/ Knitting of summer blouses with a description (photo)

Knitting of summer blouses with a description (photo)

For real knitters, the end of summer should notTo serve as the reason, forcing to stop knitting of summer blouses with knitting needles. With the description, diagrams and inspirational photos making of such products can be continued all year round. Especially if the yarn is already bought, but work or home worries prevented in time to connect something openwork and light.

knitting of summer blouses with knitting needles with description

Choose a model

This point is not useful to girls and women withideal figure, since they can afford to wear almost any wardrobe items. However knitting of summer blouses with knitting needles (with or without description) can become a real problem for those who want to hide their shortcomings and emphasize virtues.

Openwork patterns are well suited for making even, wide blouses. As a lining, you can wear a dark top. Through the holes of the canvas, the silhouette will be visible, but at the same time all unnecessary is hidden.

knitting summer blouses with knitting needles for fat women
Do not wear transparent clothes without lining, since it almost always looks vulgar. An exception are only beach tunics, intended for use with a swimsuit.

For owners of a beautiful bust, the idealoption knitting summer blouses with knitting needles, with a description that provides a decollete. Also, they can recommend models that are picked right under the chest and extended downwards.

In the event that you need to cover your shoulders and arms, you should pay attention to the knitting of summer blouses with cotton knitting needles. A good example of such a product will be proposed further.

Selection of yarn and knitting needles

Craftsmen with experience should not paint all the advantages of natural materials. For them, an obvious choice for summer products is cotton, viscose or linen.

Knitting of summer blouses with cotton knitting needles

To those who are just beginning to comprehend wisdomknitting art, it is worthwhile to know that acrylic and other artificial threads are suitable for knitting only elegant and festive products. Often, these blouses become hot or stiff. Acrylic can eventually roll and stretch out.

So all the same it is not necessary to save. It is better to immediately choose quality material and start knitting summer blouses with knitting needles (with descriptions of even very delicate patterns). Especially when it comes to clothes for children.

knitting summer sweaters with cotton knitting needles for fat women

Knitting summer blouses with cotton knitting needles for fat women

The photograph shows a very successful and rather simple model of a lace blouse. It consists of two canvases, connected whole with sleeves, sewn along the sides and along the shoulder seams.

knitting summer sweaters for women

This knitting of summer blouses with knitting needles for women does not differ in originality, but is considered one of the most practical techniques.

The pattern can be applied literally any. The main difficulty consists in adding hinges for sleeves, but in general the model knits quickly.

To get started, you need to link a small fragment with the selected pattern and the thread that you plan to apply to the product.

When the sample is ready, it should be washedand steamed with an iron. Now the canvas has taken its real density and can be measured. Depending on the composition and thickness of the yarn, as well as on the knitting technique, each craftsman will receive his own individual result. As a guide, we take the following density: 22 loops per 10 cm and 18 rows per 10 cm.

Knitting of summer blouses with knitting needles for fat women (especially for such wide models) takes from 500 to 800 grams of yarn.

Product Calculation

The diagram below shows an openwork pattern, as well as its rapport.

pattern for knitting an openwork pattern

The rapport refers to that part of the ornament, which is repeated with a certain periodicity. In this case, it is formed by six loops. When starting work, it is necessary to take this fact into account.


To produce a 46 size blouse, a 49 cm wide cloth is required. So, you need to type:

49x22 / 10 = 108.

108-2 (edge) / 6 (repeater loops) = 17.6.

We round to a larger number and get 18 rapports. 18x6 + 2 = 110 loops.

After a set of loops the first 2-3 cm should be knit with garter stitch.

Running bevels for sleeves

Having measured the necessary length of the part and approaching the armhole, it is necessary to calculate how many loops are required to be added. This figure will depend on how long the knitter wants to get.

For the bevel in each face row perform the following actions:

  • Edge, cape.
  • Then knit the canvas on the pattern.
  • Before the last loop make a cape.

In the purl series, the nakida is tied up and the canvas is expanded. Gradually new loops are required to be involved in knitting the pattern.

Such additions are performed at a height of 3-4 cm (as indicated in the drawing with a pattern).

Then, to form the sleeve,missing loops and knit a long fabric that includes two sleeves and a detail of the gear or backrest. Picking up the hinges, you should remember about rapports and edge hinges, otherwise the pattern may not converge.

Planks (garter knitting) on ​​the sleeves can be knitin the process of working on a wide canvas, that is, whole. Also, the strapping made after stitching the parts from the loops typed onto the circular knitting needles will look good.


To roll out had a beautiful round shape, you need to calculate it:

  • The width of the neck will be: 18 cm x 22 loops / 10 cm = 40 loops.
  • At the bevel, take 5 loops on each side (total 10).

Hence, you must first close the central 30 loops, and then cut in each face row one loop five times. Next knit exactly until the depth of the neck is not 15 cm.

When manufacturing backrest parts, such actionsnot necessarily. You can just make an even upper edge. Of course, if there is a neck, the model will look neater. In this case, its depth should not be more than 5 cm.

For tying on circular knitting needles, all the hinge loops are sewn after stitching the parts. The use of a handkerchief pattern will look organic, as it is already present in the product.

When making side seams, small incisions need to be left. For a neat and complete appearance of the blouse, you can tie these open edges with a crochet.

Knitting of summer blouses with knitting needles for womendescribed scheme allows skilled workers to quickly enrich their wardrobe with new products. Looks beautiful clothes with ornaments made of braid or with a combined pattern: braids and openwork.