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Mortgage of secondary housing in Sberbank: terms of registration, interest rate

The ratings of the most reliable andthe best banks in Russia. In this list, Sberbank on the terms of mortgages of secondary housing ranks first. This is explained by the fact that in this institution there is a huge number of programs for individuals and private entrepreneurs. As a rule, clients prefer to draw up loans for the purchase of living space. Very popular apartments that can be bought under construction or newly built houses. However, many people still prefer to buy real estate in the secondary housing market.

mortgage of secondary housing

Standard loan terms of this type

Before proceeding with the execution of a mortgage onsecondary housing in the "Savings Bank" or find a suitable living space for purchase in the property, it is better to find out the conditions that the credit institution offers. First of all, it is necessary to take into account that such loans are targeted. Accordingly, funds will be issued only for the purchase of real estate. Spending money on something else the client has no right.

In addition, there is a minimum amount,which the client can receive. Under the terms of the mortgage of secondary housing in Sberbank, it is 300 thousand rubles. Also, there are certain restrictions on the timing of lending. For today in the Savings Bank this period makes 30 years.

If we talk about the length of the examinationapplications from borrowers, then, as a rule, everything depends on what documents the citizen provided during the registration of the relevant loan. As a rule, in order to take a mortgage for secondary housing in the Savings Bank, it is necessary to confirm the existence of a permanent place of work and salary. In some situations, the bank can meet the client and consider the application without these documents. As a rule, such a loyal attitude acts in favor of holders of salary or pension cards.

savings bank for secondary housing interest rate

The percentage of mortgages for secondary housing in Sberbankdirectly depends on for how long the loan was received, its amount and many other parameters. In addition, today there is a special program for young families. Under its terms, the interest rate will be lowered. In addition, the spouses are entitled to receive additional subsidies and benefits from local governments at the place of registration.

Features of bank loans

If we compare the acquisition of real estate innew building or secondary housing market, the difference is not large. Of course, the first difference is in the percentage of overpayments. If the property is purchased in the old house, then, as a rule, Sberbank's interest rate on mortgages for secondary housing will be 10.5% per annum.

When it comes to new buildings, then paywill have a little more - 11.5%. However, again, everything depends on the specific situation. In addition to bonuses for young families, there are also preferential terms for Sberbank customers who have long been holders of credit, debit or pension cards.

On this basis, there may also be an increaseinterest rate. For example, it will be increased by 0.5% if the client does not have a card, to which the salary is transferred. Before the housing is registered by the client, he will also have to pay one more extra interest. The amount of overpayment increases by 1% if the borrower refuses to take out insurance for life and health. The increase is also envisaged if the borrower did not provide a certificate confirming the information on income. Based on this, the difference in overpayment may be of the order of 4%, depending on the specific conditions.

Sberbank: mortgage for secondary housing, interest rate and down payment

If we talk about the size of the first payment, then thisdirectly depends on the payment period. If the client as a usual contribution is ready to contribute 50% of the total cost of housing, then if you pay out before the expiration of 30 years, the interest rate will be 13%.

mortgage registration for secondary housing in the Savings Bank

If the mortgage is paid under the same conditionsin the period up to 20 years, the overpayment will be reduced to 12.75%. In case the client can not provide such an impressive initial payment, then he can pay from 30 to 50% of the cost of the apartment. In this case, for up to 30 years, he can pay off the debt with overpayment and at 13.25%.

If payments are made within 10 years,then this figure will decrease to 12.75%. The highest mortgage rate for secondary housing in Sberbank will be waiting for those who, as an initial contribution, will contribute from 20 to 30% of the total cost of living space. In this case, with a maximum loan period of up to 30 years, the overpayment will be 13.5%.

Proceeding from this it becomes obvious that thelonger payment and less the first payment, the more interest will be annual. Therefore, before making a mortgage for a second home in Sberbank is worth several times to weigh their capabilities and think. It may be much more profitable to wait a few years, but to make an initial contribution more and eventually lose a lot less money on the commission. For 30 years, the economy will be impressive.

How to take a mortgage?

This program was created for those customers who want to buy an apartment house or any other living object, which it is on the real estate market.

In order to receive cash, inThe first step is to fill out a form that can be found on the credit institution's official website. By the way, customers can immediately calculate a mortgage for a second home in Sberbank.

Some of this document scares, since it consists of 6 sheets. However, the more accurate the customer will fill in all the data, the more likely that he will receive cash.

mortgage sberbank young family secondary housing

The questionnaire should include personal datathe applicant and his contact information. Also in the application it is necessary to write the purpose of crediting. After filling all the necessary papers, it is enough to visit the bank's branch. With a must necessarily have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and additional documents to verify the identity. And besides, it is necessary to provide a certificate on form 2 of personal income tax.

