are building excellent complexes and residential areas that meet all modern requirements. We must admit that the Odintsovo district, namely the direction of the Minsk highway, now beats all records on the sale of real estate.

The project provides for the erection of 10 buildingsvariable number of storeys, where apartments with a variety of planning solutions are presented. The choice of buyers offered one, two and three-bedroom apartments. All buildings are built on monolithic technology in the southern part of the city. In the process of individual development, the developer paid much attention to the location of the houses - each apartment will be provided with a maximum of daylight, and from the windows there will be a picturesque view of the beauty of the surroundings. For all residents of the metropolis, tired of the bustle and endless noise, the opportunity to feel, finally, privacy and tranquility is priceless. If you have long been looking for an apartment in an ecologically clean area, pay special attention to the LCD "Odintsovo Park." The developer - the company "Gratis", who had a good time in the Moscow real estate market, to implement several excellent projects.

LCD Odintsovo park reviews


Surely you are thinking about how muchattractive for life area of ​​housing complex "Odintsovo Park." The developer really offered an excellent option: Odintsovo district is currently being actively built. The secret of its popularity is extremely simple: it is one of the most developed and environmentally safe areas of the Moscow region. And the cost of apartments here is an order of magnitude lower than in the capital. In the vicinity of new buildings there is a sufficient number of sports and recreational facilities, a few to the north of the sanatorium of the premium class "Barvikha", where you can not only improve your health, but also have a great time.


If you are looking for a project that embodiesmodern technologies and innovations, you will definitely like the LCD "Odintsovo Park." Reviews of the first buyers and all those who managed to visit the construction site, focus on the excellent planning solutions. Rational placement of load-bearing structures allows each tenant to adapt typical layouts to their personal preferences and wishes. Each entrance is equipped with high-speed noiseless elevators, including cargo.

Odintsovo Park Odintsovo

The use of hinged ventilated facades for the facing of each enclosure increases the operational capabilities of buildings, and also allows solving energy saving issues with maximum efficiency.

Transport accessibility

The issue of transport accessibility is relevant for allNew buildings located outside the Moscow Ring Road. Many work in Moscow, visit culture events, metropolitan parks and public gardens, so I would like to get to any point of the capital without problems even in the absence of personal transport.

LCD "Odintsovo Park" (9 microdistrict)really well located, which is confirmed by all buyers. If your family has a car, then you need to drive just 8 km in the direction of Minsk highway, and you are on the spot. From metro stations "Kievskaya" and "Park Pobedy" with an enviable periodicity are sent buses and minibuses.

Housing estate Odintsovo park

Of course, many are interested in knowing how things standthe situation on the roads. So, car owners are focusing on complex traffic junctions, which collect quite large congestion. But according to local authorities and the builder himself, in the near future the reconstruction of the Minsk highway, the organization of their own trips, which will help solve the problem.


LCD "Odintsovo Park" (Odintsovo) offers to allresidents access to their own infrastructure. On the territory of 12 hectares there is everything necessary for a full and comfortable life: its own multi-level parking, a kindergarten, a comprehensive school, a shopping and entertainment center, grocery stores and food products, and well-equipped areas for walking and rest.

At present, most of the buildings areoperation and populated, so you can sum up the first results. So, the first inhabitants emphasize how large the project has turned out, what a huge territory it took. The houses are in relation to each other at the optimal distance, which allows to preserve the unity of each resident and a beautiful view of the beauty of the city. Of course, not all infrastructure facilities are put into operation, but soon the problem will be fully resolved as the buildings are built up. In the meantime, residents of new buildings can use the infrastructure of the city.

Housing estate Odintsovo park 9 microdistrict

Apartments, lay-out

LCD "Odintsovo Park" offers a choice of one-,two- and three-room apartments, represented by a variety of planning solutions. Among them, everyone will find the best option for themselves: a small cozy one-room apartment for a young family that just begins to live separately from their parents, a comfortable "kopeck piece" with a spacious kitchen, isolated rooms and a separate bathroom. Well, happy owners of a large and friendly family should pay attention to excellent three-room apartments with thoughtful planning and additional bathroom for the comfort of all family members.

Question price

And, of course, an important indicator forreal estate is its value. Buy an apartment in LCD "Odintsovo Park" can be priced at 3.4 million rubles. The developer offers excellent conditions for the acquisition of real estate, the possibility of raising funds from maternity capital, military mortgages. And cooperation with the largest banks of the country allows to make out a mortgage with the maximum benefit and minimal overpayment.

New buildings Odintsovo

Summing up

In general, LCD "Odintsovsky Park" - an excellent project,combining all the advantages of urban and suburban life. If you have long been looking for an apartment in the suburbs, but are not ready to overpay and spend a huge amount of time on the road to the capital, this option suits you perfectly. Moreover, at present the apartment in the new residential district can be purchased at a discount. Do not miss your chance, pay attention to the best new buildings in Odintsovo.