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Pattern of clothes for a dog. How to dress your pet warmly and beautifully?

The fashion industry for pets is strongwin positions in our domestic market. This is caused not only by the growing welfare of citizens who can afford expensive spa treatments and haircuts for their pets, not only by world fashion trends, but also by necessity, since expensive breeds of dogs and cats require special care. Recently, very popular was clothing for dogs, sewn to order, or bought at pet stores. Dressing our pets in raincoats and overalls, we do not just follow fashion, very often there is an acute need for it, as the ecology of large cities, street dirt and unfavorable weather conditions increasingly harm the health of pets.

Pattern of clothes for a dog is made byspecial patterns. For each breed, there are proportions and sizes, taking into account its anatomical structure, so when buying costumes, it is important to choose them specifically for a particular dog. Those who are well versed in patterns and can sew, we recommend to do tailoring yourself and make a suit in accordance with the individual proportions of your pet, as well as taking into account his temperament and needs. Do not pay much attention to various decorations and excessive decorative clothing. For the dog, the main thing is the convenience and protective properties of the costume, and not the style and luxurious accessories.

On the Internet, there are many websites devoted tomodeling and sewing costumes for animals. Any displayed on the site pattern of clothes for the dog must be modified specifically for your pet. Before making changes to the patterns, it is necessary to make measurements of the animal. Typically, you need a length of back equal to the distance from the collar to the tail, the height of the paws and the width of the chest, equal to the distance between the ribs and the front paws. The standard pattern of clothes for a dog contains these parameters, in which it will be necessary to make appropriate changes. Now about how to sew a coverall for a dog.

First we find the ready pattern of overalls. It must be "adjusted" to the size of our dog. We measure the length of the back and the height of the paws and estimate how many centimeters it is necessary to increase or reduce the finished pattern. Draw a pattern on a piece of paper, taking into account the desired size, then apply it to the dog to check if it is suitable. If some discrepancies are visible, then we make changes. After the pattern completely satisfies us, we can start cutting the fabric.

There is another way to change the pattern. If the finished pattern of clothes for a dog does not fit the size, it should be cut in three to four places where it is necessary to increase or decrease the dimensions and when stretching the fabric, stretch or narrow it by the required amount.

We recommend that you first cut out the overalls fromunnecessary tissue (for example, sheets). Attach the cut piece to the dog, see if the patterns match, if everything is OK, you can cut from a suitable material, and the rag pattern will come in handy the next time. At the neck we make a kulisk and insert into it an old collar, so the overalls will better hold. We put out the kulisks on the lower parts of the pants and insert the gum in them. To control the fit of the overalls, we do the fitting in the process of sewing and remove all unnecessary if necessary. When cutting and sewing a coveralls for a dog, it is necessary to take into account that the animals are very mobile, and the clothes should not restrain their movements, interfere with running and jumping.

It is much easier to sew a suit for a dog fromknit or knit it on knitting needles. Here also any ready-made pattern for a dog. Knitting for animals is convenient because it is always possible to attach the part in the process of working to the dog, to dissolve several rows if necessary and to relink them.

Sewing and knitting for dogs is not easy. You will definitely need to gain some experience. But it can become not only a hobby, but also a good way to earn money, because beautiful and comfortable clothes for cats and dogs are worth a lot of money.