Mortgage in the Savings Bank for secondary housing in 2017

To date, according to the program of the bankthe minimum loan amount should be from 300 thousand rubles. There is also the smallest interest rate on lending, which is 10.25%. This minimum is provided solely under the Savings program "Mortgage to a young family" for secondary housing.

In order to obtain this status is necessary,that at spouses was not less than 3 children. In all other cases, the interest rate may vary depending on the specific amount of the loan, the client's income, the down payment and the term of the loan.

The process of mortgage registration for secondary housing

After completing the application form and providing allnecessary documents to the bank's operator it is necessary to wait for a positive decision from the head office. Next, you select a specific secondary housing. When everything is ready the client is given a loan agreement, which he must study in detail and sign. After that, registration of rights to residential real estate in Rosreestr. At the final stage, the client receives the desired mortgage of secondary housing in the Savings Bank.

Can I get a loan without a down payment?

Many people are interested in the possibility of receiving money without necessarily making primary payments. It is worth saying that for today there is no such service or program in Sberbank.

calculate the mortgage for a secondary housing Savings Bank

The only way to avoid primarymaking money - is to use maternity capital instead, if the borrower really has the right to do so. In all other cases, customers must contribute at least 20% of the total value of the property.

Amount of loan and down payment

If the client plans to purchase real estate,which is located on the territory of St. Petersburg or the capital of the Russian Federation, the maximum loan amount under the basic program may be up to 15 million rubles. If it is a question of the region or other regions of the Russian Federation, then the limit does not exceed 8 million.

At the same time, for residents of small settlements, the minimum threshold for receiving cash is reduced. To date, it is 45 thousand rubles.

If a secondary housing mortgage is planned to be received by a serviceman in Sberbank, then the maximum loan amount will be calculated on the basis of deductions from the NIS.

Additional conditions

Mortgage loans are always considered inindividual order. First of all, employees of the bank pay attention to the level of income of the borrower, and the period of time that he works in one place.

Sberbank mortgage rate for secondary housing

If the customer does not meet the requirementsorganization, he can attract co-borrowers. They can be represented by family members. In this case, the total income of the entire family will be taken into account.

Requirements for real estate

Sberbank puts forward one more demand for its ownborrowers. The housing that they want to purchase must meet the indicator of stable liquidity. Accordingly, the state of the building in which the apartment is located and the fact how much it is worn out will be considered. If the house is too old and according to experts' estimates, its wear is more than 60%, then there is a high probability of refusing to receive cash.

The building should not belong to the varietydilapidated constructions. Houses that are demolished or in need of major repairs are also undesirable. The apartment must have a central water supply, heating, cold and hot water.

Features of preparing documents

After the borrower has received a positive response to his application, he is given 60 days to collect an additional set of documents for the purchased property.

It is also worth considering the program on whichthe citizen receives a loan. If he chose a standard mortgage for two documents, then only they and a completed questionnaire are required of him. When it comes to servicemen, in addition to the passport of a Russian citizen, they must provide a certificate of the NIS participant.

If the parent capital is used as the primary payment, it is necessary to attach the necessary certificate and the paper from the PF.

Nuances of mortgage registration

As in any other credit institution, inSberbank prefer an individual approach to a specific client. Due to this at any stage of registration or collection of documents, a Russian citizen has the full right to phone or personally to employees with questions that arise.

After all the documents have been collected andThe paper deals with real estate, a loan agreement is signed and insurance is issued. At the same time it is necessary to carefully study the contract and do not hesitate to ask unnecessary questions to the operator. The fact is that in some cases the contract provides for additional paid options, for example, SMS alerts to the mobile phone. They can be turned off at will of the client.

Reviews about the mortgage of second homes

Since Sberbank is reliable and stable, it is very popular with customers. However, some note that interest in this case is not the most attractive.

Savings conditions of secondary housing mortgage

In addition, many drew attention to the largea package of documents that must be submitted for processing the application. Among other things, mortgage lending involves several stages. Accordingly, the client is forced to spend extra time in order to visit the department once again.

However, it is necessary to take into account the main positive side of Sberbank - the reliability of the credit institution.

Mortgage for secondary housing in other banks

If we talk about the fact that Sberbank has too high interest rates, then it is worth paying attention to the same programs in other credit organizations.

For example, in "VTB24" overpayment will be at least13-14%. If the client applies to Gazprombank, the commission will be at least 12%. In "Rosselkhozbank" you can get loans when you overpay from 11.5-15.5%. In Alfa-Bank, the minimum interest rate will be 11%.

In addition, most credit institutionsThere is no such amount of bonus and preferential programs, as in Sberbank. Therefore, before receiving a loan, it is worth several times to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages.