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How to find out your MPS for OSAGO on the basis of SAR? What is KBM

Experienced drivers are well aware that the amount thatthey need to pay for the policy of OSAGO, depends on their length of service, as well as accident-free ride. The price for a policy is considered taking into account the coefficient of the bonus-malus. We'll learn how to find out your MIS by OSAGO.

how to find out your cbm by osago

What is KBM

The coefficient serves to encourage drivers,observing the rules and driving without accidents. They get discounts when registering a policy. For every year of driving without accidents, the driver's ratio is reduced, due to which the policy has to pay less.
Previously, it was assigned to a particular machine, and with itssale discount was lost. However, in 2008, changes were adopted, according to which the MSC belongs to the driver himself, no matter what vehicle he drives. The discount is retained also in the event that the driver decides to be serviced by another insurance company.

However, it decreases or is completely nulled and evenleaves in a minus if after the road accident the driver applies for payment. The reduction value depends on the class that was assigned to the driver before the accident.

It is often more convenient and advantageous to settle a minor accident right on the spot, without calling DPS employees. Then, of course, the cost of the policy for the culprit of the accident will not increase.

cbm to check the cbm of the osago on the basis of the rsa

How to find out your MIS for OSAGO

If the driver wants to know what his MBM is and how it changes, you need to use a special table. In general, in the first year he is assigned a third class, equal to one KBM.

If for this year the accident in which he wasthe culprit did not happen, then the next year he gets the fourth grade, and the MSC will decrease by 5%. But if the accident does happen, then the class will be the second, and the MBM will increase to 1.4, that is, the cost of the policy will increase by 40%.

Thanks to driving without accidents, a 5% discount will be awarded each year until it reaches 50%.

The CTPL table

learn your cbm by sowing in rsa

The coefficient is easily determined by this special table, which is unified for all SCs. For this, it is sufficient to know the driver class.

Take for example the third class.On it in the next column we see the unit. This is KBM. The next year the driver gets a fourth class, which corresponds to a coefficient of 0.95. So it looks and further. The other columns show which class will be subsequently assigned if an accident occurs.


Another way how to find out your MIS for OSAGO -this is an independent calculation. Consider an example with the same driver who first sat behind the wheel. If he does not get into an accident within three years, then for the fourth year of driving his discount will be 15%. However, in the case of an accident, the culprit he becomes, his class will no longer be the 7th, which corresponds to a 15 percent discount, but only the fourth.

If the table is at hand, it's easy to see. But without it, it is also possible to calculate the MSC.

KMB for insurance with several drivers

how to find out your cbm by osago on the site of the rsa

How to find out your MIS for OSAGO, if to managea car allowed several people? It's very simple. The coefficient that has the greatest value of all is used. For example, one driver MBM - 35%, and the other - only 15%. Then the cost will be calculated based on a 15% discount.

If one of the drivers gets into an accident,the culprit becomes, and the other has traveled a year without accident, then the MSC will only grow up with the driver - the culprit of the accident. The other will get the 5% discount set.

How to find out your MISC OSAGO on the basis of SAR

RSA, or the Russian Union of Motor Insurersis an organization-community of insurers. The union helps car owners on many issues. An important role is given to informing drivers. So, on the official website there is a lot of information that is of practical interest and benefit.
RSA maintains a single database on the MSC. Going out to her, you can easily find out your MIS by OSAGO in the SAR.

This information is available both legal andindividuals. For individuals it is enough to enter their driver's license. And if OSAGO is issued without restriction of the list of drivers, it will also require a passport of the car owner and the PTS.

The matter is the same with the KBM. It is not difficult for legal entities to verify the MTPL of OSAGO on the basis of SAR. To do this, it is enough to enter the company's INN and the necessary documents for the car.

how to find out your cbm by sowing in rsa

Is it possible to correct the data in the RSA database on the MSC?

To check the CBA of OSAGO on the basis of SAR,managed. But there may be another problem. It happens that on the site the system issues a coefficient that is not true. For example, the policyholder receives an MBM equal to one, while he traveled on his car without crashes for many years.
The reasons why this happens, can be the following.

If a driver's license was replacedcertificates, perhaps, the data was not corrected, but those that were on the old document were left. To achieve the correct display of information, you should write a query about this in the PCA with the applications of copies of the new and old identities. It happens that there is an error when entering data.

This can be found even when the name of the driverappears on several policies. For example, Ivanov, who is 11th grade and driving in his car, is also allowed to drive his wife's vehicle. And the last factor is only 0.95, which corresponds to the 4th class. Thus, when data is transferred, its coefficient will be displayed as 0.95.

And one more reason, when the MBM of drivers on the basis of AIS SAR for OSAGO may not be displayed in the database, is the bankruptcy of the UK.

How to save a discount

So, how to find out your MIS by OSAGO on the site of the SAR, we found out. Suppose that your own calculations do not coincide with the figures that are on the site. How to be in this case?

кбм drivers on the basis of the system for osago

In the XRD, one should write a claim that the presentthe value of the coefficient is different than on the site, and to argue this information. To the claim attach copies of policies and certificates from the UK that for a certain number of years the ride was accident-free.

If an error occurs, the policy, which is completed,you do not need to throw it out. After all, the information corresponding to reality is displayed there. Anything to prove to the insurance agent or to call by phone does not make sense. It is better to immediately apply to the main office of the company by writing an appropriate complaint. When sending a complaint, save the receipt, which will be a confirmation of payment.

And if you decide to take the statement to the company in person, then make it in two copies, so that on one of them you put a note on acceptance.
If within two weeks of neither documents nor a refund have been made, you can safely apply to the higher authority and seek justice.
Thus, the question "how to find out their MIS for OSAGO in the SAR?" is important not only for the sake of simple curiosity, but in order to be sure that the calculation of the next policy will be correct.