/ / Bead Jewelry: necklace with your own hands, as well as other decorations

Bead jewelry: necklace with your own hands, as well as other jewelry

Beads - this is the material from which you canmake a lot of different products. These include: embroidery, knitting, a variety of crafts and much more. A skillful needlewoman can create various ornaments from beads with her own hands. These include bracelets, necklaces, beads, earrings and even rings. In order for everything to turn out correctly and beautifully, you need to know exactly:

1. What kind of jewelry you want to make.

2. Weaving scheme, according to which we are going to weave it.

3. Determine the color gamut of beads.

4. Its size.

5. Its texture (form).

6. The size of the decoration (if this necklace, then the length and width).

Beaded Necklace with your own hands

Braided bead necklace with your own hands alwayslooks original and unusual. There are many manufacturing options, and each of them is good and beautiful in its own way. But you need to know exactly what kind of jewelry and for whom will be created. Depending on this, the figure, size and technique of weaving are selected. Consider how the necklace is made from beads with your own hands in two colors. This will require:

  • Beads medium white and black.
  • Fine beads.
  • The line is colorless (or in the tone of the beads).
  • Clasp.


1. Cut two lines: one longer, and the other 10-15 cm shorter (according to the required length of the necklace).

2. Attach the fastener to the fishing line on one side.

3. On the other hand, alternating colors, thread beads on a long line.

4. Then string small beads, alternating colors, onto a short line.

5. Fasten the second edge to the fastener.

beaded jewelry with your own hands

This simple way you can make a beadnecklace with their own hands, which will take only 30-40 minutes, even a person who has never been engaged in weaving. Also, the beads can be bought in the form of pearls and alternate with material of the same texture, but of a transparent color. Then this necklace will be universal, and you can wear it with any outfits for any events. Beads should be of high quality. If you buy cheap Chinese material, it will quickly burn in the sun, when it comes into contact with water, paint will wash off, and your necklace can be safely thrown out in a few days. Especially if you wear it in the summer, when the sun is baking heavily. To avoid such a sad end for your necklace, it's best to buy Czech beads, since it is moisture resistant and does not burn out so quickly in the sun.

You can also make hair clips from beads with your own hands. For this we need:

  • Wire (about 0.5 cm in size).
  • Fine beads of 2 colors.
  • The easiest basis for a hair clip.
    Hairpins made of beads with their own hands


1. Cut the wire (depending on the size of the craft).

2. We string the beads on the wire so that the petal is formed. The number of such petals depends on the size of the hairpins and on your imagination.

3. Twist all the petals in such a sequence to get a flower. We make them several pieces.

4. We collect in one bouquet (any form to choose from).

5. We attach them to the barrette.

That's so easy to make a lot of different jewelry for yourself or as a gift to friends or loved ones. A woven beaded necklace with your own hands or an unusual decor of hair clips will always be relevant.